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Default WEEKEND WARBLINGS: July 30-31


I missed you all yesterday ! Just tooo busy ... We emptied out the garage into a 24 foot trailer, and more of the same today... Tomorrow we leave at the ridiculous hour of 5 and head to NC ( Holly Springs Raney ) with our first "shipment" of crap to crap up our new place...and we won't be back till Friday.. It will be a horrid week I TV.. perhaps I'll finally finish the Dark Tower IV book ..I'll see just how productive I can be without my usual electronic distractions.. GAWD, I am sore! More schlepping and packing is on the docket for today. The alter to the scale gods is packed, and I decided not to "focus" on my calorie intake, etc... Just try to get my water in and eat healthy.. Perhaps with all this activity the scale gods will see fit to reward me with a pound or two loss..(.If not I think I will drop kick the alter ! )

Tried to catch up on yesterday's posts... Made me hungry..I think I shall make a A tufu toe jam, LLC with a mushroom fungus omelette and Canadian Bacon..Yes, yesterdays thread was weird reading indeed!
I'll try to pop back in today....If Not , play nice this week, save my spot, and I will see you all next Friday!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning Schatzi and happy schlepping! I'm amazed you had time to start the weekend chat, much less send me a PM! (((Schatzi)))

Well, yesterday was certainly a big day but it's over now. I didn't even have time to Journal as yet so no need to snoop. At the moment I have pies #11 and ##12 in the oven - blueberry with crumble top, in case you need to know. Sometimes I get on a roll (ww, of course!) when I start to bake and it just kind of gets away from me! The sale starts at 8:30 so there will be warm pies! Coconut cream, lemon meringue, pumpkin, maple syrup, strawberry rhubarb and the blueberry ones! I burned the tips of the meringue on the lemon pies just a bit but I'm sure they'll sell anyhow. I put my name on my baking so they know who to crab at!

After the sale, which will probably be an hour after it starts , I'll be home to clean up the kitchen disaster area - the Hyper Pypers were here last night. My cousin Ian will be in for tea later and then the rest of the day will be mine!

So what's happening around your chaise?
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicklets~~

Still wet and cool here. A welcome relief from the heat of this past week.

DD got home safe and sunbaked from Florida. Got an email from DD2. She and DSIL are home in LA from Paris. Exhausted and trying to sleep off an 8 hour jet lag. So all my babies are safe and back where they belong. I can stop fretting for a moment or two.

Schatzi, admittedly, I've not kept up as well as I should...are you MOVING as in permanently from NJ to NC? That's going to be quite a culture shock! Good luck with the packing and stuff. I feel your pain. Remember to keep hydrated! And wait a day or so after you unpack the alter before you take a peek...sometimes it takes a while for your body to settle down after a big change.

Ruth, we posted at the same time. Sheesh, when you bake, you really BAKE, woman!! Never had a maple syrup pie...sounds interesting in a disgusting sort of way. I'm imagining something along the lines of a pecan pie without the pecans. How's the girls? When will you know if Lucy is pregant or not? And how's it going with Harry?

I suppose everyone else is sleeping in this morning. Guess I'll go make something to drink and figure out some breakfast.


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good morning everyone! thank goodness it is Saturday....I was so sick yesterday I couldn't move..I basically slept the whole day and night..Now I am wide awake! and one pound lighter i might add!....even with my TOM that makes me very happy!
So drinking my coffee ..getting ready to excercise...I wish there was some place around here to rollar blade.. I must find a place! that is today's mission
well hope all of you have a great day!!

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Morning gals. Its nice and sunny here but supposed to storm later in the day. Hope everyone has a great day ahead of them. I am already hungry so I better go get something to eat!
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Default Good morning!

Hi chickies!

I just have a second. My new role as "mom-cat" is keeping me so busy! The kittens are eating 50% more than they were on Monday, so I guess they are making progress. One of them even used the litter box once yesterday which made me very happy. (This wiping kitty butts to make them poo is getting old REALLY fast.) They are starting to try to play a little bit. I think they are about 3 weeks old now.

