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  • I'm gonna give us all a gentle wake up call DO YOU SEE THE TIME??? One of those nights I just couldn't sleep ...and I had an awful time with a SF ice cream cone tonight .. oh woe... seems like I can't tolerate any of that SF crap... (no pun intended) Today it's gonna be 65! Sooo I may take the furkids out for a hikette. But Right now, I'm brewin a pot of high test, and I'll wait fer the sun to rise and watch the birds around the feeder...
  • Good Morning Schatzi,

    Sorry that you couldn't sleep but I must admit it's nice to "talk" to another person when it often feels like I'm the only crazy person who calls this time of the day morning. Friends of mine say that this is still the middle of the night as far as they are concerned. Unfortunately, it's the only time of day that I can seem to do a decent workout. I have skipped it in the morning before and said, "oh...I'll do it later today" but that never happens. So, here I am again.

    I have four cases on the docket today at Family Court so I am NOT looking forward to a day of sitting around with lawyers and clients. On the up side, it is Wednesday which is one day closer to Friday!!!

    I over did it yesterday on the calorie count by a couple hundred so I feel a little bloated but it's also day 2 of that unwelcome visitor so I will choose to forgive the slip up and try to have a better day today. Looking forward to lemon chicken with roasted red peppers and mushrooms tonight ...yum.

    Have a great day Chickies!!!
  • Good Morning, Chickies~~

    Schatzi, so sorry you couldn't sleep last night. My body's been on this kick lately where it decides to wake up at 2:45 and start the 'mind chatter' that doesn't shut down for about 2 hours. Gah!! Whenever something is bothering me, I'm like a dog with a bone--I'll gnaw on it until I'm practically bleeding.

    Freaky, you're more disciplined than me, getting up that early. I used to do that for work, but my body said "NO MORE"! Of course, I probably have 15 or so years on you, too!

    My edited chapters are safe in Miss Mary's hands, and after a day off, I'm back to Butt In The CHairING.

    I do need to figure out a recipe for tonight's dinner that incorporates mushrooms...I have a lot of them that need to be used today.
  • Good Morning
    Okay maybe not a good morning but I am here. My middle son was up all night coughing and I am too tired!!!! However, I was up 5 times about the
    3rd night in a row and I worked out this am. Condisering how tired I was when I started I can't beleive I was able to do it. I want to step up my wkout but need to wait until I get a little more sleep.

    Went out for dinner last night and think I ate pretty well. Wished I skip the soup but it was beef and veggie and I didn't eat any carrots or potatoes. SO I guess i am really learnig what I can and cannot eat. The dinner was ok but being out and not hearing 3 kids yell and fight and not having to cook 5 meals a night..... priceless!

    I know I have to increase my water today. LAst few days too busy at work to think about it.
    So Freaky remind me to get a water instead of yelling at an attorney- which will probally be ours!

    Well time to make lunches- Have a great low cal/ SB day!
  • Morning Schatzi and Freaky!
    I made it through yesterday pretty well, my only downfall being a small shake from McD's. I was really careful about my calories, otherwise, and ate veggies and protein the rest of the day, so I'm not going to get stressed-out over it.
    Unfortunately today I'll have to miss my morning Curves, since I have to leave early to take Audrey to school and stay at home with Maggie. Mommy has early office hours this morning, so I'm needed. Maggie is starting to feel better, thank goodness, and when I left their place yesterday, her fever was down and she was jumping from chair to chair in the family room. She was begging Audrey for a piece of her Valentine's party candy, so she is starting to get her appetite back, too, which is a good sign. The poor baby hasn't been able to keep anything down since Sunday, so it looks like things will be getting back to normal. I just hope Audrey and the rest of us don't get her virus!
    My DD has been sharing bits of news about the foreign exchange student who is staying with them. She's from a tiny village in the Alsace region of France, and she is overwhelmed by the lifestyle here. She can't get over the fact that many stores and restaurants are open 24 hrs. She also is amazed by the size of the portions of food she is served. She claimed her meal of chicken fingers and fries was enough to serve 4 people. Sadly, it shows just how gluttonous us Americans have become. The girls are getting along fabulously, though, and having a blast together. My GD, Caitlyn, will be staying with her family in France in June, and it will be interesting to hear about her experiences living in a completely different culture.
    Time to go pack some lunch. We're having salmon for supper tonight, with grilled veggies. Enjoy the day!
  • LOL Mamahulk - I just packed my waters to take to court as well because I was afraid I would not drink enough and I'd get stuck there all morning. I can't believe you got up and worked out after three nights of not nearly enough sleep!!! Congrats on making your goal for Valentines and your good choices at dinner last night. You said once that I was inspiring you...well guess what...you inspire me!!! Anyone else want to join our mutual fan club???

    See you in court!

