South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Skinny(er) by Thirty?
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Default Thankful Thursday!

I know I have been largely absent since the school year started (those kids are keeping me super busy), but I wanted to check in to celebrate hitting...


I am so proud of me! I have been on the beach for just over a month now (1 month plus 1 week) and I am so excited to hit this part! I am now 4 lbs from a 10% loss, and I am now over 1/4 of the way to my goal weight!

How is everybody else doing this fine, fabulous, wonderful Thursday Morning?
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Time ta get up!!!

Louren: on 15 pounds lost!!! Bravo girl!

You and Beachgal are toooo cute!

BB: on the Great news about Leo.. How wonderful!

bubba:I hope your interview went well.

: What a horrible day you had Anger is a real trigger.. I find that eating celery is a good replacement fer that comfort fast food.. It's that CRUNCHING RIPPING sound that makes it so satisfying to me

Ruth: Garden Fresh Veggies..YUM! I hope you are getting back in sync after yer little vacay...

Me: I was gone from sun up till down yesterday... Went on a job interview 3 hours away... It went very good, but will once again require relocating.. I don't understand when I say up front that I am not in a position to move that this happens!!! Today, I'm off this morning to take "the girls" to the Vet for their annual check up...then to get the car inspected...
I'm making stuffed cabbage ("Gawampki's") DH's favorite.. for dinner...

Have a Super day Chicks!!!
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Louren ~ WhooHoo! You are doing fantastic!

Grasshopper ~ So sorry to hear about your bad day. Here you go, sounds like you're needing one right now - I hope today is much better for you.

Schatzi ~ Yikes! A job interview 3 hours away? Sooner or later you're going to find exactly the "right" job for you. How's the land search coming along? Yum, stuffed cabbage! I usually save that to make in cooler weather, but it's sure sounding good today!

I'm sure having a time of it trying to get totally OP again. Most of what I've been eating has been OP, but I have such a craving for sweets! I really need to do a few days of Phase 1, so I think after the weekend I'm going to whip myself into gear to do it. What I need is a good swift kick in the butt to get me motivated again! That, and a whole lot of
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Yeah Louren,
That is awesome. I am getting a little discouraged on sb. Today is day 5 for me and i have only lost 2.5 pounds. I have been walking every day at least 30 minutes. My calories are under 1200 . I have 50 #s to lose so this is really s l o w..... Anyone with suggestions? I dont want to give up but i really need to see results. Thanks everyone and have a great day robbin
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Me again,
For all you sb experts!!
i was just checking my journal and my daily carbs are around 60 and my sugars are around 50. am i doing something wrong?
thanks again robbin
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Mornin' all. Today they are advertising that this will be the last really hot day in KC for the summer. Man, I hope they're right! I'll be looking forward to going on some long walks in the park when the weather cools a little.

Louren - WTG on the loss!!!!
Schatzi - Glad your interview went well, but that's frustrating that it's so far away.
Cottage - If you find your will power dust, could you sprinkle some my way?
Keen - Hang in there. I'm struggling too this week. Just keep reminding yourself that you have lost weight. Do you think you're cutting back on calories too much? Just a thought.
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Keen, You won't lose if your calories are under 1200, that is when your body will go into starvation. If you are on Phase 1, my suggestion is forget about calories for awhile and follow the plan. Eat 3 meals and at least 2 snacks. East 2 1/2 cups of veggies a day. Don't weigh yourself til the end of the 2 weeks! You will be successful. BUT you need to eat ENOUGH.

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! We got " of rain last night so my garden and I are very happy!

Loren, good doing! Be sure to keep posting to inspire the rest of us.

Schatzi. if you may need to relocate to get the job, why not just relocate to Delta? I can get you a job as gardener or dog walker. Think about it!

Jana, I hate that kind of oppressive heat! I hope the forecasters are right and you are over the stuff.

Keen, 2.5 is a good loss for 5 days on SB! What do you mean by carbs 60 and sugar 50? Carbs are sugar on Fitday. Is that what you are using to journal? I find 1/1/1 works best for me but I'm Type II diabetic.

