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Default Too Hot to Handle Thursday Chat!

Okay, so I am not so good at naming the threads!

Never managed to make it on here yesterday, things just got busy! I share my room with another teacher 3 days a week, so I didn't feel comfortable logging on.

Eating still a trainwreck here- I need to go weigh myself since today is my "official" day. I am pretty sure I will be changing my ticker.

Gotta get into the shower- later gals!
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Ticker stayed the same, so I guess I don't have to beat anyone up!
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Mucho coffee is needed after a practically sleepless night. Then, when I finally drifted off right before dawn, Jake forgot to turn off his alarm when he got up, and it woke me up. The worst part was that I had a hard time figuring out how to turn the damned thing off! NOT a good way to start the day. So I'm sitting here with my coffee instead of going to Curves. Right now I need my coffee more.
Jake and I enjoyed our special date with Amber last night, and I think she loved the one-on-one attention we gave her. After we got home, Jake and I decided that we're going to start taking each of our grandchildren out on a special date once a month. It's a good way to keep in touch with what's going on their lives. We are so blessed.

Today the girls and I are either going to a friend's house to swim, or I'm bringing them back here to our pool. It's supposed to be hot today, and they've been begging to go swimming. One would think they had enough of that last week when they were at the shore.

Kiko ~ LOL! That's why I don't like to start the thread in the morning, either! I spend too much time thinking of a clever title, and I'm not very good at it. I think your title for today's thread is perfect!
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Come on Spring!
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Boy, can I relate! Actually there's really no need for a catchy title. Chick Chat or The Daily Cluck plus the date does just fine.

It's actually cloudy today and there is a chance of showers - not likely to happen. Living between two lakes makes for strange weather. It can be raining in the village on the other side of the Lower Lake and Delta gets nary a drop. It's like living in Camelot.

My ticker is still the same and I know why. I've been having corn which is not exactly OP! Of course I've also been eating lots of tomatoes and cukes so it may even out. My basil crop is great this year so I've been making pesto and having it on tomatoes that I cook slightly in the microwave. Yummy and who cares about garlic breath? Not my Dogs! They love me no matter what!

This morning I have to meet our substitute organist at the Church and go over this Sunday's music. We have a joint service with all three congregations and we like things to be perfect at St. Paul's, the kooky church where dogs attend services! I think I'll make my Bacardi rum cake to serve with coffee afterwards.

I didn't make it to visit Harry yesterday so will do that this afternoon. Lucy goes to the "fur stylist" this afternoon so I'll drop her off and carry on with Hershey to visit the nursing home. Hersh seemed tired after her stint at the clinic and I didn't want her to work another shift at Harry's nursing home. We visit other residents there too.

Time to hop into my working duds and get with it. Summer is too darn short!
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morning ladies -

kilo - the alarm clock thing usually happens to me. He'll hit snooze and leave the room.....By the time I walk to the clock and figure out how to turn it off, I'm not happy about it but wide awake. ug.

Cottage - The date idea sounds wonderful! I grew up with two wonderful grandmothers. One was independent and loved to get out. I remember all of my trips with her as special trips and they were great!!!

Ruth - we have the same weather situation but often it works to our disadvantage. We live right beside a watershed for falls lake but hardly ever get rain. In the winter we get more snow though...go figure. (when I say we get snow - I don't mean like YOU get snow. We get and inch or two a couple of times a year) We'll go into town and they didn't even get flurries!

ME- somebody put a lead weight in my pants this morning and I can't find it to get it out! I'm tired!! Dogs were kind enough to blow morning breath in my face until I got up though. Scale has not moved but I'm also still struggling wit the whole motivation thing. It's like I'm just letting this happen to me, instead of taking charge and attacking the situation. Not sure what's going on but it's not like me. I'm planning to stay on program but still have "mental" new start date for next monday. Going to get lots of pictures to motivate me and record shows on Fit TV to watch for extra motivation. Greg rebuilt my bike and it's having all kinds of trouble. I walked most of our ride yesterday and am on my way to get new parts tomorrow with my $20 off coupon. Bike parts sure do eat at the wallet sometimes!

Better get going - I need to stretch the kinks out!! I'll check in soon..
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Good morning! Brian was so excited to find out he got his letter from his new teacher. I love how his school does that! And I was happy to find out that our Wolf Den leader who teaches fourth grade will not be his teacher. She might have been perfect but I was worried about possible conflicts since I'm on the Pack committee. Maybe I was worried for nothing but this way seems better. Tomorrow we go to meet the teacher and buy school supplies.

My mole check turned out just fine. Nothing has changed and it's been 4 years since my last atypical mole so I am doing great. He gave me a prescription to use next time I get poison ivy too.

Tonight is the Cub Scout district Roundtable. I will be participating in the opening, leading the song and teaching the breakout session for the Tiger, Wolf and Bear leaders. I'm a little nervous but it should be fun and once I've done it the first time, it will get easier.