I was so proud of my DH last night. We went to Carrabba's for dinner and he stayed OP really well. He ignored the yummy bread that sat right in front of him. He had chicken marsala with veggies instead of the garlic mashed potatoes. The caesar salad had regular dressing but no croutons, so I think he still did really well. Our 4 DDs shared two of those decadent brownie/ice cream/fudge sauce desserts and he didn't even have a spoonful. He came home and ate ricotta creme with cocoa powder. I'll bring the scales out of their hiding place for his weekly WI tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, y'all!
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Hi Chicks

Oh what a morning, I should have stayed in bed and not come out until tomorrow. THE STUPID SCALE again is getting to me.My ds told me as long as I'm healthy & feel good, not to let it get to me. So way oh way,do I feel like this. I'm Up (3.5) this morning, and can't see anything wrong in my journal. Hope its water retention,or I have to take a hiatus for a while.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,as mine was spoiled going on that D M scale. Sorry for whinning,will post on Monday.

See you all on Monday Hugs BB

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Good Afternoon Chicks

Its almost time for me to start preparing dinner - swordfish steaks marinated in lime juice with Schatzi's fab stuffed portabellla mushrooms as a side. I also made a gorgeous butterbean and red onion salad yesterday - the flavours have all mingled nicely now and it will be very tasty with our dinner. I cant believe I never had even heard of red and white wine vinegar until a few weeks ago. The white wine vinegar makes the bean salads very yummy.

Schatzi - good luck with part 1 of your move. I looked on my atlas and NJ to NC is a long way- if I tried to drive that far from any point in England, I'd soon find myself in the ocean! Did you know, there is no part of the UK that is more than 90 miles from the coast? Anyway, have a good week and do report in whenever you can, your posts always make me smile.

Ruth - those pies sound so delicious - and I happen to love lemon meringue with well browned peaks !

Leslie - I've been following your story as "mom-cat", it sounds like you're doing an admirable job.

To everyone else - have a great weekend on the beach!
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Just a quick hello. The past week was rough. But feeling better and medical problems better. Still on South Beach . Whether I lose or not I feel so much better without so many carbs.Whenever I do cheat I have a hangover the next day. So that is proof the carbs are not good for me. The heat is terrible here in Florida.Take your breath away.Altho today is not too bad. I try to stay close to AC.
have a great day
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My weight loss has slowed down a bunch this 2nd week of P1. It's a tad discouraging, but I know I've got to just hang in there. My brother is graduating from college next weekend, and the whole family is going out to eat. He gets to pick the place of course and we are going to this really great Italian restaurant. I will be on P2 by then, but I just have no clue as to how to work in Italian food into this. They do have awesome salads there, but GOD I don't know how to not eat this amazing bread they make or pasta. Hopefully they will have something non-pasta or pizza, but I don't know. Anybody have any ideas?
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gotta lose it!
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Hello all you wonderful chicks!!! Ruth..those pies sound like trouble!! (And darn good too!)
Well, DBF & I were suppose to travel south for a family reunion, but my father doesn't want to go because the family will be talking about mom & he doesn't want to talk about it. SO I'm going over to a friends house tomorrow.....she recently lost her father, I lost my mother & we're kinda leaning on one another for support. I think we are going to make some wine glass rings....saw the project on DYI & I thought they would make great XMAS gifts...something personal & fun & they could use them ringing in the new year!!
Cheese queen - good luck...I love pasta, Italian food is sooo yummy!
Beach Bum - no worries..that scale will move soon!
Everyone else have a great weekend...DBF wants the computer - so I'm being kicked off!!
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I almost started up the weekend thread at 1 this morning when I finished work but I figured it would be smarter to go to bed instead. I finally got to the gym for an hour of Kwando and an hour of PowerFlex. I always feel so good after those classes. Then we spent four hours this afternoon bowling with the Cub Scouts. Quite a day of exercise!

Less than a week until Brian and I visit my sister in Charlston. She's done South Beach some so hopefully I will be able to eat pretty well while I'm there. We're eating out the first night and then we will plan meals and go shopping. I'm planning on emailing her my Word doc with some of my favorite recipes. And others I can always come on here at find if I need.
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good Morning, Chica's!! It's soo beautiful here today..goona be a pretty one! Today will be spent in the woods...with the dirt and the fungus !!!

