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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Chat - Rise 'n Shine!

Another wintery day here too. We had a strong east wind - there was a drift in front of the deck door when I let the Girls out for potty this morning. The wood stove held coals overnight so I stirred it up and threw in another piece of maple. I sat and sipped my coffee out there while the Girls ate breakfast. It was very cozy and I felt like I should just settle in there for the day.

I'm a bit sore from my gum surgery yesterday but can certainly cope with it. This morning I go to town for a haircut and just might pop into Pet Value and blow the bundle on some dog toys. I've decided that Lucy is bored! They do have toys but they are all outside under the snow! I'll look for a toy shaped like eyeglasses.

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and have my annual post-Church party on Christmas Eve. I've done it for 20 years straight so why stop now? (It's not as if Harry was any help to me doing it over the past two years, actually more of a hindrance.) Anyhow this house needs some Christmas festivities for its morale! I'll plan make ahead food and Claire has already volunteered a baking tray.

Jeez! I guess, since I've Christmassed up, I need to do some shopping aside from dog toys!

What's happening around your beach towel?
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning~~

It's cold here, too. But still dry--for the moment. We're supposed to get rain later on this afternoon/evening with the possibility of some sleet. YUCK! I'd rather have snow than ice anytime.

Ruth, along with those toys, see if the pet store has some cow hooves. Roxy loves those things. She can chew and chew and chew on them and they last forever. Hopefully the toys and stuff will be just the antidote Lucy Devil Dog needs!

The only thing going on around here is that we have no carpet on the stairs or the upstairs hall right now. Dh tore it all out yesterday in prep for new carpet on Friday. I told him this would be a golden opportunity to fix the squeak in the upstairs bathroom, but he has no idea how to go about it. Anyone here have a suggestion???

The only other thing going on is that tonight is Stitch N *****. I have a pair of mitts almost done. If my patient load is as light as yesterday, I'll have them done by the end of the day, and can show them off to my buddies. I have two more pair to make after that.

Okay, gotta get moving here. You all have a great day on the Beach!!
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It's wonderfully crisp this morn!!! Just got back from the Gym...Heh heh, the "attendant' was playing video games.... so once again I "snuck" in ... Ah sooner or later they'll catch me but I'll go until they put me in jail..

Ruth: I think I hear some cheer in yer post! So glad yer getting into the spirit and will proceed with yer shindig! hmm I'm sure Lucy will love her new toys and stay away from yer glasses!!!!

Mama: Wow new carpeting how wonderful!!! Hmmm, this upstairs it the floor, the toilet or what??

I forgot how to do a French knot and spent an hour yesterday relearning how! I may have to send this first class as there is no way it's gonna be done for mailing tomorrow. Well Cawfee and Crossword puzzle time!!
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Come on Spring!
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Schatzi, yup - I'm getting cheered! About time too! Your hard work is finally paying off.
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Yummy Mummy in the Making
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Good morning everyone! It looks like we're having another mild, sunny day in Central FL. I could live with the weather being like this all the time! It makes up for 10 months of stifling summer heat and hurricanes! I have a pretty average day planned - school, go home, make dinner, amuse myself for the rest of the evening. Last night I made a South Beach flank steak recipe that was yummy! I hope I can get equally inspired tonight with my dinner selection.

Ruth - I'm glad you're recovering from your gum surgery, and I hope you're able to find Miss Lucy an entertaining toy! Best of luck with your party planning. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Mamacita - I don't know anything about fixing squeaks, but good luck with getting the new carpet in place!

Schatzi - Morning! Enjoy your cawfie and crossword puzzle time! I never actually figured out how to do a French Knot.
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Hi Chicks
On the run again, Gee! with all that exercising I should lose some poundage????? I'm off again to choir reshearsal and than to the oven to bake some cookies.

Got all my shopping,decorating done yesterday.Its bitter cold out this morning,calling for Snow again.Its the earth upside down, as we never got snow this early.

See you later Hugs BB
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Morning, gals! One word of advice. Don't try to use Land of Lakes Butter light to make fudge more healthy. It never firms up enough! I ended up making something else since there was no way I could take fudge to work that had to be eaten with a spoon.

Oh, well, I'm going to do my best to eat reasonably healthy at our holiday party today. Luckily it is the only party that we are going to (as far as I know).
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Morning Chix!! Everyone seems in good holiday spirit today?? Am I right? We are having a cookie exchange here at work today and wrapping presents for some needy kids that we adopted for the holidays. I am looking forward to it. I made the SBD no-bake cookies from the recipe pages!!
Schatzi- be careful...would hate to have to come bail you out of gum jail!! lol
Ruth- maybe some warm soup will soothe those sore gums
I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind words!! I will battle this and come out shining like a diamond...a skinny diamond, hopefully!!! Anyways, Have a beachy day!!!
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Good Mornin' Ya'll

Things are good here. DH finally got my christmas tree out for me yesterday. I had such a good time decorating last night, put some Elvis Christmas on the stereo, dancing and singing. Of course I was by myself, but hey I had a good time anyway. DH was in bed (3rd shifter) DS was at work (2nd shifter).

