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I can do this!
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Default Thursday, March 2: In like a lion...

I'm supposed to be at a literacy volunteer training today but there's reports of tons of snow, so it was cancelled. Snow day!!!

So, for Lent, I'm going to stick to one starch each day and no more! I'm also going to spend 30 mins reading the bible, praying, and doing some lenten devotions. I love this season and how it gives us a chance to reconnect and do things right. Of course, I did a carbfest on Tuesday night in true Mardi Gras fashion. Only I was Laurie Gras the next day! Well, not really, but I felt like it...and I craved all day, even though I was eating good carbs. Lesson to self...lots of good carbs can be just as bad as a little bad carbs.

Hoping that I can make it to the post office today to mail out our presents from our trip to France. I'd love to make it to yoga, but the gym might close. I can always do my yoga/pilates tape at home. Hope to get some pictures from our trip posted and clean up our bedroom some more.

Have a great day, chickies and stay warm!!!
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Morning Laurie,

I don't know if school round this area is canceled yet because I haven't turned the telelvision on. It woun't chjange my day much so It's no use checking yet. My son will be happy if it is. He likes school but he likes playing all day even more - so do I - lol.

Spent the day in court and never made it to the office at all yesterday. I never even testified and for all intensive purposes, we lost. It really stinks that it's the child that suffers. The best we got was cutting a deal that the child will re in the custody of someone else. We got no orders of supervision and no findings of neglect which means that the parents and/or relatives could come and attempt to get custody anytime and most likely succeed as preventive services must be mandated for us to interfere. Well, enough of my recap. I guess it's still on my mind.

I did well on phase 1 yesterday except for the glass of wine I allowed myself before going to bed. It's in the frig from phase 2 and it was the last glass in the bottle. Here's to raising happy healthy children.

Back to the office today. Hope all have a great day.
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Wink Good Morning

Beachgal- can't wait to see pictures. What a great trip.
Freaky- sorry about court, I know how hard you have worked and that stinks, do we need a new attorney?

Ok here's my problem. I have been getting up with the kids at night time, non stop for weeks, execersing as much as I can, not cheating much at alland the scale hasn't moved. I just think after working sohard, being so decidated and determioned can't I be rewarded a little????? I am frustrated. I go to my cardiologist today and I did not make my goal for today. I know I have lost since the last appt so I hope he will be happy and encouraging.
Today my oldest work me up at 4am again. I got him asleep and I couldn't sleep. SO guess what I got up and exercised. I did my biggest loser dvd. I have been working out through all this sickness and stuff but today instead of tossing and turning I worked out. SO then during my extremly early workout my youngest son is inhis crib screaming! However, I finished my workout. Then I went and got him, now at 6 am he is toddling around, saying he wants ice cream. So my point is I am working hard, I know with a little more sleep I can work harder and mybe see fast results but why am I not seeing any for 3-4 weeks. I am going to keep going but start to think I will be this weight forever. I am annoyed. I am not giving up, still determined. Now I am mad at the scale so I am going to work even harder so someday I can smash it to pieces and let it know what I am really thinking.
I am hoping ot get a second workout in tonight. I did that yesterday and hoping if I do 2 workouts a day it will jump start a little. Well tiem to put baby downa gain, I hope.
Sorry for the venting ladies, I am up too early, a little crabby, Forgive me please????
Have a great day everyone.
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Who needs sleep?
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Popping in to say a quick "hi!" before getting on with things. For a change of pace, I went to bed at a normal-ish (11 or thereabouts) hour and got up super early (around 2:30 am here). It's getting close to the end of the quarter, so I'm down to crunch time (and I don't mean sit-ups! ). It's hard to believe this quarter is nearly over. I'm all registered for next quarter: pre-calc 1 and intro to chem as I'd planned, but the computer tech class I need to take instead of the report-writing class I'd thought I might take, as it was offered online. I don't really know what it is exactly, just that I need it. It probably won't be too hard, though; I'm reasonably computer-savvy - I even used to (pre-DS) build my own computers from the motherboard up.