Kiko - I wondered how the first day of school went. We start Monday. Once you get back into the routine a couple of days then the eating might be easier. Can you believe it is supposed to be 103 degrees again today?

cottage - I hate it when I don't get enough sleep! Last night I had to work until midnight. I always have trouble getting to sleep after working late. Too much going through my head. Maybe you can nap today.

Ruth - I need to get some basil planted. I needed some fresh the other day and didn't have it. I've got tons of rosemary, oregano and thyme. I dry some but I need to find a neighbor who can use some.

little grasshopper
- Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation. I took a look back at the spreadsheet I track my weight on and realized that a year ago I was 10 pounds lighter. That gave me the motivation to get back on track totally OP and to start exercising again. 4 pounds down so far this month! Everyone has a different motivation and I'm sure you'll find yours.
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Kiko: L love the name, very creative! On your ticker staying where it needs to stay today. Maintaining is just plain better than gaining!

Cottage: I despise not being able to sleep. Seems like that happens to me more once and a while than it used to be. I turned 40 this past December, and I think that hormones are beginning to make a move on me. LOL
I am so overjoyed to see that you are grandparents who are spending quality time with thier grandkids. My parents are both gone, and my dh's parents are 1. divorced and remarried, and 2. live in different states than ours. So I applaud you! You are a blessing!!!!

Ruth: Dog's are SO awesome, aren't they? I have a beagle girl named Annie - and she is the sweetest thing. Let me put a link here for you to go look at. Watch out, you WILL shed a tear though. My 12 y/o son wants her book. You'll see why.

LGH : Wake up girlie! Have some java with a shot of espresso. That usually works for me. Then again, I'd have to go to Starbucks for THAT. It's my treat when I go. Nothing like a double shot Latte. Hey, I am printing out the current catalog for PMTI school in Washington DC...I think I need to make some plans to begin my committment to my career. I'm going to fill out the forms and see how far I can get. I'll have to talk to DH about a time frame, but I am thinking of maybe January 2007. It's not that far away and I'd have to get a student loan. I'll let you know. Send some positive thoughts for me.

Me: Had a really sad day yesterday. I was blue all day. Couldn't shake the squeeze around my heart. My kids had went to a friends the night before and told them that his dad abuses him physically. There was also an incident with thier dog killing a rabbit (it may have been someones pet in the neighborhood) Now, this is a country dog, he's outside all the time. He lives on a horse farm. Anyway, the dad was po'ed at this dog and grabbed it by the muzzle until is was screaming. My 15 y/o son told him to stop hurting the dog - and his reply was, I am not hurting him - I'm teaching him a lesson. WTF? So, my heart was so heavy that I was borderline tears all day yesterday. DH and I need to talk to the kid and get the story before we do something, and that is a huge headtrip to be involved in. So, we have to proceed with caution, but will definitely not leave the boy in danger.

I am better today though. I talked it through with DH and prayed a lot. It's a new day.

On the brighter side...the guys are here beginning to dog for our patio (which is the precursor to getting the hot tub) it makes it more real.

Everyone stay Blessed!!!
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Morning gals!!!

Kiko: I like the thread name! It must have been an exciting first day..and glad that ticker is holdin steady

Cottage: I always got a pot a cawfee brewin' Comeon down!

Ruth: I'm my doggies fur stylist.. Today they both get baths and I have to trim their ears and feet..

Grasshopper: I know how you are feeling... FitTV has been great for me.. I tape Cardioblast and Gilad... There's this one show with this ear to ear smiling peppy chick that just grates on me.. I wanna smack her

Barb: glad to hear your mole is okay..Brian sure sounds excited for this school year!

Scully: I went through something similiar a few months back with a neighbor. Thankfully a family member came to talk with me and she was taking the burden .. but I had to give a statement to child services ... emotionally draining, but I did the right thing..

Dh's work is hosting a night out tonight..It will be fun to meet his coworkers and their spouses... I think I shall give myself a facial and a beauty bath...
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gotta lose it!
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Morning everone!!! I have lots to do today (as usual) so this is quick drive by.
DF & I went out for chinese last night, so I'm bloated, but still down 2 lbs =)
DInner tonight - pulled pork?
Talk to you later!
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Hi Ladies

Going to make this quick,as I Had trouble posting this morning,[computer problems]so I went out and got my walking along the beach today. Weather was cool enough so I decided to take another dirrection, where they're inclines & hills.I was winded but it was worth trying to see how far I could go. Went 20 min around trip.

Hope you all have a great beachy day. Will post tomorrow.

Hugs BB
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Goal: A Healthy Me
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Afternoon ladies! Hope everyone's had a good day so far.
Cottage - I HATE those days when DH forgets to turn his alarm off.....but today I forgot mine and ended up waking DD up - oops.

It seems like I'm having a much harder time with P1 this time than I ever have before. I think it's mostly mental. I wish I could just get my head straight
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okay guys - SOMEONE please give the all the warnings that should go with the recipe for peanut butter cups. I just had my first and it was AMAZING!!! So go ahead - tell me I can only have 2 a week, please. I could eat this every day!!

otherwise day was good. lots of walking and stretching and I have a 3 day weekend ahead of me yippie!!
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