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Hi All,
I am on day 3 of phase 1 and am looking for a few pointers as to what I can or cannot eat. (I have the book.. but I just need to know some more specifics)

Dealing with salad dressing.. I just can't stand the oil and vinegar.. so when purchasing salad dressing I know there can only be 3g of sugar, but what about the amount of carbs? etc. Any tips of some good ones (I am in Canada though-- I know a lot of the stuff on here and in the book is American)

Also- I found SF pudding... but is that allowed now, or does it wait until Phase 2?
When it comes to peanut butter what am I allowed?
If I don't like tomato juice is there another alternative? I love milk but I am not sure how much I am allowed.
Dill pickles are allowed too right?

Sorry for all the questions I just want to get this right!... I have already lost 4 pounds but I know that is all water.. lets just hope it keeps going down!

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Have you look at the Frequently Asked Question section? This is a list of allowed food for phase 1 there.

For salad dressings I just look for the 3grams of sugar or less.

SF pudding needs to wait until Phase 2 because of the starches in it. I make mine with skim milk so that it ends up SF and FF.

peanut butter - you just want the ingredients to read peanuts and optionally salt. Some people add their own Splenda to it. I use Smucker's Natural but I know there are other brands that are just peanuts.

V8 is the main vegetable juice. Milk is fine. Stick to 1% or skim. The amounts should be listed in the phase 1 sticky.

Dill pickles are fine. I prefer sweet so I buy the brand that makes them with Splenda instead of sugar.
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