Weekend Chat on the Beach

  • Cackledoodle dooooo! It's the Weekend Chicks ! Let's make the most of it (or not)! I'm making a big breakfast this morn: omelette florentine and tomato juice fer me and Cheese Omelettes and bacon for DH before we take the kayaks and head out to try a new river today. Whatcha got planned fer the weekend?
  • Good Morning Ladies

    Just wanted to check -in over the weekend. My DD called and told us the she and the Gang are coming up to be with us next weekend.Now I have to get busy and get my guest room ready for them. We haven't company in long time that our guest room became the computer/storage room.

    b-2 fried eggs,brown & serve sausages,1 low carb corn muffin,cream for tea.

    Will post tomorrow W-I. results .

    Schatzi-Enjoy your weekend Kayaking.Thats a great exercise rowing.Have a good time exploring new rivers.

    Hugs BB
  • For those of you who may remember me, I'm baaaaack. After completely falling off the wagon for months and months, I'm ready to renew my commitment to getting healthier. Unfortunately, I haven't even read many of the posts lately, so I've lost track of what's going on with everyone.

    I'm going to start P1 tomorrow. Menu planning, exercise and working in the yard awaits me today. Everyone have a great weekend!
  • Quick good morning from the middle of a corn jungle in Indiana. We are all having a great time and are even talking about gardens once in a while. I'm trying to make healthy food choices - note that I said trying! Tuesday morning the scale will tell me the truth!

    Be good chickies but have fun!
  • Morning gals!!

    So glad the weekend is here! My house is out of control along with my eating. We are sticking close to home this weekend with the exception of church tomorrow and getting life back under control.

    Laurie Have you met up with Cottage yet??

    Schatzers SOunds like a fun day for you- enjoy!!

    Ruth Glad you made it safe and sound. Have fun!!

    Barb I CANNOT take much more of this heat. It is dreadful!!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. More later.........
  • Kiko - This heat is awful. We're now tied for 10th largest number of 100+ days and it seems like we will at least surpass 9th place. I just don't feel like going outside at all when it is like this. I think it will only be around 100 on Monday when the boys work on their Aquanaut Activity Badge. I hope they have some shade or it will be miserable for the parents who aren't in the water.

    Ruth - I'm glad you are having a good time. Vacations can be so much fun!

    Welcome back, Jana!

    beach bum - My guest room is a mess too. I have to admit your menu doesn't sound appetizing to me. All that fat would just tear up my stomach. It will be interesting to see how your weigh-in results are.

    schatzi - Kayaking sounds like so much fun! Enjoy yourselves.

    Me - I don't have much planned for today and that is really nice. I'm going to head to the gym soon and get some biking in before Powerflex. I didn't make it there yesterday since I had to run an errand after work.
  • Morning gals... We had a bang up time yesterday--literally... I took on one of the most challenging White water runs I've attempted thus far... What a scare thrill! I managed to run it without capsizing but banged off many a boulder ! Today we'll be in and out all day..Hope you all have a Super Sunday!
  • Hi Beachers

    Woke up late have to get ready for church,but I wanted to let you know that the scale moved down again at this morning W-I.

    Goodbye 150 and hello to 140's.

    Hugs BB
  • Mornin' everyone. The weather's starting to cool off a little here, so I went out for a walk before breakfast. Not much planned for today. Headed to church here in a little bit, and then will probably just do some cleaning and cooking for next week.

    Beach Bum - Congrats on the good scale report!!!!
    Schatzi - Sounds like you're having a great time. Rafting sounds like a lot of fun.
  • hi guys! just dropping in quickly. An active weekend!! I''m WAY off program but Monday is a new week and I'm diving back in!

    I started a jogging program (the one in the running board on the exercise board here) anyway, I'm enjoying it and finally not feeling like it's a ton of weight on my poor knees. I think the weight training has helped. It's not much running yet but it's perfect. Also kicked up the mountain biking a lot! We road for 3 hours today pretty hard. It was a blast. A Gf is buying my DF's used mountain bike for her hubby so he can start riding too. We already have a huge group of riders but not many women in the group right now. This will add more of the women. I rewarded myself with a camel back especially built for mountain biking and am loving it! I feel like a cool kid at school. (but you should know that I walked all over a grocery store with my fly open on my COOL bike shorts and didn't know it )

    Hope you're having a great weekend!!
  • Afternoon gals!

    Pretty quiet weekend around here for us, but I will take it! We had church this morning- actually made it to the 8:30 service. My oldest (4 1/2) started chior this morning- that is right up her alley. It starts at 9:00, so I figured we should just ourselves up and at 'em.

    I made it through yesterday 100% OP and am doing well today. It has been awhile since I have strung two good days together. My in-laws just called and invited us to dinner, which I know won't even be remotely OP for me. I have some leftover salad in the fridge and am going to take some cottage cheese. Not the most exciting, but it will do!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day.
  • Hi cuties! I'm getting packed tonight for a very early wake-up call in the morning. I need to be at the IND airport by 8 and it's about two hours away so...... The transfer is very tight in Toronto so ZI will probably miss my connecting flight to Ottawa and my scheduled doggie pick-up. I'll check in Tuesday morning.
    And YES - I had lots of fun!