South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Willpower Wednesday on the Beach~~

The Sun'll coooome Out ToooMorrrow, you can bet yer bottom Dollar that Toomorrow lalaladedoooooo There'll Beeee Sun! ..... It looks like finally No rain in the forecast I'll see how much stuff dries up and maybe tackle some weeding... BUT First CAWFFEEEE!

Whatcha got planned fer today?
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Morning all,
Schatzi, we may even see the sun today, too, for a change! Right now about 1/3 of my back yard is under water, but none in the house or basement, so we've been pretty lucky.
No big plans for today, although if it dries up enough, I want to get the girls outside for a while. We've been cooped up inside too long, which tends to lead to too much snacking - in yesterday's case it was peanut butter cookies.
Have a great day, and for all of us here on the East coast, let's hope it's a good day to start drying out!
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Come on Spring!
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Well....The Girls are still asleep. I think I'll go down and bark at them! Strange dogs.

After coffee, I'll lug the garbage to the road and then have an omelet with peppers and mushrooms. I need to tackle an annoying government form this morning and mail it off. Hersh and I do our TheraPaws thing at 12:30 and then, if it's not raining, I'll do more work on the front perennial bed!

Have a great Hump Day, Chickies!
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gotta lose it!
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Morning gals....I'm up getting ready for work. Coffee is brewing, just gotta get my behind moving! See you later....have a great day!
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South Beach Life Style
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Good Morning Everyone.

I am up and I see thick fog out side, rain is still in my forecast her in Central West Virginia, I am needing to mow the yard and weed eats so bad, but the rain wont stop long enough to dry things up .. grrrrrr.. That really aggrivates me, All OP.. I have been eating Special K cereal and I have no cravings with it.. Go figure.. Take Care Everyone.
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Morning Chickadees

Boy do I need some today. Day 3 of P1 and the cravings are hitting hard. I NEED some dark chocolate but I will resist. Might be a little cranky, but I'll resist. So, if DS finally slept last night (he only got up once at 2am) then why the &*#%@ am I so tired today? Wonder if anyone would notice if I crawled under my desk and took a little nap

Hope everyone gets dried out today and has a good OP day.
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Good morning!

Cottage It is hard to be cooped up with little ones for two long. A day or two of it is always nice as it forces you to slow down, but then everyone gets a bit antsy!

Ruth Just took my trash out myself. What is TheraPaws?

Soon Have a good day at work!

Crock You and your OP self- I need to model myself after you and maybe I could get this weight loss moving in the right direction again.

Schatzi I will be tackling some weeding myself today- at least it should be easy for you since everything will be so saturated.

The internal sensor that my girls have when I wake up is in full force today as big DD was up within 5 minutes of my feet hitting the floor. The baby isn't feeling so hot, she was running a temp before bed last night. I am hoping that it is her molars- she is cutting all four of them right now. I have bunco tonight and a girlfriend is supposed to watch my two girls as DH works and my mom is out of town. I won't take Megan over there if she runs a fever today, so I will miss out on my one "kidless" outing of the month. Oh well, mothering duty calls!

Anyhoo- lowkey day here..... finish up some laundry and do a bit of cleaning. I have an art project I have been saving for DD for a day like today.

Have a good one gals!!
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Come on Spring!
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Quickie for Kiko: TheraPaws is a visiting dog programme. Hershey and I visit the clinic at Portland every Wednesday and cover the Day Away programme plus the nurses, doctors and other medical staff who sometimes need it more than the real clients. One of the doctors actually leaves a patient on the examining table to pet Hershey - he claims it lowers his blood pressure. On Monday evenings (5:30 - 7:00) we visit Maple View Lodge, a nursing home. Lucy has not yet been evaluated for the program but I hope to work her in soon. I do evaluations for TPOC and can't evaluate my own dog so need to wait for another evaluator to visit.

Thanks for mentioning laundry, Kiko. I need to do one or will be going naked to the noon appointment!
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Good Morning Ladies

Woke up with a bit of a stomach ache.Going to eat lite today.
Too hot to go out walking today,so we're heading out to do some grocery shopping and than back to our A/C home.

Have 5 months left to reach my goal,before I step onto the cruise ship. Didn't reach if for my birthday so now I have another challenge to hit.

With the hot summer months I though eating lite[protein & veggies] for main meals would bring my weight down,but now I hear all over the beach boards that you can go into starvation mode,not adding the 5 food groups into a meal. Yikes!! which one is true.???

Will power======== Will power
That what I need right now.

Have to go will post later

Hugs BB
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Hi Ladies
My breakfast was more ph2 and lunch is fajita chicken salad today
BB I hope your tum feels better
Kiko I hope your kidless outing still happens
Kelly hmm I wish i could hide under my desk too Maybe mix some SF cocoa powder into something or some SF FF hot cocoa
Crock Don't you wish there was a big dryer to dry out the outside thats what i want
Soon and Schatz I already pounded a coffee before work now I'm sipping through another 2 serving mug
Cottage I hope you get out today!
DH and I decided that I am the budget master So Now I control the bills etc
he can't balance a checkbook for his life!
ugh Gotta Run
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My willpower broke last night and I had 3 Ritz crackers, I doubt it did any realy damage but I'm a little ashamed of myself. In better news, my tumtum's flattening out a bit.....and I'm still going to the bathroom a lot. I am recompensating a lot with extra water. :-p
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Happy Wednesday everyone!
I've been so darn busy lately that I haven't posted, but I've been lurking & keeping motivated by all of your posts.
I haven't had the time to cook and eat all of the snacks as I did on ph 1. I think my metabolism liked what I was doing on ph 1 more so than on ph 2. So, going to be sure I get those quick snacks in on schedule!
We have been having thunderstorms everyday, can commiserate with everyone about tall grass & lots of weed pulling! We just had the worse hail storm I have seen in years, my poor flowers were smushed.
Here's some for all of us!
Have a wonderful day!
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Come on Spring!
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Pat us on the back, Chickies! It's hot and muggy and the clients at the clinic were a bit off. However, Hershey was great at her job and deserved a reward. What a great dog! She was pushing for ice cream but we drove past two great ice cream places and went to the Farm to get strawberries. She loves berries. Later in the summer I'll walk both Girls down for a treat and we'll share a dish - "Three spoons, please!"

Luc's Mom, I don't think we need all those snacks in Phase II. Just have one when needed.

Beach, who says that? As long as you hit all the food groups during the day, I'm sure you'll be OK. Are you taking a Vitamin supplement?

Just got a phone message that Gary H. died in his sleep. I didn't know him that well but it sure hits home when someone your own age dies when apparently in good health. Time to figure out what to cook for the family and for the funeral lunch. Devilled eggs? Potato salad? Butter tarts? Oh dear!

I still have not done that darn Gov't form and got no gardening done. However, I did get the car serviced which was not on my list! I will definitely start the form before supper which will probably be shrimp and veggies tonight.

Gotta go feed the Doggage unless they've opened the fridge and helped themselves!
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Good Evening Ladies

I have good news, I know I said I was not going to weigh myself until Sunday but could not resist the urge, I am now 4lbs lighter YEAH
I am glad I did for the motivation it gave me, I did my mile walk and all my crunches & lifts and pull ups, feeling good baby!

O and I had the taco soup for dinner it was awesome, my son even ate 2 helpings, couldn't believe since he is so picky.

The hubby is making cookies for his morning meeting tomorrow so I had some cool whip free with about a tsp of sf rassberry jello mixed in not bad either.

well good night ladies
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