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  • I don't know if I am allowed to start the "daily" threads but I figured I'd give it a shot since I was up!

    I am off to work and just finished breakfast. The only problem with Phase I so far is that I am so tired, . Maybe I need to get a cup of coffee in the mornings. If the lines out of D&Ds wasn't 50 cars long it'd be easier! Maybe I can find a different coffee shop.. ah well, I'll figure something out.

    I hope you ladies have a wonderful day!

    (Edit: if you end up keeping this thread as the daily and you think of a better title, please edit it, hehe. At 5:45am that's the wittiest I could come up with... )
  • Hey! Thanks for starting us up, Geekchick. The first chick to get out of the nest is the chat starter. It used to be me but I'm getting old and managing to sleep past 5:30 these days. Are you having some legumes and milk in Phase I. That sometimes helps recovery from the draggies.

    I am off to "work" at my friend Lorraine's Greenhouse this morning. It will be so nice to "open the season" on such a cold day. We actually are not open to the public until May 1 but there are planters to plant and darling wee baby plants to transplant into bigger pots. I just love working there, especially on winter-like days.

    Time for a proper breakfast before a morning of physical stuff. Maybe a protein shake with extra egg whites?
  • Helllooo strangers,

    I will be taking a break from posting as I am still having computer problems and it'll be a while before I can get the problems fixed. I hop everyone continues to be on plan and all that!!! I'll be back!!!
  • Morning everyone. Just a quick note before heading to work. We implemented a new job yesterday, so we will have the client on-site today to review the first production run. Didn't completely stay OP P1 yesterday (had some dark chocolate), but drank mucho, mucho H2O.

    Geekchic - The earliest bird starts the thread. Hope you have a good day at work and find that perfect cup of .

    Ruth - Have fun working at the greenhouse today. I SO wish that I had a green thumb.

    Freaky - Your spot on the beach towel will be waiting for you when your computer feels better!!!
  • Good Morning everyone
    Well I did it again. I won the battle this morning. I did not want to work out at all, not feeling all that great, but I did it. I wish I could give a little more energy to my workouts but at least i am getting them done. I think I have lost another 2 lbs but am waiting till next week to change my weight ticker just to make sure. I yo you so much this past month I don't want to think those 2 lbs are really gone if they are going to come abck in a few days. Am I making sense?
    Lately I am trying to eat healthy and eat small portions, I truly help this is the ticket and I keep lossign because I could live this way the rest of my life, I hope.
    Gotta run for now, have a great day everyone!
  • Good Morning!
    I've gotten in my workout for the day, and have supper all ready to just pop in the oven tonight, so now I can sit down for a few minutes.

    Geekchick ~ You are the early bird today! I hope you can find a place to get some coffee. I just wouldn't be able to start the day without mine!

    Ruth ~ I'll be thinking of you and envying you, puttering away in the greenhouse today! My fingers are just itching to play in the dirt!

    Freaky ~ I'm glad you're still around. Hopefully you'll have your computer problems behind you before too much longer!

    Jana ~ I hope everything goes smoothly with your new production run at work! I really like your avatar!

    Mamahulk ~ Hurray for working out! You really seem to have things under control. Keep it up!

    I need to go check out some sites for children's activities. Audrey is on spring break this week, and we need some ideas for things to do. We're starting to get cabin fever really bad! See you later!
  • Good morning everyone! Sorry I've been MIA but I wasn't on the computer at all over the weekend and yesterday I was busy here at work so...

    I didn't do well OP at all over the weekend but at least even when I do falter, it's not as bad as it used to be. I was back OP yesterday and I exercised so at least I started the week out well.

    I've got a busy week ahead. The kids have lacrosse practices, my son has two study groups after school, my oldest daughter has an orthodontist appointment and sometime I need to find my mil a b-day gift.

    Geek - Good for you for being up and moving so early!

    Freaky - We'll be here waiting for you!

    Ruth - It's cold here too, the first full day of spring and we might get snow!

    Jana - Good morning and have a good day!

    Mama - Sorry to hear you're not feeling the best but good for you for working out anyway. We just need to stay the course and be patient that all our hard work will pay off.