    And Good Morning Cottage and Mama!!!
  • Sorry Mamacita and Mamahulk, we must have been posting at the same time, Good Morning!
    Mama, do you have a title for your book, yet? I want to make sure I don't miss it when it's published!
    Mamahulk, I do hope your little is feeling much better today! There's so much sickness going around right now, we're dealing with it ourselves.
  • Thank YOU.
    Wow do you guys know how to make a woman feel good. Thank You!!!!!!!
    I am not sure about how inspiring but I think we are all inspiring each other.
    I have to say I LOVE this web site- all of you are awesome. Congrats to all of you.
  • Morning everyone....I'm up & I'm not happy about it. I have to go to the store this morning & let another mgr in. We had to change the locks because they fired a mgr & the opening mgr didn't get a new key. Of course I was at the store until 11:15 last night - she could of stopped by & picked it up. I guess that was too convient for her. Chat more later........
  • Here I am, rubbing my eyes. You all are up WAYYYY too early. Not a chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks that I'm getting up extra early and giving up sleep to exercise. I like exercising, but I won't sacrifice sleep for anything.

    So, went to kick boxing last night and found out that my shoulder pain is tendonitis, just like I thought. Crap. My instructor told me he will whoop my if he sees me lifting the weights above my head when he has us do weights. Great. Wonder how long this will last.

    I don't wanna go to work. I felt like it was Friday all day yesterday, and that school is crawling with illness. Three teachers out, 27 kids out, some 72 hour flu going around with high fevers and puking, no thank you. I'm a germ-o-phobe, so I don't even know why I still work there. Ugh.

    Well better get back to getting ready for work. You all have a fantastic day and I'll reply to you all later on.

  • Good morning, Mamahulk, Cottage and Soon--

    Mamahulk, sorry you're so tired this morning. It's never a good one when the wee ones are sick.

    Cottage, I'm not published yet and titles almost always get changed. But, I'll be sure and post to let you all know when the happy day arrives!

    Soon, hope your day goes better than it's starting off.

    Weezle, I'm a germophobe, too and look what *I* do for a living!!!! As long as you take good defensive measures, being a germophobe will keep you healthy amidst the plague.
  • Morning LAdies
    I have been AFK due to depression and all the lovely food that goes with it!
    hopefully both things have ended right now I'm doing ph 1.5 until We can finish us our yogurts and veggies that have corn in them THen Hardcore ph1! I have 2 bottles of water and a Diet Dr. PEpper I'm armed and fabulous.
    Schatz and Mama Slide some Cawfee over here! I was up 45 times in the night and had to meditate to get back to sleep (surprisingly it worked)
    Freaky go forth and kick some buns today! that chicken sounds good!
    MamaH you are an EXERSAINT! I can't get myself in gear if I've been asleep all night! Good JOb!
    Cottage a foriegn exchange how fun! I remember when I lived abroad how small real restaurant portions were
    Soon Hi Hun sorry you have to go in
  • Morning!

    Quick check in from school. Today will be a good eating day for me as I went haywire with the candy yesterday. UGH!!

    The girls are having a sleepover at my mom's tonight so DH and I can have a Valentine's dinner at home. Should be romantic and relaxing, just what we need!!

    Have a super day all!
  • Can I join you? I started the SBD on Jan 30 and I've lost 2 lbs. I have two daughters (1 and 2 1/2) and my husband is in the Marine Corps. I used to be a graphic designer but until we move to a town with a better job market, I'm a stay at home mommy. I want to loset 10 lbs. That might not sound like much, but I'm only 5 feet tall so that's a lot on my frame. I added a few days onto the tail of Phase 1 because I cheated this weekend. It was my youngest's first birthday and we celebrated with cupcakes and champagne (milk, for her of course). Now I'm back on track and eager to lose more weight.
  • This will be quick as I have a very shaky ISP this morning. I'm doing this in Word and then will paste it in. There was a power outage last night and my ISP (runs on steam most of the time! ) is having problems with the Net today.

    So sorry about the sleep problems, Mamacita, Mamahulk and Schatzi. I can certainly relate!

    Cottage, I'm glad the wee ones are recovering. I'm sure that young woman IS in shock over our lifestyle. I wish I were going with your DD in June. I love France.

    Soon, what a pi$$off to have to go in on your morning off. When you are the main manager, remember this!

    Weezle, sorry about your shoulder and the germs at school! Being a germo-phobe is a great idea these days!

    KO, I hope you are well on the way out of that black Jello cave. Just holler - you know we are all here for you.

    Kiko, a romantic evening alone. How nice that your Mom is having a sleepover.

    I decided to get realistic about my weightloss and changed my ticker yesterday. When I get to 175 I'll be exactly where I was when we got married 20 years ago! Isn't that sad! I think it was those long gourmet dinners with wine plus moving to the country that put on the weight. When we moved here, I did a lot of roast port, oven potatoes and pie meals, forgetting that we weren't out haying from dawn to dusk! Any bets on how long it will take me to get back to 175? I may need to live to 97!

    Today is a stay at home day for me which is great! I have appointments every single day next week. I plan to putter around the house with laundry and stuff and go out to cut some forsythia and apple branches to force into bloom. I need Spring! My greenhouse pal, Lorraine, is on her way home from Florida in a day or two and March will be the start of the Greenhouse work. I can hardly wait!

    Lucy is being extra cuddly today which means she is starting to think about having some puppies. I'll soon be taking her to the vet for bloodwork every second day. Puppies by the end of April, I hope!

    Gotta post this before I lose my connection.

    Have a super day and do something just for you, even if it's just putting on some hand lotion.