Last night I had the most delicious dish from a new cookbook I bought....mushroom "risotto" made with cauliflower. Best side dish I've had since being on SB...and one of the easiest! I'll post the recipe later when I get home. I'm telling you, that is the one of the best cookbooks I have, and I'm a cookbook junkie .... I have like 25 of them! I'm so excited to cook more recipes from it. Since it's a low carb book it does use some illegal ingredients like 1/2&1/2 and heavy cream but that's only with a few recipes that I just won't make. I've never seen a low carb cookbook like this where nearly every single recipe can easily be SBD legal. It's great!

The recipe last night called for a few optional sprinkles of Xanthum gum to give it a creamy texture, which it most certainly did. I've never cooked with that stuff..all it is is a fiber. Anyone else ever cooked with it? What else do you do with it?

Well, have a great day, chicas!!
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Come on Spring!
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Gorgeous morning here too. I have a sunrise photo which I need to resize so I can post. (Note to self: Get a photo website so you can just post the link!)

Yesterday's sale went well and the Cemetery Board is solvent again. Our problem is that not enough people are dying and need to buy plots! I have mine, by the way, and am planning a fall picnic sitting on it with the Doggage.

Mamacita, the Girls are fine. Lucy fooled me and is NOT in heat! I think the spot was from a paw cut or something. She will probably "come in" in mid-August when she is officially due.

KimberleyLeslie, hang in there. Eat clean and the weight will drop.

Leslie, furry baby duties can be onerous but you are earning yourself points as the Mother Theresa of the animal world. Hang in there! It sounds as if they are starting to figure out the kitty litter routine.

Beach Bum, your DS is right. Ignore the scale and go for a long walk on the beach. I wish I could join you with The Girls. They are very talented at finding smelly things on beaches.

Artemis, being less than 90 miles from the sea is one of the many things I loved about England.

Eleni, stay cool as possible. Isn't AC a blessing? I'm glad you are feeling better.

Soon, I'm sorry about the family reunion but it sounds as if you and your friend will have a mutually supportive weekend. Traditional gatherings are so hard in the year that someone has died. ((Soon))

Cheesequeen, the weightloss does slow down and that is healthy. As to the Italian foodfest, I would only suggest thinking of the bread and pasta as made of white maggots - that may help!

Barb, I am so impressed by all the working out you do. My paltry 10 minutes on the treadmill looks so pathetic. Your Charleston trip sound like it will be a good one foodwise. It's nice to have someone else who understands this lifestyle.

Pearshape, risotto made of cauliflower? Please do post the recipe and give the cookbook name for us. I made a crockpot cacciatore to freeze yesterday as I love having a company meal in the freezer. The risotto might be just the thing to serve with it. All I know about Xanthum gum is that xanthum means yellow! I must look it up.

We have a joint Parish Service at 10:30 this morning which sort of screws up the morning. There is a "lunch" afterwards which I will skip. It will be carb loaded with macaroni and potato salad and gooey desserts and I've started just avoiding these affairs. I sometimes just go down and socailize a bit, leaving before the buffet line-up starts. This afternoon I'll either do some gardening or work indoors depending on the weather. I love having my AC when it's too hot outdoors.

Have a super Sunday, Chickies.

It sure is quiet around here on the weekends!
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Good morning!

Pear Definitely post that "risotto" recipe. I am making the mashed cauliflower from the SBD book tonight.

Barb What a great trip! Is it just you and Brian going? I really like Charleston.

Me- Conquered Day 1 back on the beach yesterday. I have my grocery list ready and we are shopping after church today. I picked all simple recipes to make this week and since DH is working, I will have leftovers. I am sticking to some of my favs from my last go with SBD like the Chicken Capri. I am going to get organized today so when I get home from work with the girls this week there will be no excuses!!

Off to get everyone ready for church. A few months ago I volunteered to teach Sunday school on a monthly rotating basis. August is my month, so here we go!

Also, send some prayers or positive vibes my way. Baby DD starts daycare tomorrow and I am so nervous. She is the sweetest baby, but has a temper and gets quite fussy. Pray for patience for her daycare provider. Big DD is heading back to the same preschool she has been at for the last two years. She adores her teacher and is looking forward to seeing her buddies.

Have a great day!
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