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Come on Spring!
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Default Phase I Start or Re-Start - Week of January 1

Here you go!
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I am starting Tomorrow (January 2). I like Monday starts as the work week keeps me from cheating. I have to food shop for lots of veggies and lean meats.
I plan on making the taco back. My family loves that.
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You and I will be starting together, Chili ! The work week also keeps me in check. I think it's the structured days, (Breakfast, work work work, lunch, work work work, home for dinner) and such. I have monday off BUT I am going to go food shopping today and get lots of good things.
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I'm starting Phase 1 tomorrow, too.
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I am soooo back to Phase I tomorrow. Must spread some my way from myself.
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I am gonna start tomorrow too. I am going grocery shopping tonight I think I am gonna buy stuff for breakfast quiches, cheesecakes, and shakes. Then soup and salad stuff for lunches. I am def gonna make a big batch of the fireside white bean and sausage soup because that is delish!
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Hi all -

Well, I'm nearly 3/4 of the way through day 1 and I feel great! And bonus, I still got to have black-eyed peas today (for good luck) I really think I'm going to do well on SBD.

Happy New Year and Good Luck All!

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Oh I must look up that sausage soup. I love soup! I went out and got all sorts of veggies and eggs and lean meat. I am so serious this time about getting healthy. I I guess there has to be a time that you realize you have to get healthy and that food can make you feel god or bad. I want food to make me feel good on the inside and out.
We can do it!
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You can do it!!!!
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Hello all...

Well I am new to this forum, but not new to South Beach or a weight loss journey. Last time I lost 45 pounds on south beach, but I let life get in the way, and gained it all back and then some . SO, I am back...starting the tomorrow. Happy New Year to health, happiness and love to everyoned.
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Default Started today

It just seemed right to start on the 1st. I wanted to have a couple of good phase one days before I go back to work on Wednesday, it's harder for me to do phase 1 at work, besides I'm thinking as much sugar and JUNK that I've had, I'll be in for some headaches about day 3 or 4, I'd rather feel yucky like that at home instead of the stress of work where I turn to food for relief.

Good luck all Phase oners!
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Hi all
I start phase 1 today too. Just wanted to say hello and wish everyone good luck
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EEK I forgot about the headaches. I do not do sugar so maybe it wont be so bad. I will bring in some excedrine headache just incase.

I woke up and made a nice vegiie omlette with mushrooms and green peppers. I sauted soem for a few days so I can make quck omeletes in the morning. I love eggs and my cholestrol is okay so I can have eggs a few tmes per week. I might get some egg beaters too, just incase.
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Drink your milk and eat your beans and you might not have a problem with the headaches. I started phase 1 12/26 and didn't have any headaches. I did the first time I did phase 1 though (back in may 2004).
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Hi all. I too am new to the forum but not new to SB. Did SB when it was first out some years ago and did very well and managed to reach my goal. Then with on-going physical problems and surgery this last spring I have managed to gain my weight back.
I am looking forward to the New Year and getting back in shape. I followed SB 'lightly' over the last 2 months and dropped 6 lbs. so I am on my way. But I will stay with P2. I am not craving anything and really don't want to go back to P1 unless I find it's absolutely necessary.
Good luck to us all! and a Happy New Year!
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I'm starting too! I didn't do my planning very well and have my grocery list in hand now ... ready to head out after I undecorate the Christmas tree. But thanks for the tip on the bean soup ... soup is really great for me to take to work (if I remember ... I'm not a great planner which may be a source of my problems ... snacking on whatever is available at work) so I'll be sure to get the ingredients on the list.

I have 70 pounds to lose so this is a long haul for me ... but I know this is not good for my joints or my heart. Pray for me!
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