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athensmomof3 07-08-2006 01:42 PM

Have any of you tried this? Courtenay Cox uses it supposedly - you download workouts from this site and play them on your MP3 player - they have all kinds: iClimb, iStretch, etc.

You can listen to them for a bit to decide if you like them and then download if you want. It is nice to be able to listen to them because I liked some voices better than others, some music better than others, etc.

I downloaded iClimb set 7 - 40 minute elliptical or stairmaster workout - and did it at the gym this morning. It was great - music was pretty good (hip hop which I like to work out to but never listen to otherwise!), and loved the fact that it was an interval workout (sprints, hills, slow climb) and he keeps pushing you and reminding you of your form (stomach in, shoulders back, etc.). It was 4.99 for this one workout. I think you could do it a long time before you get sick of it.

The trainers are like a whos who of Hollywood trainers I think - I loved the iClimb guy - very motivational.

They have workouts for treadmill, stretching, yoga, weights, and kids (I think theirs is some sort of hip hop dance or something), and maybe others.

As a bonus, I burned about 50 more calories than usual in my 40 minute workout (went from around 320 to 370 or so)!

They also say you can play it on your computer, which might be nice if you got a stretching or yoga one.

Anyway - wanted to pass it along - it was definitely worth 5 bucks!

Heidi 07-10-2006 08:07 AM

I had a look but can't seem to hear the sample. Did you just click the speaker icon next to the workout title? for anyone else looking, there is an itrain.org but these audio workouts are at itrain.com. Not sure if they are related.

athensmomof3 07-10-2006 02:48 PM

Just click the speaker next to the sample. I was just on there a few minutes ago looking at other workouts and it did say they just updated the workouts and to let them know if you had any tech problems. All speakers I tried were working fine though. . . .

Yes - it is iTrain.com. My husband had a hard time finding it too . . . Might try one of the iScuplt ones next.

Edited to add link: http://itrain.com/

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