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Default Added Sugar ?

I was at the store last night buying some fancy mustard (Grey Poupon sp?) I noticed that since it is made by Kraft, it has the little SBD approved stamp on it. I was reading the ingredients (I know there are several different flavors, I think it was the original) and it has added sugar (it's close to the bottom of the list...but still) So I started checking out the other mustards and found one that was the same, but with no added sugar, so I bought that one (and it was cheaper, too). Am I being too picky about the added sugar? I guess just because that little teal stamp is on somehting doesn't mean you have to use it. I know this has been said before, but I think Dr. A really sold out to Kraft. How can a frozen dinner be okay for a non-processed food WOE?!?!

How strict should one be on the no sugar added issue?

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Hi AnnaRenee! I think you can't be too strict at all! You did great,reading the ingredients and selecting a no added mustard ( and cheaper too! Good girl!) Every little bit helps and Once you get use to buying no sugar added products- it's a healthy habit added to your tools for staying on the beach...Yep, just because Kraft has approved for SBD it's usually for phase 2 or more like phase 3 and the consensus is that buying the prepackaged stuff is okay once in a blue moon ...
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