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Come on Spring!
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Default Weekend Chat - Oct. 22 and 23

Good morning!

I am off to the vet with Lucy. She seems to have a bladder infection and actually peed her bed when she was at the kennel! After that I intend to do some outdoor work before the rain comes back for the next three days! Oy!

I'll check back later.

Whatcha doin' today?
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Mornin'!! Today I'm going to visit a friend who I haven't seen in ages. It'll be a nice drive out to the country on a rainy fall day.

Ruth, I hope poor Lucy is OK. My Lila had some sort of bladder infection last month and was peeing blood. A trip to the vet took care of everything and I'm sure the same will happen with your baby.

I've been good and OP the last few days. I'm trying to recover from my week of straying off the beach. I skipped dinner yesterday cause I wasn't feeling well at all. I had a massive sinus headache all day and felt like someone was pressing on my chest. It almost felt like asthma but I don't have asthma. I did eat some popcorn at around 4 pm and at 10 had a lc ww tortilla with a slice of 2% cheddar. No veggies but I ate @ 3 C worth at b'fast and lunch so I think I'll be OK. I'm gonna weigh in next Friday and see what's going on.

I think for b'fast I'll have the mock oatmeal with some blueberries and flaxseed! YUM!! What are you gals having today??
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My inspiration!
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Morning ladies -- I made it here earlier today. Ruth, I do hope Lucy is OK -- I'm sure she will be.

Pearshape -- Sounds like you have a nice day planned.

We don't have too much planned for today -- we'll walk I'm sure and maybe watch a movie? I won't be able to go to the gym today (I don't think) because DH is working all day and night (he's a sports reporter and today is football and tonight is volleyball). So, nothing too exciting. I am going to make my healthy breakfast!

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Hi Chicks

Where's everyone???????????????Are they hibernating for the winter already?????

Nothing new here,at my neck of the woods. Can't go out to walk as it raining,and DH has the football on so there goes my video exercsing today. ughhhhhh!!Now I have to find another activity to do.

Ruth-Sorry to hear about Lucy, hope the vet can clear that infection real soon.They seem to catch everything at those kennels.

Pearshape-Gee!! Sinus headaches really hurt,I get them for time to time.I know you don't feeling eatting your lucky :lucky; you go some food down.Have a great time with your old friend this afternoon.

Lauren-Have a nice weekend even though is laid back.Heres for the healthy breakfast.

Hugs BB
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Come on Spring!
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Sure is quiet in here! Maybe we are starting into Winter hibernation! It's certainly cold enough here - down to 29ļF last night. My wonderful neighbour, Liz, picked all the basil before it froze to death.

Pearshape, I hope your crud disappears soon. It seems to be going the rounds. Are you sure you aren't allergic to fungi?

Natalie, nice to see you joining in the daily chat. Your "inspiration" is absolutely adorable! I am not having much success in getting my kids to give me another grandbaby.

Beach Bum, I thought of you when a drove beside very stormy Lake Ontario on Wednesday. I can't imagien what your beach walks must be like in cold weather. Do you wear diving boots for stability?

The vet couldn't say for sure if Lucy had an infection. He needs a sample. I'm afraid that won't be possible unless she pees in the house! My Girls are ring trained and don't pee when they are on the lead - you get kicked out of the show ring for that.

I am walking over to the Fair Hall for a bit to check out a big Craft sale - not that I NEED anything but..... After that I will walk to the Church with tomorrow's bulletins - that way I don't need to be the first person there! Notice I said WALK? I now have a date for my arthroscopic surgery and figure the knee will do better if strengthened.