I am back to my ticker weight (for the day?) I had over indulged last weekend for DH work Christmas party. So I was happy to see that this morning. I've decided that I want to be under 200 by Christmas. I think I can do another couple pounds in 2 weeks? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!

Mamacita--we had new carpet put in the living room last year and there was a terrible squeak at the front door, and luckily it was on a support beam, and DH just screwed these long screws throughout that board and vola, the squeak was gone!!!!! If your squeaky area is not on a support area that you can screw into, I don't know what to do? But check it out, maybe you will be lucky like we were.

gonna go back to work, ya'll have a great day
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Morning Chicks!

Just a drive by for me today. I worked out last night and I get to rest tonight. Still holding at the whoosh from this weekend. I'm waiting for a second whoosh or at least a pound to come off.

Stay OP chicks!
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South Beach Diet
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Good Morning! It's a very good morning for me. I know I'm not supposed to weigh more than once a week, but I couldn't resist and I have lost 5.5 lbs since Monday. YAY!!!
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Who needs sleep?
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Ruth - good idea. What with your surgery and all, Lucy probably is bored, as you say. I remember you talking about how happy they were to play with your cousin, too.

Mama - if it's the floor, the most likely thing is that the joists have warped or shrunk or something, and there is a gap between them and the floor. You can try tightening it down, like Tammy suggested, or slip in some shims. If it's not the floor...what is it? The fan?

Schatzi - you're quiet this morning! Are you out of cawfee?

Christina - We have a similar situation here in the Seattle area, except instead of 10 months of stifling heat, humidity, and hurricanes, we get 10 months of rain, clouds, mists, thunderstorms, and the odd earthquake in exchange for 6-8 weeks (give or take a bit) of divine weather!

BB - Hooray for getting your shopping and decorating done! Have fun baking!

Barb - sorry to hear about the fudge - enjoy your party! I'm escaping scot-free this year, as I'm a SAHM, DH's office dropped the ball and had to resort to an in-office, staff-only party, and we aren't terribly sociable people. So that just leaves a couple family gatherings to get through, and I'm hosting one of them!

kyemom - You sound much better today - I'm glad! I for one am in good spirits, but not especially holiday spirits. I just don't feel holidayish and Christmassy until we have our tree, and that won't be until next week sometime, probably. DH has Tues and Thurs off, so I'm hoping one of those 2 days we can collect DS from daycare a bit early, go pick out our tree, and then spend the evening decorating it. I still have to try to find some plastic ornaments, though, since I don't want DS breaking all my pretty glass ones!

Tammy - that sounds like a reasonable goal - good luck!

Anchor & Skybluepink - howdy!

me - I got my grades today - straight A's, no A-'s even! So now I can relax for a bit (DS and his molars permitting...). We had a terrible night last night - DS woke screaming bloody murder every 1/2 - 1 hour or so for the first several hours; no idea why, either. Finally we moved him into the big bed and he fell right asleep, so apparently he really wanted some cuddles or security or something. After an hour or two, DH moved him back to his crib, where he slept until DH got up this am.

Day one of ph1 repeat went just fine, although after I plugged my foods into Fitday, I found that my calorie ratios weren't all I could desire (too low in carbs). I did eat a lot of vegs, but even a cup or two of broccoli just doesn't have that many calories! Still, I stayed pretty much OP except that I didn't get enough water - I was too cold to drink cold water most of the day, and I just can't stand plain hot water.

I made some homemade chicken stock yesterday and used some of that to make Mamacita's nummy veggie soup - even though DS hasn't had much appetite with these molars coming in, he ate up 2 bowls of the chopped up veggies and about half a cup or more of the broth in a sippy cup. He ate so much of the veggies and broth, in fact, that he hardly touched his dinner, and even left most of his jello and cool whip untouched - just ate a few bites (mostly the cool whip, I noticed). So how's that for a testimonial, Mama? Your soup has the Squeal of Approval!
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I cannot believe I got the date of the holiday party wrong. It is actually tomorrow! Now I am stuck at work and didn't bring my lunch because of the party. I'm going to go down to the cafeteria and see what they have. Maybe they would be better than eating out but I never know until I see what they have. I could be eating leftovers instead!
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Good afternoon chicas! Exams are ovvvverrr! YES! I dont know about this last one I am hoping to pull off a B but straight A"s in everything else!

Mama I am so jealous you are getting new carpet! My carpet downstairs has been torn up since may and it sucks! We want to wait till after winter because we have two huge sheps that will ruin in and we want to install a gate on the side of the house first and my DH is very lazy
Did pilates again yesterday and my flabby abs are hurting bad today but gonna give it a whirl again! Well off to work I go I hope everyone is having an awesome day!

Hey newbie awesome job on the weight loss since monday that is incredible!
Check in later ladies supposed to get a nasty storm tonight with 6 more inches of snow...I thought this winter was supposed to mild..
Hope for a good grade for me..
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Yikes Ruth, you are the surgery girl these days. Glad all is well.
Enjoy the festive mood!!!!

HI Ladies!!!
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