Cottage was Beachgal a bad influence? Just kidding! I am having a wee bit of a hard time getting back on track too after my vacation. I hope your injury is better today.

JessieW, yes, your body does go into starvation mode if your calories are too low for a long time. I think the "rule" is 4 cups of veggies, by the way - that's what Beachgal says anyhow and she is very successful.

Grasshopper, :grouphug; today just HAS to be better! Hang in there!

Moi, I can't believe it's Thursday already! Hersh and I will visit Harry at the nursing home this afternoon and do the friendly visitor circuit of the other residents. Tonight I have a Fair Board meeting and plan to take Silly Lucy to get her accustomed to being in a large group of people. She leads a very sheltered life!

Dogs are outside and barking up a storm. I suspect the chickens are running around the meadow so I need to jet!
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Good mornin' ya'll

Just a ya'll doin, I miss coming in here, but I try and keep up with everybody as much as possible. Things are going well in the big KY, this semester is almost over--thank goodness--but now the finals are hitting me. My poor DS's computer went belly up last night and he had to rewrite a 1500 word paper!! I felt so bad for him, around 12:30 I gave up trying to figure out what happened with his computer, turns out he needs another hard drive!!! Oh the pleasures of life!

I've been OP lately, but just maintaining my weight, which is ok for me, for a while anyway. I'm still hoping to be down 10-15 lbs by Christmas!!

Well, I am sneaking in here as it is, I better get back to the grind.

Ya'll have a GREAT day, and take care
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Good morning everyone! Hope it is ok to join this group - I am on day 3 today and hope all goes well today with everyone.
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I can do this!
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Lauren, you are super-motivational, girl! : I'm so excited for you and happy to hear you so excited! It's especially hard to stay OP as a teacher (or a nurse!) because of all the stress, the long hours, and the non-OP food everywhere. Good for you!

Schatzi, Gawaumpkis!!!! "It's basically cabbage, stuffed with meat." Have you ever heard the 8 Polish Foods of Christmas from the VeggieTales??? It's just about the most hilarious song ever!!! I wish I could e-mail it to you or something...and I can't even find the lyrics online, oddly enough. It's wonderful though... I'm sorry about the interview...that's really frustrating!!! I hope you find something amazing soon!

Cottage, I hear you on how hard it is to get back on track. Consider your behind kicked (nicely, of course... ) and lots of from here for you to do GREAT!

keen, if your calories are under 1200 AND you're excersising, there's your problem right there!!! You never want to go under 1200 calories...that makes your body think you're starving and it will hold onto every tiny bit of fat as hard as possible. Please up your need at LEAST 1200 if you're sitting around like a lump...if you're exercising, you need more. I promise that you'll see pounds fly off if you eat MORE...I know it's counterintuitive, but it's really true.

Crap...spent too long looking for lyrics and now I need to fly to yoga! Have a packed day...personal and couples therapy, waxing, and making dinner...but hopefully tonight will be a little more relaxed and I can get some cleaning done and maybe even some scrapbooking, too.

Have a great day, chickies!
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Hello guys. First a big thanks for the kind words. Yesterday was just a long, hard day and PMS is making me a bit more reactive than I normally am. I let things tick me off that would normally roll right past. This morning has been active – an 8 am meeting to cover the same stuff we covered at the last 8 am meeting….then I come home (30 minute ride) to turn back around and go back to work from 1-8 tonight. Oh well, it’s my Friday. And tomorrow is all mine J I’m going wine shopping for the wedding. Have to do things while they’re on sale…..okay – promised I’d catch up today so here goes…

Ruth – do you need an extra roommate? I can’t garden worth crap in clay but other soils I’m decent. I love belly rubs, will eat most things from the floor, and am willing to visit anyone you want in a nursing home?? Just feed me and let me sit on your porch and watch company come visit. Your days always sound interesting…

Keen – I’m going to put my agreement in here too about the calories. If I skip meals, snacks or major foods my weight loss stops completely. The body needs to know there is a constant food supply coming in or it will cut energy so that you CAN’T burn off calories. It will go into starvation mode and you will get tired, grumpy and stagnant in most ways…including weight loss. So eat!! Guilt free…just eat. J

Cottage – I hear you about the sweet cravings. There is a chocolate monster that lives in me J It can get really nasty at times! Manipulative too “If you love me, you’ll bring me a candy bar…”

Schatzi – I know you’re tired of moving around. I hope you find something very soon and perfect for you! 3 hours is a trek!! Hopefully it would take you closer to good waters though!!