Sit down with a hot cup of something this afternoon if you are chilly. Be nice to yourself! Raspberry tea for me, please.
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THE Goddess
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I have been on my own today. DH is out doing his best to get his falconry bird for this
season. I have perusing the SBD sites that I belong to and working with my falcon while reading posts. Printed off some of the recipes so that I have them to plan my
meal plans, and starting my shopping list for next week. Gee, I hate grocery shopping!!! Maybe a bit of reading-nothing on TV except sports.
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Oh Ruth I don't walk along the beach in the winter. Yikes That would be The winds would surely blow me away. I alternate the plan by walking along our main drag to and from the village,a 45 min. walk each way Hugs BB
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Afternoon ladies!
I took a raincheck on hockey and fiddled with a new email program for a while just vegging!!! We have picked up and hooked up our new( to us) big assed tv. 34 in. LOL, enormous.
It is enjoyable.We could watch TV from across the road. LOL!
Feeling better about food, seem more in control. Spent lots of $$$$ tho, shudder.
This is my morning Journal/check in with self deal~
Short nights sleep. Had trouble disconnecting last night and then DD was up at 2 not feeling well. Probably hungry. Didnít eat her supper,playing games. DH yelled. sigh. I got about 5 hours. I am doing the farmers market this morning. Going to get the TV and then DS has hockey. I think I may stay home.

Daily Journal
1.My renewal statement for the day.- I will honour my body
2. Weekly weight.- 230
3. Exercise-type, how long, what level. none
4. % fat, carbs, protein.
5. # meals and snacks.3 meals, 1 snack
6.# fruits, # of veg. -3 veg
7. How many glasses of water.- 10
8. Time of last food intake, time I went to bed. - low carb wrap and tzaziki at 8:30, 2 glasses of wine, bed at 12am
9. Why and when I ate due to stress or emotions.- I didnít
10.General feelings about food, exercise, life.- I went shopping and spent $168 on Mediteranian/south beach food choices.There is quite a bit of prep involved. I want to make some things ahead for my breaky/lunches.Supper is usually a meat,potato, veg. I dont really like potato so I skip it.
11. Any really good events or feelings today.- it was a loooong trying day and I survived. I had a great visit with my good friend last night.
12. Overall, how did the day go.-It was chaotic and stressful. The kids were wild, angry, aggressive,loud. A l9t of redirection, couselling,discipline, tough was hard. I am exhausted.
13. How can I improve for tomorrow.- Allow/find more time for me to be alone and recharge.Breathe. Food was really quite good. I am happy about that. HUGS to me this morning.

Today had much more peaceful, thankfully. I am really tired right now and will putter a bit and watch the Saturday night TLC shows!! wee hee.

Ruth~ how goes the gardening?
Beach Bum~ I always assume everyone from Cape Cod is clever and artisitc. It is such a beautiful, inspiring place to live.
Pear~ hope the drive a visit were lovely.
HI Natalie, Goddess, chicks!!
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My inspiration!
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Hi again! Well, I didn't have the best day today, but we did get a nice, long walk in, and that I am grateful for. We are 100 miles away from the rest of our family -- and on days like today, when I have a wonderful new baby to share and all the love in my heart and no one nearby and my DH is working all day and all night I start to feel kinda lonely for home. And when that happens -- I eat! So, I have to learn how to NOT do that! Cereal for dinner? Argh! The worst part is that I made l.f. egg salad and have lettuce leaves to wrap it in and I just didn't want to. Oh well. I hope Natalie will sleep through the night tonight and I will get some more rest and tomorrow will be a new day!

Ruth -- Natalie is the first grandchild on BOTH sides!

Hollyhock -- I like your daily journal -- what a neat thing to do!

Hi beachbum, godess!

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Default Good Evening

Wow, it is quiet on the board. I'm sure no one in hibernating yet, it's probably such a gorgeous day everyone wants to get it "all" done before the snow flies. It was beautiful here today.

Had to go out of town today for a "family support meeting" for military families. Our 3rd son is being deployed to Iraq and the military wanted us there to give us the details as to when, where, One guy said a lot of nothing and said it 5 different ways............ahhhhh! I was ready to crawl out of my skin I wanted to say "say, shut up and sit down!", I feel better now.

We drove home and I went for a run, much better now!

Natalie's mom, enjoy the quiet with your little one and take lots of pictures.

hollyhock, enjoy the new TV. Sounds like fun.

Ruth, hope the furdog is OK, UTI's are miserable for people, can't imagine a doggy being too happy about it.

goddess1, hope you find SB a great way to eat.

beachbum, you could exercise in front of the TV.....mimic the cheerleaders or something.

pearshape, a week away from the beach can make you feel pretty yucky can't it? Hopefully you will find your towel before too much harm occurs. I hate when I do that.

