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Come on Spring!
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Default TGIF Beach Chat - July 14

Good morning, Beach Babes! And Debbie, of course we read late posts! I am going to be in Indiana mid-August and didn't realize you guys have gondolas and canals!

I was up with the birds again this morning and have been out to the garden already. It's going to be a scorcher again and the temp is 80F already. I picked some lettuce and other greens - mint, basil, oregano, chard, spinach, green onions, etc. - and am definitely "into" salads today. I did take out a chicken and may do beer can chicken on the barbie to have with salad over the weekend. Easy cooking when it's hot.

One of my American cottaging friends is coming at 8:30 and we'll walk down to the Long Horn for coffee. I just took extra Tylenol and hope the knee eases off enough in the next hour. Later this morning, Hersh and I will go to visit Harry. (I want to be sure the staff at the home have his fan set up because I know it will be really hot there.) I think a nap may be in the plan later this afternoon. When it gets this hot, I go into Spanish mode and work early, have a PM nap and eat dnner really late. A cute Spanish cook would make life just perfect.

What's happening around your towel today?
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HOT HOT HOT Already here too Ruth! Count me as being in Spanish mode too. I was out this morn watering the flowers and picking rogue weeds before the blasted sun comes up. Enjoy your visit with H today.. Stir fry chicken on the menu tonight. And I think I will take a book and head to the pool.
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Morning gals!

Ruth Spanish mode sounds ideal. I love the afternoon nap- I haven't been taking as many these last few weeks, but they are lovely!

Schatzi How early where you up pulling weeds?? I am impressed!

Me- The baby just woke up when I logged on the computer, so I only have a minute or two. Not a ton planned for the day. DD has been attending an arts and music camp at my mom's church this week, so I am going to take her down for that. Other than that, we have a lot of cleaning and junk to get done around here. No chance for a garage sale tomorrow, I want to be better organized and really figure out what we have to sell. I am aiming for next Saturday.

Miserably hot here, to the point where I don't even like taking the kids out in the afternoon. Makes for some long days, but what can you do!

Will you all keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers? She and my stepdad are going through a rough patch that I am not sure they will get through. They have been married for over 25 years. I adore my mom and only want the best for her.
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good morning, chicks! I must've missed the spanish mode memo ! I just got up about 15 min ago. I'm having coffee, getting ready to tackle dishes that I didn't do last night, and then hit the writing.

Have a great day, chicks!
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Default Good morning

I'm not up with the birds but I'm up. Nice to be having a day off today, I get to work this weekend..........ugh, with the weather as nice as it's been, we should be busier than I want to be. Lots of sand dune accidents for sure. We have several thousand acres of sand about 20 miles from here and people come from all over to spend time on them.........and hurt themselves. Anyway, I'll be running for sure.

Ruth, I hope your day is a good one. Give Harry a hug from us. Your garden sounds divine, I love fresh greens for a salad. Have you ever tried rubbing horse linament on your knees? Sounds weird I know, but there are many who swear by it.

Schatzi, what time is dinner? I love stir fry...and should I bring my own chair to sit by the pool?

Kiko, a garage sale? Those are so much work, but so worth it. It's been years since I've had one and the money was so nice. It was great to clean out the place too. Prayers for your parents on the way. It must be difficult for you to watch.

pearshape, have fun with the writing, and have a great day too!

Me? Well, I'm off to have a facial and pedicure later this morning. I haven't done that for a couple of months and I'm in the mood to be pampered. It's my class reunion tomorrow night (30 years!).....( how did I get so old?) and I'm stressing out about the dumbest stuff, just like I was in high school. At least I'll be able to have cute toes

Everyone have a great day!!!
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Default Phase one treat!

Ruth if this is posted wrong, feel free to cuss me out and delete. It's been so hot and I just love this dish!

1 carton cottage cheese (lowfat of course)
1/2 package of SF jello
1/2 carton of SF cool whip

Put the cottage cheese in a mixing bowl and sprinkle the SF jello in this, stir well. Add the cool whip and stir. Let chill in the fridge. YUMMY!
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RN I am heading out to the store shortly and am adding those ingredients to my list, that sounds good! It has been so flipping hot here a nice, cool treat will be divine! Thanks for the prayers for my parents.

Spent all morning at church with DD and my mom. Very fun! Not as much cleaning has been accomplished as I would like- what a shocker!!
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I've just got time for a quick Hi. We've had two outages at work today. I got woken around 5 for the first one and ended up working from home. What a day! I've got lots of stuff to pick up for Brian's birthday party at the park tomorrow morning and brownies to bake. I think I will fix them after I eat a good dinner tonight so I am not tempted by them. Talk to you later.
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Sounds like it is HOT HOT HOT everywhere! 85 at 7:00pm here in Indiana.
Ruth, there is a man made canal that runs through a portion of downtown. It isn't really much!!
What part of INdiana will you be in?

Today was awesome swimming at the YMCA w/husband and kids. Very fun. For dinner I sauted zucchini and summer squash w/onion in a little olive oil. It was SO GOOD. Served with BBQ Chicken and salad for me. Add in potatoes for the rest of the fam.

Has anyone had the Crystal Light Peach Tea? We LOVE IT!!!

HOpe you all had a great day!
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