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Default Finally Friday!

We made it to Friday, and for a lot of us this is the beginning of a big holiday weekend. We're having our family cookout here at our house on Tuesday, so the weekend will be spent just taking it easy for a change. It's supposed to be dry for the next few days, so my plan is to lounge around the pool and be lazy! This morning right after Curves I'm taking my car to the garage to have a flat tire fixed. This is only my 5th flat tire in the past 2 years, I seem to get more flats than anyone! At least it's not in one of the new tires I just got last week. Later, the girls are invited to a pool party, so that's where we'll be for the afternoon. I'm in the mood to go out for dinner tonight, so I hope I can talk Jake into it!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and happy long weekend to us North Americans. July 1 is Canada Day and we have a long weekend too because Monday becomes a stat holiday. Your weekend sounds pretty darn good, Cottage. I need to cultivate some friends with a pool!

There is lots happening in the village this weekend and around here too as the Hyper Pypers are coming up for the weekend with two teens, their boat, their dog who is Lucy's littermate and their TENT, thank the Lord! (The Hyper Pypers are semi-related throught the dogs and I'm a semi-grandma to the kids as they have no family - long story. Their parents are like a DIL and SIL to me. They are all hyper and even call themselves the Hyper Pypers! They are lots of fun but it is so blissfully quiet when they pull out of the lane! )

This morning I have to drive to three more schools to pick up Fair entries and then that task will be done. I'm leaving the sorting and organizing for judging until next week as this weekend is too darn busy! We judge on the 11th so there's time.

Gotta jet as there's laundry on the go, some plants that need to go into the patio planter and tumbleweeds of dog fluff to exturpate from the back room. Lucy has really blown her coat with this last litter. (I must add more kelp to her diet next litter.) By 9:30, I expect to be on the road. Too bad I have to wait for the school admins to get there or I'd have it all done by now.

What's happening around your beach chaise this first summer Holiday weekend? Come and chat!
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Good Morning,

Today is so much better than yesterday, because I did it!!! I made it through one day on SBD--one perfect victorious day!! I really do feel much better and slightly empowered.

I need to pick beans this morning before it gets any hotter here, (South Carolina), I may find a few tomatoes ready also. I picked squash, cukes and eggplant yesterday and some corn that I didn't touch. It will be there in two weeks. If not on the stalk, then in the freezer. (OH--I better check P2 for list of veggies, corn may not make it back on yet).

The weekend will be very busy for me also, "my baby" will turn 14 tomorrow. She doesn't have anything planned yet. ??? Can't figure that one out. My sister-in-laws 50th birthday is tomorrow also. We are helping with a church bar-b-que, our part is to help wrap the meat when it comes off the pit. Kind of messy, but fun.

Got to run--it is getting hotter by the minute--Have a great day!!!

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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Hey chickies!! I'm back. I had some last minute seminars to attned that kept me busy these last 3 weeks. I feel like I haven't been home in forever! Anyway, my weight is down although not everything I gained so my ticker is still lying but I'll get there. I still don't know exactly how much I weigh because my scale broke in May and I've been too busy to get a new one. That's on my list for today though. And I'm getting a good one, a digital one this time.

All my fur babies are pretty much OK, I'm surprised they even remember me lol I've been gone so much lately. So, catch me up, what'd I miss lately? Ruth, how are the puppies? ARe you keeping any of them?
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Good Morning Ladies!
Cottage your weekend sounds great sorry about the flat!
Ruth LOL I imagine the hyper Pypers whenever you talk about them as all wearing kilts and indeed Piping!
Wanda I'm totally having Veggie Envy!
Hi Pear you're Rats are so Cute! But now I have a Kitty so no rodentia for me
the bad news is I have a sore throat. . .The good news is it makes me crave water
I have no clue what we're doing today but it's goign to be beautiful herre in jersey thsi weekend so we're doing SOMETHING!
Tuesday is our second anniversary! I can't believe it!
ok now I have to do work!
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Good Morning Ladies

I second the emotion for TGIF holiday weekend. We're suppost to get our car back today, finger crossed. They say the paint has to dry and than we can have it back. Horrah!! I couldn't stand the rental,it diidn't have no pick up at all.

Than tomorrow will be quite,housework kind of day,Sunday out with my friends for brunch,Monday I think our town will have the fireworks at the beach,and Tues, a parade going by the village green,along with the big BBQ day. My menu is posted on the other thread.[going to be semi good this year]. Have to get the extra weight off once and for all.

Hugs BB
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South Beach Life Style
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No plans that I know of yet for the fourth of July...

I need to share something with you girls and see how you take it.