Well, I'm ready to go color my hair, where' schatzi when I need her????
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Hi Everyone I hope that the weekend is going great!

Ruth... I hope Lucy is better soon

Pearshape... I hope that you are feeling better today. It sounds like a bad run of being sick. Enjoy the visit with your friend and stay out of the rain

Natalie'smom and beachbum... have a great day

Goddess1.. I can't stand shopping either, but I do find that a menu and a list really help take most of the agony out of it for me

Hollyhock... I hope you get some more sleep. Not being able to stop thinking at night is a real killer - I have loads of insomnia but it seems to get better when I do a massive amount of exercise and collapse into bed. So that is what I am working on.

RNMOM.. I hope your son stays safe. Also hope the hair dye turns out looking fabulous

We haven't been doing too much this weekend.. I finally really made an effort with fitday. I am exercising well and I look to be eating OK, but I think I need to focus more on my portions, plus with exams at uni, you tend to sit on your bum all day and any exercise you do just brings you back to where you should be - not really an added boost. I have also found that starting the day with reading a success story from the forum while having my morning breakfast - is sticking me in the right frame of mind for the day - having a laptop as well is very helpful.

Well I had better go and keep cleaning - anything not to study
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I can do this!
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Oooh, Ruth, collecting pee samples from dogs is not fun! Hope Lucy feels much better!!!

Granny, thanks for the recipe work...I REALLY appreciate it!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicklets~~

Ruth, sorry Lucy's feeling yucky. Isn't there any way the vet can catheterize her to get a urine specimen? Our vet did that with our dog when he had a UTI. No sense in letting the poor thing suffer. I hope you got her on some antibiotics at least.

RNMOM, prayers for your son and his unit's safety, health and wellbeing while they're serving our country. Please tell him how much I appreciate his sacrifice.

Colleen, nice to meet you! You've got me very curious...WHERE exactly does one go to procure a falcon???

Had a great time yesterday despite a return of the IBS. I guess that food poisoning has left my innards in a delicate way. For the next 6 months or so, I'm gonna have to treat my tummy very nicely and leave off the roughage and limit my dairy. Whaaahh.... That seems to be the only way...

Anyway, I had a great day. Replaced the yarn winder the dog ate, bought some nifty knitting needles, got my alpaca fiber off to be made into roving ready to spin, and got some llama at a STEAL of a price! On the way home we stopped and bought some Arkansas Black apples (for apple cobbler) and we stopped at Harrah's Cherokee casino. Dh had $40 that was burning a hole in his pocket, so we went in and walked back out an hour later--- $171.00 richer!

Today is a Stay-At-Home-And-Be-A-Domestic-Goddess day. I'm making that apple cobbler, making something yummy for dinner and the rest of the time, I'm going to play with wool. I think I'll do some dyeing, as it's supposed to be a beautiful day. Oh, yeah, and there's always laundry...always laundry.~~sigh~~

Hope you're all having a great day on the Beach.
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Who needs sleep?
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Default tired.... I've been getting about 4 hours of sleep per night lately, what with schoolwork and all. Was up until 5 Saturday am reading Chaucer and making Jewish pennicilin for a sick friend of DH's. Still haven't decided on a topic for my paper due Monday night.... At least my midterm project's done for my Environmental Science class, so I'm okay there for a few days.

<yaaawn> I'm off to bed; I can't focus on Chaucer anymore - can't focus on *anything* anymore!

Depending on which credits my school will transfer from the other cc I attended, I should only have 2 quarters (hopefully only 10 credits each instead of 15) left before I graduate with my transfer degree - then on to the university... and I think I'm busy /now/!
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Happy Sunday Morning Ladies

Even thought is raining again,I'm going to go out with my friends for our ususal brunch.

Holly-I love the Cape,and that why we moved here.It get very windy by the water,I did it once and was blewn toward the iron railings, that separate the beach from the sidewalk.Have an other alternative during the winter months.

RNMOM- Exercise in front of my DH,no way, he always laughs me,doing my routines.Sending prayer for you and your son. God Bless Him for serving in our Military.

Have to get ready for Church will post later. Hugs BB
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