Louren – 15 pounds!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!!!! You’re my hero for today!! Congratulations a million times over!

Beachgal – I was getting my waxing yesterday and found out the spa I work with is going to have PAINFREE laser hair removal soon. They need people to train on. Don’t think I’ll let them near my brows though…it would be bad if they took ½ of one away J I’m all for “pain free” though!! Good luck with your packed day. I’ll be thinking about you during mine J

Okay – off to the showers. I hit the trails again today. 2 laps (5 miles) and fast than yesterday. I’m going to try the advanced loop this weekend. It’s 10 laps but much more up and down stuff. DF is taking me. Bigger roller coasters J (I now know my short term disability insurance will cover me if I cut anything off mountain biking…..weeeeeeeeeee) j/k
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Hi Ladies

Had a very busy morning, food shopping for my company this weekend.Asked my DD what the children like to eat. She suggest we go to McDonalds or Friendly's as the kids eat different things. One likes pasta the other likes chicken and the third likes hamburgers and corn on the cob. So I though maybe I could make a pasta chicken casserole one night and that BBQ hamburger with corn, the next. Yike!! I remember those days when my kids did the same thing. Gee!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Either way I will be in limbo on the beach. I have to find some kind of food I can have without going off program.

Louren-GREAT WEIGHT LOSS We're proud of you also.

Thanks Schatzi- My family is thrilled with the good news when the doctor told us.Now we can go along with our plans to the Hawiian Island Cruise in Nov. Good Luck with your job hunting.

Cottage- Becareful asking for a big kick in the butt,there are lots of us that will do it. I myself with give you Will Power to return to Phase 1 for a while.

Robin-Hi I'm no expert,but here goes.What Phase are you on???????? The south beach is not a low carb diet,its a good carb and good fat WOE.When I started 3 years ago I lost 2 lbs the first week,2 lbs the second and that 2 lbs agin in the 3rd week of Phase 1[6 lbs altogether].I for one am not eat bread carbs[cereals,grains & breads] as it make me gain.So I'm keeping away from them. I'm eat everything else,and started to drop.

Jana- You and me both don't like the Hot and humid weather,give me snow anytime.

Ruth-you're always on the go,do you ever relax.Take care.

Tammy-Sending that we both lose 10-15 by the end of the year.

Beachgal-Sending :for you to relax this evening.

Have a great day Hugs BB
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Skinny(er) by Thirty?
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Aw, thanks ya'll! Also, my parents have been doing SB, and my mom is somewhere near 10lbs, and my dad is around 6 or 7. DH has started (a modified version, because he couldn't really make it through phase 1 for two weeks - client dinners, late night study sessions, etc) and he has lost probably 10 lbs so far too.

I am definitely past the initial quick weightloss. All I care about now is keeping it off, and steady, slow progress. Whenever I think I am plateau-ing, I take measurements, and if there has not been a loss there, then, and only then, do I stop and look at what I have been eating, to see if any bad habits have been creeeeeeeping in (diet sodas instead of water, too many non whole grain carbs sneaking in, perhaps one beer should have been enough at the teacher happy hour...) and adjust as necessary.

This site (and this board) has been so helpful. keep it up!
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I can do this!
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I'm sneaking in at the nth hour... :sh:

Louren, sorry for misspelling your name! I loved this part of your post:

All I care about now is keeping it off, and steady, slow progress.
That's TOTALLY it!!! You are a wise chick!

LG, I'm so sorry that you are having such a tough time. You are super special and don't forget it, hon! The laser hair removal sounds great...I'm all for pain free!!!
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