  • Good Morning Chickies!

    The snow here melted yesterday so it's looking a bit more spring like. I'm in a coffee-induced energy spike right now so I'm going to try to make the most of it before I crash. I think I maybe got 4 hours of very interupted sleep last night so I'm sure today is going to seem veeerrryyy long.
    I ate all OP yesterday, but I ate too much so I'm feeling kind of yucky today Way overdid my servings of grains....but alas, today's a new day.

    Geekchic - I NEED my coffee in the morning - I hope you are able to find a quick coffee shop.

    Morning Ruth - Hope you have a good day at work....it sounds like you really enjoy yourself there.

    Freaky - hope all is well with you and your computer is back up to speed soon.

    Jana - have a good day at work.

    Mamahulk - Yeah for you for getting up and getting that workout in!!! I know the scale is frustrating - but remember, even when it's not moving you're making your body healthier!

    Cottage - wow - you are organized this morning! Hope you have a good day with Audrey.

    Tyra - Hope you have a great week! You sure do have a lot going on.
  • Good morning chicks. I thought I'd try something new with my coffee today...black with cinnamon and a little bit of sf caramel syrup. YUM!!! I'm also eating my new P1 hot cereal....and sharing with the 5 little rattie boys. They love this stuff!! Suddenly I'm more interesting than running around exploring ! They're having their run around time this morning since I fell asleep early last night. At the moment Cecil (in my avatar) has just figured out a way to get from the window ceil to the bookshelf to the computer desk to my lap . It took a little finagaling but he managed. They are the cutest little guys. My bf, who saw them for the first time last week, said he was surprised to see that their personalites really are like tiny pocket sized dogs. I told him but I guess he had to see it for himself. OK, sorry, enough gushing about my rat babies. I attatched some pics to this post if anyone wants to see them.

    Well, it's another P1 day for me. I'm just taking it one day at a time and hopefully I'll see results. Have a great OP day chicks!!

  • Morning Beachies!

    Sounds like everyone started their week off in the right direction - staying OP yesterday and exercising.

    I did well with staying OP (back to P1), however I never did make it to the gym yesterday, which is a bummer cuz I didn't get to weigh in. I have a scale at home, which depending on how you stand on it says I'm up about 4-5lbs from the DB's birthday weekend. I expected that, and will have to work extra hard at the gym this week and next to drop the extra few lbs I put on before we go to the indoor waterpark on the 31st. I will have to update my ticker, probably in the left direction after I go to the gym tonight.

    Kelly - Hope you sleep better tonight and that the day isn't too long for you.

    3darlings - Sounds like you have a busy day on the run!

    Cottage - Work out and supper ready all before my morning has even started! Now that's impressive!

    Mama - Way to go on the 2lb loss! I bet it will stay off!

    Jana - with the new job implementation!

    Freaky - We miss you! Tell your computer to stop misbehaving

    Ruth - I can't wait for gardening weather to hit here in Wisconsin, we bought a condo last fall, and we have a little area to make our own, and I can't wait to dig in!

    Geek - Hang in there, I'm tired too since I just restarted P1, but I do know it gets better!

    Okay ladies, I'll check back in later. I'm off to my morning meeting!

    Have an OP day everyone!!

  • Good morning chicks! I've got to drag myself away from the computer and get a little cleaning done. The developmental specialist is coming this morning for Keely's first in-home therapy session. She's not in the best of moods, so I hope it goes okay. I'm back on track today after my little slip-up yesterday (ice cream before bed) and I'm going to go for a run this afternoon after the girls wake up from their nap.

    Geekchic - I hope you're able to find that cup of coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker but I need a diet pepsi to get me started in the morning.

    Ruth - You sound like you have a great job. We started planting a few things weekend, but I can't wait for more spring-like weather.

    Freaky - I hope you're able to get your computer issues resolved soon.

    Jana - Great job drinking water. That's the place where I am lacking..

    Mamahulk - Yay for working out!

