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I can do this!
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Talking Thursday Tittle-Tattle!

Morning, Chickies!

Seems like the only way to get in on the daily before it gets to three pages is to do it this 'early' in the day!

Glad you had a good time with your friend Anne, Ruth! Her Oreo looks lovely! Is this from Lucy's recent batch of pups or the one before? My mom's friend sometimes brought over our dog's pup that she was so much fun to see them play together! Hope things went well with Harry...and congrats to you on the award! I'm glad your neighbors recognize what a total gem you are!!!

Today should be fairly laid back. I have yoga in the morning, then some cleaning up in the office ('s a mess! DH nicely asked that I tidy up when I get time...I hate to leave this mess for him!), a visit to the farmer's market for veggies for the weekend's meals, and a therapy appt. I'll spend an hour in the afternoon doing bible study and reading some material on food and eating disorders from my therapy group. It's really interesting to learn so much about how food affects you and ways to deal with the emotional/psychological side of eating. For instance, a couple weeks ago, I read that drinking things with caffeine (or eating them) while eating meals can inhibit your absorbtion of nutrients. I almost always get my caffeine from drinking soda with meals. Yikes! So now I'm drinking caffeine-free items with meals and feeling much happier.

I'll go to Jazzercise tomorrow night. It'll be my first time back since my accident...and my second workout in one day...which seems extreme and scary! But our Target opened early (I had planned on camping out in the parking lot and being their first customer...but didn't know they'd do a 'soft opening' ) and so a friend and I will do some garage saling tomorrow followed by a visit to my personal Mecca (Target!) which means no time for my planned gym visit. I'll need to fit in another set of exercise tomorrow to make up for the loss...I think I'm motivated enough.

What's happening under your umbrella?

Have a great afternoon, Beachies! Stay Cool!!!
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Ready to Change
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morning Beachgal- you sound like you have a fun filled day .
Me not doing so much- house work- and some laundry- just have one wee one today. Then it is off to the store tonight. Other than that not so much. Eating has been terrible. I did great last week. I really need to get a big food order so that I have enough variety. Well I am off to get the house work done. Hope you all have a great day.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! Another lovely summer day is unfolding!

Laurie, the pup is one from the last Lucy litter. He won't be 3 months until the 29th and is a real doll. He headed right for the wading pool, climbed in and swam across! His legs are too short to wade.

Little Chick, you and I will be working "together" today as I need to pull my house together before the weekend. I hope to work in a bit more weeding in the veggie garden. That'll be my jazzercize and yoga!

Well, yesterday is over with and I'm sure glad. Harry and I met with the surgeon and he will have an operation to fix his two hernias in August. I am going to make sure this is well before my Aug 16 trip if I can do it. The lobster dinner was yummy last night and people said nice things about me when they presented the award. :blush:

OK - let's have a "Just Do It" Thursday with WATER!
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The Cawfee Pot is a Perkin! Ahh, I love the smell of fresh brew in the mornin

Sounds like a chock full day planned Beachgal! Be careful with yer leg "Taarshay" I love that store!

Ruth:I do hope that H's surgery doesn't blow up yer travel plans .... I'm with you and Little Chick Today is cleaning and food shopping.

I'm planning on Ham Steaks, Smashed Cauliflower and NS applesauce for dinner..
Nothin else to report.....
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Hi Ladies

A terrible storm thats blewing & going to hit with around 2 A.M.The watch is now a warning going to hit us hard on the Cape,along with the Islands and than out to sea.DH & I are going to buckle down the hatches this morning,as they say its going to be a big storm that coming up the coast from the Carolinas.

Sneaked peaked on the scale this morning, maintained what I lost at Mondays W-I. Now if I can go down a little further I'd be very happy.

Will post tomorrow,if we have power. Until that take care and keep on beaching.

Hugs BB
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We finally got our power back on. We had a terrible storm Tuesday night that did some awful damage and left most of the area without power. We were told not to expect it back on until the weekend, but it miraculously came back on last evening, hooray!! It's a shame how our lives center around electricity these days.
I was ready to chat a bit, but just got a call to come to babysit earlier than expected, so I have to run for now.
Enjoy your day, and make the most of it!
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Good morning!

Ruth I thought this was an uneventful week for you??

Laurie Thanks for starting us up at what hour????? SOunds like your day is a bit busy- hope you enjoy it!

Cottage I was wondering where you were yesterday- glad to hear that your power is back on.

Beach Sounds like quite the storm is heading your way- be safe!

LC Morning!!

Schatzi I hear you on a pot of coffee brewing. We get ours ready the night before and then start it before hopping in the shower.

Today is not too eventful for us either- I think we may go bum around at the local outlet mall this morning before it gets too hot out. We won't buy anything, but I am in the mood to try clothes on and see what size I am. DD loves to try stuff on, so it will be fun! Then home for lunch and the baby's nap. We are going to a girlfriend's for pizza around 5:00. I am going to take some leftover meatloaf and veggies. My friend's are all so used to me bringing my own food at this point, no one really cares. Waiting on a garage sale permit from the city- I didn't realize I would have to get one, so the sale may be postponed until next Saturday. We will see!