As far as this quarter goes, so far I'm still maintaining A's in both my classes. I have 1 major essay, 2 discussion papers, and 3 sets of responses on discussion papers left in social psych, and 1 (2-part) assignment, 3 labs, 2 quizzes, and a final exam left in geology. I think that's everything. Then spring break will be 2-3 weeks - but little (if any) r&r! Busy, busy, busy! I'll be building my raised bed (and maybe a wee one for DS to dig in and pull sprouting beans up out from!) and doing my "OAQC" for next quarter. I've been testing some recipes (most of which aren't exactly OP, so I won't go into details) to see how they freeze and generally experimenting - or having DH experiment for me when I'm too pressed for time to cook. He's such a trooper!

How's everything with you, dear chickies?
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Good morning chickies!

Laurie It is so good to hear from you! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned! How is the sleeping going? I am not sure I could function on the amount of sleep that you do! I am still thinking about what my Lenten goals are. General healthy eating, but that doesn't seem too behavior-specific.

Freaky I will toast to raising happy, healthy children! I am exhausted trying to do so, but it is well worth it!!

Mama You should think about posting some of your sample meal days and having some of the knowledgable women here take a look at it. Maybe they can see where you could tweak what you are eating. I can see where you area frustrated- if you are doing all the right things and not getting the results you want to smack someone around a bit!!

H-Ko Another sleep-deprived chick.... sounds like you are a busy mama!!

Me- Not much to report. I had a good, OP day yesterday and was very proud of myself for not feeding my frustration with my day. Today will be a long one as it is Open House tonight from 6:30-8:00. It is always a nice evening, just gets to be long!! My mom will watch the girls as DH is working. All of today's meals and snacks are planned, so I am anticipating another good day of eating. Okay- need to get into the shower and get some coffee pumping.

Have a super day all!! "Flow1:
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Just a quick to everyone since I need to get the doggie fed and get my backside out the door to work. Will be a busy day today. We're on a skeleton crew - for various reasons my team is down to 2 people today (instead of 5). At least I have good food prepped ahead of time, so I don't have to worry about navigating lunch out.

Everyone have a great day!
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It's not a snow day here, it's an ICE STORM ! The schools have all closed, and even my Curves is closed for the day. I'm staying home today, too, but Cindy has a conference in the city, and said if the roads aren't too bad she's going to bring the girls to my house. That's fine with me, they live out in the country and the roads are usually treacherous out that way, and there's just no way I'm driving out there. She's braver than I am.
Yesterday went well. I had my egg & muffin for breakfast, soup & raw veggies w/ hummus for lunch, and more soup & raw veggies for supper, and I managed to get in my 64 oz. of water. I was really hungry mid-day and wanted a snack badly, and to top it off I got home late and by then I was starving and didn't feel like making a salad, so had soup again instead. I sure did miss having dessert, too, but had a cup of Vanilla Hazlenut tea, and that took care of my craving.
I'm doing a load of laundry right now, and plan to clean the house today and then settling in with my book. Of course that may change if the girls come. I should plan what to make for supper, too. I have mushrooms that need to be used up, maybe I'll make Chicken Alfredo with spagetti squash.
All you gals on the East Coast, be careful out there today!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks~~

I'm bummed. Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm UP 3. I know it's water retention. BIL brought home rotisserie chicken from Super Wal Mart and even though I pulled off the skin, it still tasted salty. They must inject it with a sodium solution or something. Even my fingers feel fat this morning!

So breakfast this morning is tea and ww toast. I'm going to guzzle water and maybe even take a diuretic today and see if I can get rid of this. Yuck!

I feel so bad for you chicks who are snowed/iced in. We're actually having nice weather for a change. It's so wonderful to see the sun after all that frassing rain we've been having.

