How many of you just started Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet and seen amazing results

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  • I've been on Phase 1 for 5 days now and have lost 7lbs. I was 262, now I'm 255. I'm definitely gonna meet my goal to be 242lbs by August 6.
  • on your loss! You're doing great! but don't get discouraged if you loose less this week...,
  • I started on Monday, as of last night I have lost 7 lbs. I have not even added an exercise program yet. My cravings were strong yesterday, but I did it! Today, I feel much better. I am glad to see someonelse starting the same time. It would be nice to have someone to be accountable to.
  • Thanks Schatzi. I'm so glad that I posted this! You're from MD too wonderwitch121. I'm gonna PM u right now.
  • Since I'm unable to Private Message you, I'll just tell you about myself on here. I am 23 (unemployed now, but will be in graduate school for political science in January) and gained weight due to medication for an illness. I've done SB before and it does work. I hope to be 154lbs by year's end. I know I can do it because I lost 90lbs in 5mth on SB before. I'm going to be exercising three times a week starting August 1. Where in MD do u live. I live in Lanham.
  • Hi!

    Today is day 8 for me for Phase 1. Grand total loss as of this morning?
    7.6 pounds! Totally thrilled, and happy about this initial success. It has given me the push that I need to exercise more, and work to get the rest of my "college weight" off, as I will be leaving my 20's in February (yikes!).

    I was super skinny and athletic (soccer or running 6-7 days a week!) in my teens, and after a brief stint in Lacrosse at 20/21, I spent my 20's being sedentary (um, not really. I was in grad school, raising two kids, teaching, etc.) but I am tired of being "the fat one". That and whoever it is that takes the pictures for the photo board at church seems to delight in posting pictures of me from behind which makes me grumpy (I am not kidding. Every picture of me the last 3 years, my arse!). I missed my 10 year hs reunion due to the hurricanes this past fall, and when my 10 year college reunion comes (in 3 years) I would like to be in much better shape when I walk out on the field to present our class' fundraising check (I'm such a go-getter), and look thinner than I did at the 5 year reunion (7 months pregnant with child #2).

    So Here's to a (hopefully) skinnier decade for me, and continued success for all of us on SB!
  • Hey all! I am on day 9 of the beach and I am down 5 pounds. If I think too much about it it makes me frustrated but I see more changes on my body than the scale and that is what I like.

    My belly doesn't stick out so much and (this is TRES embarassing to admit) but my back doeson't seem as fat either..... LOL!!!
    My shirts are already fitting diffrent.

  • Hello chicks! I am starting day 8 today, with a loss of 5 pounds so far! I would have been down more, had I been exercising. I wanted to get past the fatigue of the 1st week. I just bought myself matching bike shorts and a bike shirt and plan on riding more. I live around the W.O. & D trail, so I have an awesome route to bike on. It's so hilly where I live, I could never jog outside. I do have a treadmill though, so I really have no excuses.
  • Well, I am the complete opposite! Day four and down ZERO! I have been exercising -- everyday but today -- and eating right. BUT, I think perhaps I'm not eating enough. Anyone else have that? I am not used to eating five times a day -- three meals and snacks -- so it's a huge adjustment so some days I forget the snacks or eat lunch late and am not that hungry. Perhaps that's my problem.