    Everybody else - Have a great day!
  • dare2love-good for you staying OP! Keep your head up high!
    kelly- I'm sending you good zzz's vibes!
    3darlings-Don't feel bad...you're not the only one who fell off the wagon! You
    sound really busy! I know the feeling all too well. My two boys are
    starting ball season and it gets pretty crazy trying to get them
    both to practices and games! I can only imagine how hectic it will
    be when my dd gets old enough to participate in sports!
    Cottage- When I grow up I wanna be just like you! HEE HEE! I could only
    dream of being that organized and prepared!
    Mama-Congrats on the loss!
    Jana- Howdy!
    Freaky-Sending good computer vibes your way!
    Ruth-Have fun in the greenhouse! I wish I could be there with ya! I'm craving
    the warm weather and planting!
    Geek-Keep on pushing forward! You can do it! It does get easier. Now, if only
    I could follow my own advice!
    pearshape-That coffee sure does sound yummy!

    As for me....well the demon's came out and would not go away this weekend! My inlaws brought over a bunch of seafood for me to cook. I know you're probably thinking that that was ok. However, the saltines that I used to make up the crabcakes was not....as well as the few tostitos that I ate with my dh delicious, spicy cheese dip. OH, the bbq sauce that I put on my shrimp wrapped with bacon wasn't very good either. Saturday my grandmother asked me over for a glass of wine and we drank the whole bottle! I get so upset with myself when I do this For three days I followed P1 of SB to the "T". Then the weekend came and Well, I'm just gonna start P1 all over and do my best this time to resist temptation! On a lighter note...all of the people at my grandmother's church couldn';t beleive how "skinny" I was and wanted to know what I had done!!! Now ladies, I think I'm far from skinny but boy did those comments make me feel good! Well, sorry for this book! I missed ya'll over the weekend! Have a great day! Tara
  • Morning, ladies! Hopefully today will not be as busy as yesterday. I was afraid for awhile that I would have to go into the office as our home phone was out all afternoon and evening. If I could have reached DH at home to tell him, then he could have called the phone company earlier but it took awhile before he got the message I left him on his cell. Anyway, it is working this morning so I'm at home. I'm making beef soup tonight. Temp is in the 30's which feels quite chilly after the weather we have been having.

    We've got a den meeting tonight. The boys get to make crystal radios which should be fun!
  • Good morning chicks!

    Leaving for a law school visit this afternoon, so even though I'm working today, I have that distracted "Yay, I'm about to go on vacation!" feeling. I can't get anything done! I have a feeling this trip isn't going to be so good for staying on program because these school visits always come with a ton of tempting food but who knows, maybe I'll be good. And my hotel does have a gym so I can probably squeeze in a little exercise while I'm there. And I am excited about the cold weather! It's going to be in the 40s, and that will be a nice little change. (Although I will be relieved to come back to the FL weather I'm sure.) Have a great day everyone!

    Geekchick ~ I was very sleepy throughout a lot of P1. I hope you got some good coffee to get you going!
    Ruth ~ I hope you enjoyed your greenhouse work. It sounds very relaxing
    Freaky ~ I hope your computer problems are resolved without too much stress!
    Jana ~ I hope everything at work goes smoothly!
    Mamahulk ~ Good job on getting the exercise done! Usually the last thing I want to do in the morning is exercise so I admire anyone who does.
    Cottage ~ I hope you and Audrey find something fun to do! Spring break is the best...
    3darlingsmomma ~ I'm sure you'll get back on track in no time.
    KellyJ ~ I hope you feel better soon!
    pearshape ~ The rattie boys are so cute! Even in those pictures, I can see their little personalities shining through.
    dare2love ~ I'm sure you'll get right back on track. Birthdays are always dangerous times...
    usmchoney ~ I hope the session is successful!
    tar675 ~ Congrats on the NSV with the people at church! Isn't it the best feeling?
    Barb ~ Beef soup...mmm...sounds like great cold weather food.
  • Hi!
    Good morning to all--posting earlier myself today (11:00 a.m. ). Past week full of challenges--up 1 lb and calendar for this week ain't much better--lunches and dinners out with friends mostly. Sure am getting tired of gaining and losing the same two pounds. But, at least I pick myself up and get back OP immediately--which is a big improvement for me.

    Have a good day all!