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Come on Spring!
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Default HUMP Day Chat - July 27

Good morning! Hey, four days left in July! Somehow, I doubt that I'll make my weightloss goal for the month.

The AC should finally be installed this morning! Someone asked why I didn't just call another company - well, out here in the boonies there isn't another one! So we take what we can get.

My friend Lorraine is coming over for coffee this morning and we'll chat about plants, no doubt. My gardens are a complete disaster and I'm really ashamed to have her see them. However, she's coming to see me, not the gardens. In the afternoon, I may have yet another meeting re H's situation. I'm getting pretty tired of this!

What's happening in your part of The Beach?
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks~~

Still sweltering here. It was 86* this morning and we're now in a "code red" smog alert, which basically means I should just stop breathing and save my lungs for healthier air.

Got quite a bit of writing done yesterday. I think I'm almost done with chapter 7. Should finish that today and start chapter 8. That means I'll be halfway done with the book! Yay!

Okay, raisin bran is eaten and it's time to head out the door.

Ruth, you stay cool today and enjoy your visit with Lorraine.


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Hey Ruth!!!

I'm back!!! Ten pounds heavier than the last time I visited the beach But I am going to lose it dammit!!!!

How are the girls? Hope everyone is well. I know what you mean about the garden thing. It has been in the 100 degree temps here in North Carolina over the last week or so with the humidity TOO HOT to get out there and work right now. My petunias are retaliating in a BIG way.

Hope everyone else is doing well here on the beach. Have a wonderful visit Ruth.

Love to all
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Shairing her ESH...
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Good morning all!

RUTH: glad you are getting your AC! I don't know how I would cope here in Florida without it!

Mamacita: What kind of books do you write? Smutty romance books, I hope! LOL Those always sell well!

Kelly: Nice to meet you! I know you will be a success!

ME: finally getting back on track. Had an incident yesterday with sugar free candy, however. (NOTE TO SELF: Just because 5 pieces are ALLOWED doesn't mean you should HAVE 5 pieces!!)

I'll check in later!
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Hi.. did lots of moving today... I am beat!

Had a non Phase 1 dinner tonight, a vegetarian stirfry... but in my tiredness haze, I added hokkein noodles for my daughter before I had taken my meal out and I crumbled them all really small so it is easier for her to eat....*sigh*... but one meal wont be the end of me! But it didn't inspire craving which was nice...

More moving tomorrow... and uni... so I had better get to bed...

Have a lovely day!
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Good morning Ruth, Mama, and Rayney!

Got the coffee pot brewing....

Ruth My weeds could probably beat up your weeds! Are things not going well with Harry's care?

Mama Well, at least you got one good SBD meal! It is so good to "see" you back on the daily thread!

Rayney Welcome back!

Ellis Hope you are doing well.

Barb Good luck at your appt today. Hee, hee... I SO would have mixed the days up myself. Should be humorous to see how I handle going back to work.

Me- DH is off for three days! Woohoo! We are taking DD to a fun place today called Pump It Up. It is an indoor gym with bounce houses and slides. They have an open play time this morning for an hour and a half. Tonight is Bunco and I CANNOT wait to go!! DH will have both girls for an extended time by himself. He is a bit nervous, but I know he will be fine. The time period I will be goine is baby DD's fussy time which can be a bit stressful. I could take the baby with me, but am not going to tell him that.........

Have a great day!
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Come on Spring!
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Welcome back, Kelly! Are you planning to re-do Phase I? If so, hop onto the Phase I start thread for this week. I have just given up on the garden but hope to get the weeds cut down before they go to seed. The Girls are great, thanks for asking.

Code red is very scary, Mamacita! Maybe you need an oxygen mask? Could you weave one really fast? Congratulations on the book progress. I admire your perseverance. I guess it helps to have a writing buddy. I need to find one.

You are right, Marianna. One slip is not a fall! If we obsessed and did the "woe is me" routine every time, we'd go nuts. Vegetarian is good though and probably offset the noodles.

No AC guys yet but no phone call to cancel either. They are probably down at the local tanking up on coffee and their 750 calorie breakfast special. (I ran it through fitday last time I had it which was way back in the Dark Ages!)

Sheesh! I'm not dressed yet so had better go!
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Morning Lady Bugs!! WI day today....& I am down 1 more lb. I am seeing a difference finally. Even when I am not seeing a big difference, am feeling one. So, I know I need to keep it up. I really don't have any problem eating this way. I just wish I had some more ideas of breakfast stuff, that I could make ahead of time. Breakfast is my hardest meal to figure out everyday. Oh, and BTW, I am starting to work out today...Been saying I am gonna do it, and now I am. I am gonna do the at lunchtime...Wish me luck.
Ruth: Have a great day with Lorraine. Like u said, she is coming to see you not your gardens, so just enjoy the visit...and stay cool.