    Anyone else experience this? I'd love to hear from you if you did. I am going to keep on keeping on. I thought perhaps it was some water retention with the working out suddenly. I've read muscles retain water for a time when you first start working out. Dunno if that's true!
  • Hey! I am in Joppatowne and I have 10 years on you. I am 33 and the mother of 2 wonderful, spoiled girls. I presently do home child care. Prior to leaving my job I worked for the federal government. I am also a Girl Scout would think I would be Weight is an issue in my family. I don't know why you cannot PM me. I have to investigate this account more. My email is my user name at I lost a lot on Adkins and screwed up when I met my 2nd husband. I have a 1 year old and child birth really took a toll on my body. Prior I practiced yoga (amazing results tonig wise and you feel so good). I plan to start back on it this weekend. I wanted to get through the first week. My final push was about a week ago when I took the daycare kids on a walk to the library and the next day my knee hurt so bad my husband had to stay home 1/2 the morning. One of my daycare Mothers is a physical theropist...she felt the knee... we can feel the crackling and hear it. She said it looks like the cartlidge may be going...weight makes it worse. I am angry with myself for allowing myself to faulter so much. I feel like I am inside a sumo wrestling suit and cannot get out. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with PCOS and my doctor actually recommended south beach. I want to return to all the fun stuff I use to do and not feel like I am going to die. I was never tiny but I would be greatful for a size 12.
  • You know what, I am feeling tighter...tone wise in my stomack already and I haven't started my exercise plan yet either. I have to say I am really satified so far.
  • Okay, you should be able to PM me now. I had only opened the first part of the account. I have corrected that and activated the journals and all. Thanks.
  • What have u been eating sugarkube. I haven't been exercising a bit and I've dropped pounds. Does your body feel better. Do u see a change in ur tummy/ I've been eating beans, vegetable soup, eggs, nuts,and meat. I've only been eating when I'm hungry. Although I'm not sure if he said we should eat whether we are hungry or not.
  • Hi Phase oners!!! and Wonderwitch!
    Food: eat til yer satisfied and shoot for the 3 main and 3 snacks.. even if it is a piece of celery.this keeps yer digestive system firing..

    Sugar..if you post your menus and approx serving sizes we can help see if you need to tweak it abit. And yes, Sugar, sore muscles do retain water..

    If you gals are feeling tired or wonky, add some more beans and dairy to your diet. If you are not use to eating beans start out with 1/3 cup...

    We are changing our eating and exercise habits for our future life.. so be patient with yerselfs gals it took us some time to devolve into unhealthy beings... it's going to take some work, patience, victories and set backs as we evolve into kick a$$ healthy glowing Beauties!!!!!!!!!
  • I second Schatzi's very wise advice, chicks!

    However, please keep in mind that those who lose the most quickly in Phase 1 are usually those that have a lot of weight to lose and have been eating a lot of carbs and sugar before starting SBD. If you've been on Atkins and have only 7 pounds to lose, you are unlikely to see a ton of them fly off in the first week.

    Even if you do lose a ton during P1, you will see that slow pretty soon after. Yes, part of that is the transition to P2, but if you stay on P1 (which is NOT recommended), you'll see that the loss stops completely. P1 is really meant to detox you from sugar, but it also helps rid your body of extra water. It's just not possible to lose tons of fat super quickly...most of it is water. But it's very encouraging and can give you the boost you need to keep going!

    So celebrate, but set yourself up for success by setting healthy goals, okay? If you've done SBD before and it worked for you, you know that it will work again, but be aware that each time you do it, the weight takes longer to come off.

    Even more importantly, make this a change for life, please! Every time you lose weight, even when you do it in the healthiest way possible, including strength training and good food, you still lose muscle. When you gain the weight back, you only gain back fat. So you are slowly reducing your lean muscle mass (which burns calories even while you are sleeping) and replacing it with fat (which doesn't burn calories and endangers your health. You are literally destroying your metabolism. There are tons of other reasons why yo-yo dieting is harmful...but I'm sure you've heard them before.

    Bottom line is that your health matters...much more than your weight.

    Not that I don't find shedding pounds's just much healthier to focus on one's overall health than on just the numbers. Relying on how your clothes feel and on how many inches you've gained or lost helps round out the information you need on what's happening to your body.

    In P1, you often feel tired and worn out as you detox, so exercise can be difficult, even if you've been doing it for a while. Once you move to P2, you will see the most benefits if you include both cardio and strength training exercise into your routine. Not only will it help you shed pounds, but it'll help you build muscle which will improve your metabolism and make you look skinnier than you would at the same weight but with fat instead of muscle.

    So glad to have you all with us and thrilled that you are enjoying SBD so much. It's been a lifesaver for me and I'm glad to see it helping others.