About 6pm last night Kims (austins mom) brother calls to tell me that Kim wanted him to call me and let me know she was taking Austin (4yrs) to hospital that he had fallen and cut is head, (Kim knows I have no gas to go to the hospital) Her brother assured me that Austin was calm and doing fine, Kim just wanted to make sure he did not have a concussion.. OK,, no here I set worried and pissed off and hurt becaus MY house is on there way to the hospital.. but no one chose to even offer to pic me up or even see if I wanted to go along to be there for the baby,, I babysit any chance I get. I just love Austin, but then at 10:30 last night Kims Brother calls again to tell me that they were leaving the hospital and that Austin was fine. they were headed to Wal Mart to buy him a toy..then going home.. I thankes her brother for calling me.. But I am pretty upset about this entire thing.. Tell me how you take it , if you would, I have a pretty bad temper, and I have to make sure and evaluate things alot to ensure I am not over reacting,, But i feel that When she needs a babysitter I am the one, however when he is hurt and has to go to the hospital, she dont even call me or offer for me to go with Austin.,. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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Hi Ladies and Happy Long Weekend. You all have such fun times planned. I'm on Day 5 of Phase II down 3 pounds. Don't weigh in until mondays. I'm with you, I need a digital scale.....any specific kind Pearshape?

I will be leaving work in about 1/2 hour to catch a plan for Atlanta. I'm attending a friends son's wedding on Saturday. On Sunday, I'll be flying to Flordia to pick up my 85 year old Mother and driving her back (so she can have her car) to Indiana to spend 8 weeks with me. The summers are too hot for her in Florida. I have an 11 month old granddaughter and a grandson due to be born the first week in August. So my Mother will be here for all the festivities. I don't know if I'm looking forward to having her with me or dreading it. I hope I can keep SB together over these next 5 days. Wish me luck.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone and keep on Beaching it!

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It sounds like there are lots of big holiday plans. We have nothing planned for the 4th yet. I'm not sure what we will do. There are fireworks planned that evening but we don't usually go.

We have a RoughRiders baseball game this evening with the Cub Scouts that should be fun. I just need to make sure that I get off work early enough. I'm planning tomato soup (with spinach mixed in) and grilled cheese sandwiches for a fast dinner. I want to be full so I'm not tempted by anything at the park. I've got to work tonight but it shouldn't be until after the game but I'll throw my laptop in the car just in case.

I'm trying to pin Brian down on what he wants to do for his birthday. He turns 9 on the 16th. I don't feel like cleaning up the house enough to have a big houseful of people (and several of his friends are allergic to cats anyway). He turned me down for a pool party but is interested in reserving the pavillion at the park where we had scout camp. I'm not sure what we will do but I know it will need to start around 10 before it gets too hot.
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'ello girls, I'm back! I was house sitting in wv for my family (4 cats and a dog) but am home now. I fell off the wagon but am hopping back on!
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Happy Friday Gals!
I was feeling abit under the weather last night and today.... so, I slept and babied myself...feeling better so time to catch up on my day!

Cottage - Enjoy the Pool! and some R/R.. I hope you can talk Jake into dinner!

Ruth - I know you will have a great day with the hyperpypers

Active - on a perfect day on the Beach!

Pearsydew- Welcome back Pearsy!!!

KO- Happy anniversary weekend!!!

BB: Sounds like a great weekend planned!

Workinit is probably winging her way --- see ya when you get back

Welcome back Lottie!
Barb-- a cookout in a pavillion sounds like a good idea... you dont have ta clean but it is a big job getting it all together...

Crockette-- I wouldnt let it bother me...They called you through out the ordeal, so you know they had you on their mind .. I wouldnt want to stop to pick anybody up if I had to take someone to the hospital...

It WAS a beautiful day.... I'm gonna try to make the most of whats left!
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Had a rough, emotional couple of days here due to a complete screw up of my own doing. I am working on forgiving myself and moving on.

Crock I had typed out a response earlier and then it got deleted when I updated my signature. I, also, would not be offended. They know you care as you were called and let know what was going on. I know that if is was one of my girls that I would be more worried about getting them to the hospital.

Barb The recent Roughrider game we went to was a blast! Have you ever been to Celebration Park in Allen? It is really fun, has a huge playground and a little waterpark. The waterpark may be too young for Brian, but it would be worth checking into. I guess, now that I think of it, that the waterpar may not be up and running due to the watering restrictions.

Cottage Yeah for lounging in the pool. Hope your plans for dinner out worked in your favor!! I love going out to dinner, although we don't do it often with both these girlies in daycare. We had a relatively quiet day around. Just trying to get through the house and the never-ending amount of things to do!!

Hello to everyone else out there today.
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The RoughRider game was a lot of fun. The fireworks at the end were really good. I got a good chance to talk to my den leader and I think she and I are going to take the offer to serve as co-camp directors for next summer's Twilight Camp. We know we can do a better job than it was done this year and the boys are the most important thing. We will just have to get some others in our Pack to run some of the Springtime events we normally run (like garage sale, Scout Show, maybe Scouting for Food). We can still do the normal stuff like the Spring campout.

I don't know if that waterpark is open or not. Brian starts his second session of swim lessons on Monday. He passed Red Cross level 3 so this will be 4A. That will give him lots of water time.
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