Freaky, I'm sorry your court case didn't go well. If there was strong enough evidence of abuse/neglect, why in Heaven's name didn't the judge do the right thing??? You have to wonder how these people sleep at night.

Cottage, Jana, Kiko, Heather, Mamahulk and Laurie
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Come on Spring!
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I am kicking my butt today as I've already wasted most of the week. For some reason, I've been feeling really lazy - I wake with good intentions but goof off most of the day. Today I have a list on the whiteboard in the kitchen.

Top priority is getting the recycle stuff to the curb before 8:30 so I'm outta here for a bit. I'll be back later to read and comment.

Sorry about the crap weather to those south of me. So far we are sunny with just a few clouds but still damned cold! Stay safe and warm!
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South Beach Life Style
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Good Morning,,

I think the Ham I baked was just to salty ,,, it was good,,, but I feel bloated this morning,,, My water intake was good yesterday as well... Might be nothing.... who knows..There is Virus going around shcool and my brother is home today,, I am avoiding him in hopes that i dont get it... ick!

Take Care Everybody....
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Good Morning!

I work in a day care center and passed three car accidents this morning, one of them ended up being one of our parents. They were all OK though, thank God! This week is not going that well for me. I had planned ahead for Fat Tuesday so when I ate a custard filled Paczki I really didn't feel that bad. I worked out twice on Tuesday, and it was probably one of the hardest workouts I have ever had. I still hurt. Yesterday I ate way to many carbs for dinner, but I ate dinner really early so that I could hopefully burn it off. For lent I can decide what I want to give up. I think I will try to give up whip cream , because that is the major sweet thing that I eat the most of. I haven't weighed myself lately because I think my scale is broken, but tomorrow is my weigh and measure day at Curves and I am terrified to go because I am bloated and if I go weigh in with all this water weight I might get discouraged . Wish me Luck!! I hope everyone had a great day and can stay warm. It just started snowing again here. I can't wait for SPRING!!!!!
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Sorry to hear about the ice and snow in the north but think of the nice...out like a you have to look forward to.

So far so good, I'm OP and plan to stay that way. Yesterday I really didn't have much of an appetite and didn't eat much, I should go to Curves today but I'm not sure if I feel up to it.
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South Beach Life Style
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I need to go Grocery shopping today,, and I just dont know what to pick up.. I added Oatmeal and an Apple last week,, and this week was the same,, I need to add another one but just cant think of one to add,,, Still not wanting bread yet... Not sure at all
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good morning chicks! THe weather is beautiful here. It's 62 out right now! I'm wearing a short sleeved polo shirt and slippers. I'm ready for winter to be over already. IT was a crappy half-a***d winter anyway. I'm ready to wear skirts and cute strappy sandals again ! I've got a pot of vegetable soup on the stove and it smells yummy. Today is my worst day of the week but I'm going to try to make it a good one. After all, tomorrow's friday, right? Have a great day chicks!!
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just a few more...
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ooh I get to post before there are thousands get on.

Mamahulk-I feel your pain!! there is nothing worse than really doing your best for no reward. I agree post a menu-maybe you eat things that you didn't realize are sabataging you, maybe you don't eat enough. Working out is great but you shouldn't need to do 2 workouts and skip sleep to do it.

Freaky-hope you can get the case out of your mind, it must be really hard not to be able to help more. Sadly it sounds as if they will come back through your system and hopefully then maybe...

hey Heather!! I love to the OAMC, I have some yummy non OP recipes that freeze well if you need more. One day I'll sit down and get some OP ones...

enjoy staying in on the snow day for all of you.

I'm happy to say I finally have seen 126 on the scale. and now I'm sure in a few days I'll be *****ing about not seeing 125, lol. I need to go out and get some better running shoes as my feet tend to roll inward and now my knee is making a lovely series of clicks. I learned from my chiropractor that no one should ever do squats, very bad for your back though great for you butt!

enjoy the day!
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