Everyone else who is not up and at em yet... GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS OUT OF BED...and eat your
Talk to you all later.
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good mornin, ladies! I woke up way too late this morning. I either slept through my alarm or it didn't go off. Too late to go to the woods but that's OK because I've got some other stuff I need to finish up in the lab.

I got a sobering reminder to make sure to stay hydrated while out in the heat. Yesterday it was 99 with a heat index of 115 and a man died of heat stroke while hiking in the same forest I was doing my research in... only about a mile from where I was working. I'm definitely going to be more aware of my body from now on and drink tons more. Good news is that for the next week or so temps will be in the mid to upper 80's.....a cold! It's all relative.

Well, sorry to not respond to everyone....must get coffee in me now!! Have a great day and drink your water!!!
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Pear It is easy to forget to drink the water!! I am trying so hard to keep my 3 1/2 year old hydrated during the day that she keeps wetting her bed at night.

Morning Kyemom, Mariana, and Jen!
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Canadian coldfront pushing in as I post !!! Thanks girls for sharing some decent weather,85 today,,,yahoooo !
My DAD's 78th birthday 2day so off to Arlington !!
Not much time to post lately,,,work ,work ,work !!! Been lurking w/what few min's to spare ,,Still Ph3 and holding 127 : ,wishing U all a great day and stay on them there BEACH TOWELS !!! ...............GOFISHIN
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Ruth: Honestly not sure why you haven't melted yet! And screw the garden for now.. enjoy the company of good caring friends... tend to your spirit's garden.. you need it hon! and Weight Schmate! Concentrate on just chosing healthy foods and drink your water darlin! loving vibes sent to you....

Mamacita: How fabu about the progress on your book... (Hee Hee, I read your bio.. and your comment... Womens Fiction ,

Raney: BEACH BLANKET OUT OF STORAGE! Welcome back !!!

Jen415: he hee, SF can cause massive gastric disturbances and volcanic eruptions !!!! I found out the hard way..

Marianna: Good luck with the packing.. I feel your pain!
Kiko: Have fun! What is Bunco???
Kyemom: Maybe think non traditional breakfast items.. some cheese/turkey roll ups...

Pearsy: enjoy your day without the dirt!!

ELLIS: UP off that FIggy Duff!!! Where are you darlin?

Me: Getting Close.... We signed the sale papers yesterday... closing date is August 31st... The appraiser is coming noon today.... I shall try to make this crack house look somewhat presentable...DH spent all day yesterday phone interviewing for 4 different jobs... He really can just Pick which one he wants ... I'm so glad for him!!! and certainly having $$$ coming back in will be wonderful...while on the phone, one of the companies wants my resume...
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Going to try to get back on Ph 1. Really hard with my schedule lately. Also, in recovery - I have substituted my previous addictions with a popsicle addiction Sugar free - but caloric intake to beat the band!! Oh well. At least I'm trying.

DH decided to wake me up at 5:15 tis morning and inform me that he is starting a new exercise program . Was going to ride his bicycle before it got too hot. Could have given me a bit more warning . Got up and did the shower thing before he got back. He is more overweight than me - so I am trying to support his exercising. Now, if only I could find time to do the same - that would be nice. Between cooking, cleaning, working full time, going to my nightly recovery meetings and picking Rayney up from the babysitter, I have about exhausted all of my options for working out. Any suggestions for adding more time to my day would be greatly appreciated

Well, better run.

Hope everyone has a great day on the beach
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Hi Chicks

Wow!! is 9:30 and I'm on the first page.Its been very hot here also, not going to W-I until this weather subsides.I doing everything right foodwise, exercisng & drinking extra water,but I very bloated and uncomfortable, can't wear my watch and my shoes don't fit. Could it be WATER RETENTION?????

Ruth- glad to hear your A/C is on the way,and have a great time with your friend Lorraine. Stay cool

Mammacita-Hope the red-code subsides soon. Hope you are a mystery writer.ystery books. Hope you finish your Chapter 7.

Kelly- Sorry to hear about your ten pounds.Here some Good Vibes: and luck to lose it again quickly.

Kyemom- Big congrats on your 1 pound loss.that excellent in this heat.

Pearshape-.:Please be careful in this high heat elert. Drink lots of water and try not to exsert yourself.

Goin Fishing- I love your post they're so ColorfulHave a great time at your fathers birthday.

Schatzi-Good Luck with your packing and moving,but take time out to relax.

Rayneymon- Have a great time exercising together.

Have to go,my computer is going wacky. The keys on the keyboard are sticking.

Hugs BB

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well, today was WI day...and I couldn't believe it.... -2lbs! On my way to ONEderland.
it's not supposed to be quite as hot here today, but still in the 90's.
Cooling off a tiny bit for the rest of the week tho!

Thanks to all the Canadian Gals...for sending this nicer, "cooler" air to us swealtering southern gals.
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