I am done another pound this week! Working towards the 140's- I am so PSYCHED!!!!
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Default at Target part-time for wedding money. Before, I was there full time for four years. My take on Target is different than ya'lls. However, I get 10 percent off on everything in the store, including clearance...which can be dangerous.

I'm working today (Every weekday stats at 8:00). Right now I'm sipping my coffee creamed with non-dairy creamer and splenda and I just ate a yogurt. As far as dieting goes, I am making my lists and checking it twice. I'm also trying to educate my fiance and to make sure he'll be fine with what I'm putting on the table, though he'll eat anything.

That's it. I'm just preparing.

Have good Thursday.

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gotta lose it!
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Morning all...I'm back from visiting family with more weight on my body - cruses! I think I'll wire my mouth shut for a few days....
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Come on Spring!
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Beach Bun and Cottage, stay safe. I hope your power stays on so you can let us know you are OK. We worry!

Hey! I've just had three hours of good garden work done by Eric, my helper. He slept in the first day but showed up at my door at 7:30 this morning. He did cutting back for me, watered the Fairground, weed whipped some of the taller weeds in the veggie garden and raked them! Yippee! All the cuttings and weeds are now in the compost mountain! I feel much better about my garden now - it's starting to look manageable.

The chef from the Long Horn just showed up with two huge cooked leftover lobsters from last night's dinner as a little gift! Wow! I may have one for dinner with salad and freeze the other for a treat later on. They are both cooked so.....

I was supposed to go over to the Fair exhibit hall this afternoon to finish the display of school work but Claire and Rob did it this morning while I was gardening with Eric. Yippee! I love my friends. Now all I have to do is list the winners and post that. The Fair starts a week from today and it's sure good to get that part of the judging done.

Time to go down for the mail, have a light lunch (Greek salad) and maybe a siesta. Today feels so good it could be Friday! I hope your day is unfolding as well!
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good morning everyone. I have a question. Is it ok to eat cashews? i love them. but dont know if they are an ok snack.
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50lbs-- here is an extract from the complete list of Phase 1 foods that you can find in the FAQ section in SBD.

NUTS AND SEEDS (Limit to one serving per day as specified. Dry roasted recommended.)
Almonds - 15
Brazil Nuts - 4
Cashews - 15
Flax Seed - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Macadamia - 8
Peanut Butter, Natural, and other nut butters - 2 TBS
Peanuts, 20 small (May use dry roasted or boiled)
Pecans - 15
Pine Nuts (Pignolia) - 1 ounce
Pistachios - 30
Pumpkin Seeds - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Sesame Seeds - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Soy Nuts - 1/4 cup
Sunflower Seeds - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Walnuts - 15
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Default Good Afternoon!

Hi all. It's mighty breezy here today but sunny so far. Feeling pretty good today - just taking care of some errands and laundry. I should get outside and finish trimming some hedges - sounds like a whole lot of rain is heading our way.

Attended a school board committee meeting on policy yesturday. One that came up was our conflict with our directory policy and the newspapers. We are telling our local papers that if they print a picture with kids in it taken on school property, they can only print the first name and last initial of the child in the picture (we're trying to protect the kids from preditors, limit issues with custody cases, ect.). The papers are coming back to us and saying we're telling them how to do their job and that they just won't print our schools' events in the paper (which is rediculous for one of the papers because it's seen only in our town!). I just joined this committee so I'll have to do some homework - I am sure there is an editors association or similar group I can contact and see if its really an issue.

I saw a recipie in one of the Carb Addicts books by the Hellers. It was for deviled eggs but the filling was: tuna or chicken, mayo, 1/2 teaspoon of teriyaki sauce & pepper. I was thinking about giving it a spin, leaving out the teriyaki and replacing it with dijon mustard. I think that would be level 1 or 2.

Side note - any good cures for poison ivy? I have a little on my chin (must have brushed up against something) and have been so far treating it with Benedryl cream. I seem to get it at least once every summer.

Saw Quick and Easy in Borders but it was over $27 so I think I will stick with Amazon.

Take care all....Sue
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InLimbo - I get poison ivy several times a year and usually end up at the doctor's office. This time I have it in about 6 spots but they aren't too bad so I've been treating it at home. The Benadryl just didn't help so what I switch to is a product called Ivarest. It has diphenhydramine Hcl in it so you cannot take oral or topical Benadryl with it but it also has calamine and it is the only thing that has been drying up the large patch on my arm that was weeping from the oozing blisters. There is still itching but it helps. I bought the Quick and Easy cookbook at Target which had it for 30% off as a best seller. I don't know if it is still that price but it might be worth looking.
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Thanks Barb - I actually looked in Target first - they did not have it. I will check out that product for the ivy - I saw something in Target - a soap and lotion - but it was $25 so I wanted to see what people were using first.

We moved into this home two years ago - I never had it until now. I'm going to have to really look for it in my garden and try and ditch it earlier in the season. The spot on my neck and chin is not oozing but just red and ichy.

The perils of the garden....
Have a nice night!
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