Leaving on a cruise tomorrow

  • Hi, everybody!

    We are leaving tomorrow (our 30th anniversary) on a week long cruise. I've always been afraid of being trapped so to speak in a 24 hour food-free-for-all like a cruise. Thanks to SB, both my hubby & me feel much more in control & know that if we overdo it even mildly these days we feel like crap. So, I'm planning on hitting the gym to at least use the treadmill & walk the heck all over the ship. I'm taking cans of low sodium V8 in my carry on that I hope they don't give me grief about. Both of us take meds early in the AM, and need to drink or eat something with it, so the V8 has a dual purpose for us. We will have some things not on the list, but not go crazy. Have any of you been on a cruise since being on the beach? If so, any comments or suggestions? We're going on Carnival.

  • I'm not on South Beach, but I'm planning on taking a Carnival cruise with my family in November, and I've been worried about the food too. So I checked their web site and they do have health-conscious (read: low-cal, low-carb) choices, particularly on their dinner menus. They even list the nutrition facts on their menus. I think they call it the 'spa choices' or something like that.
  • I haven't been on a cruise but we have had several people who have. Try searching this forum for the word cruise and I think you will find posts where they talked about it. It sounds like you can be as successful as you want to be since the selection seems to be good and the opportunities for exercise are many. Have fun!
  • Wahooooooooooooooooooooo! you lucky, lucky chickie!

    Well, I went on the Disney Cruise several years ago with the family, and we had a BLAST! They always have a workout room so you have that on your side! You can always walk the deck, they are SO immense. Enjoy yourself and many happy memories! I know that there is a lot of food, but you will have so many choices. Just do the best you can. I have a feeling that food will not be the center of your mind because there is always so much to do and see both on the ship and off. Try not to get sidelined with worry about whether or not you are going to blow it!!!! Just LIVE! It's a blessing! I hope that we can go back one day, because I LOVED IT!
    Bon Voyage!
  • Personally I think if you should portion control, eat healthy on the meals that are not so tempting, and eat things in moderation..I would just ENJOY the cruise. I didn't come back with pounds gained but none lost either. That's a successful vacation trip. Eat things you enjoy even if they aren't on your diet. Just don't binge. Share it with hubby. Eat a dessert only when you find one you like instead of having one every meal just because. Ask for your salad at dessert time so you have something to eat then. I liked homemade omelets but I asked for egg beaters and more veggies (and no cheese). Some days I skipped this completely and went with fruit or something light. I knew I would be eating more throughout the day and it wasn't my temptation meal. I skipped the buffet completely. I also skipped pizza, etc because I knew at dinner there would be gourmet stuff that was delicious.

    If you sign up for excursions, you will be doing a lot of excercising. Make your trip memorable and fun. By doing things in moderation you will feel great that you know how to work in the face of temptation and you probably won't fall off the wagon when you get back as opposed if you had just eaten TONS of food for the sake of eating food. Stay busy, have fun and try to be mindful without missing out.
  • Thanks for your answers! I did read them before we left. We had a blast!!! I did enjoy non-Beach items, but kept it all under control portion wise. I gained 2.5 pounds and hubby put on a few more than that, but after a week at home, those extra pounds are history!