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Default The Weekend Daily Doings 7/16 & 17

Well, since I'm still awake (1am) I thought I'd start the weekend thread. I went to bed at 10 PM and cannot fall asleep and i have to wake up at 4:15 for work.UGH!!!
The coffee is on and will be ready in a few minutes for anyone who cares to join me. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't foeget to drink your water
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Well, I guess it's technically the weekend...I made a boo-boo. I had a strawberry shake from Jack-in-the-Box. HOWEVER...I'm do have a good reason, lol. My dad and I went at midnight to get the new Harry Potter (man I feel like a dork just admitting that...) and we made it a little bonding experience, waiting in line together then going out for ice cream after. I was perfect other than that today....err, Friday...and I'll be back on track when I wake up.
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Morning all,

I feel great! Other then a little upset tummy I ate chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and nachos for dinner at the Hard Rock. My tummy was very upset with me and let me know by keeping me in the bathroom all night, and now all morning. However I am sooooooooooo happy, because I'm fireing an employee today I have had problems with her since the very begining (shes been working here 7 months) but my husband didn't see any thing wrong with her and shes still here. She is sweet as sugar to my husband and a cabra to me (I'm going to curse in portuguese so i dont get kicked off ) Any way last night i called her in the office to talk to her about somethign she did and she yelled at me and got all pissy and gave me the excuse I needed to fire her...ohhhh its a great day

Ok so how is every one else today, I see some people aren't getting any sleep Ok off to work for me....see you all later. (IŽll let you know if she crys)

Thought of the day: Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
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Well, I am almost done working for the night so hopefully I can get to bed soon. I saw the digital pictures from the Harry Potter party DH and Brian went to tonight (I guess it's last night now). It looks like lots of fun! I've been on the phone all night and at least 3 of us had kids buying the book at midnight so you're not alone. Many of the adults admitted to loving it.

Brian got a cool Harry Potter poster and glasses and a picture. Lots of the kids dressed up.,
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Come on Spring!
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Bom dia and Good Morning all the EarlyChicks. I'm bathed, packed and ready to roll. It was so strange to wake up without hearing barking this morning!
Now I'm heading down that lonesome highway - I hope it's lonesome this early. The 401 is the busiest road in Canada and I have a three hour drive. It'll be worth it though! Everyone is there except me and some of them came from Iowa, Indiana, NJ and Maryland! I guess I should have driven there yesterday. Anyhow I plan to have FUN!
See you chickies Monday or late Sunday. Be good!
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morning chicks, its only 7:21 here, and you chicks are up and at it already this morning. It is going to be beautiful here and I have to work from 9:30 til 5:30 .

2Bfit- sorry you couldn't sleep, hope you got a few winks before you headed off to work.

CA85- How nice that you and your dad had a nice bonding time, sometimes memories are worth the ice cream.

[email protected] hope you enjoy your day at work, did you take a box of tissue , hope the tummy troubles are better, sometimes it is just not worthing eating that stuff even though it tastes good at the time.

Barb- My oldest dd used to be into the Harry Potter books to we have all of them, I didn't relise there was another one coming out, I will have to get it for her, we usually don't have too much trouble getting them around here. Hope you have a great day.

Ruth- Hope you have a safe drive, and have fun with your gardening girls.

Me- just work, and waiting for news on my poor uncle, I called my mom at 10 and she was still at the hospital, I did get an email from my cousin he had been talking to the nurses and they felt it would only be a few days. I hope it is peaceful for him.

Morning to all you chicks yet to pop in.
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Morning BEACH BABES!!!

Joining U all early 2day,got DH off to work at 4:30,,, 1st time I hv had a chance to post in 2days ,,,backache/summer cold/work and honeydews for everybody hv kept me busy ,,,,Off 2work at 10a 2day so decided I better catch up w/u BEACH BABES early....Still maintaining :my weight on PH3,I can handle this Phase pretty good!!!

RUTH..... Drive safely and hv a great time !!!

2BFIT1.....U still having hormone probs ,,I left mine on vacation so decided 2try w/o them,,sweaty sleepless nights again ....Hope U get some rest aft U get home from work !!!

CAB and BARB....HARRY POTTER ROCKS !!! I 2 am a big fan !!

[email protected] GO GIRL.... kick that scank 2 the curb ,,She has no right to diss U that way,,,,,Details later,please !!!

Going 4coffee,check bk on beach n a few...............GOFISHIN
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Mother Hen
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Good morning from down south. We have dried out some but a few areas still getting good afternoon rains. But I have been able to get back in pool.Had to miss going in because of weather and because I had a few not feel good days last week. But back to normal.Or normal for me.
My husband preordered the new Harry Potter book for me as an anniversary gift. He will pick it up today. A lot of adults like it.
Another good one is "Aragon" it was written by a 16 year old boy.
I did not win anything at the awards last night.I was a little disapponted as I thought I had a shot at a merit ribbon.But here were a lot of good art. I wouldn't want to choose amoung them.
I am still doing South Beach.Slow but sure.
Nothing new here.Have a good weekend. I am going to a pots and pans party this afternoon.Not something I do but got talked into it.I need a good skillet.
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Mornin' Chicks! Just a quick hello before I'm off to play in the woods! I'm sort of hoping it will rain just so I can get nice and soaked...but only right after I'm done sampling!! Could you girls do a few naked rain dances to hold it off till aprox 2pm EST?? I'd ask Ruth but she'll be driving !

Have a great day and NO CHEATING!! On the Monday thread we can all brag about how incredibly good were this weekend!! OP or bust!
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Silicon Andy
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Good morning!

It's now 5 a.m. I've been up for a while. Just can't sleep. Woke up to use the bathroom and could NOT fall back asleep. My nose is all stuffy.

Should be getting my copy of Harry Potter today. My sister and niece are visiting, so I'm not sure I'll get a chance to read it right away, but I'm glad it's coming.

We're going to "griddles and fiddles" today, a pancake breakfast in the park. I'll try to go for eggs rather than pancakes. Right now, I don't feel like I'd want to eat anything!

If you haven't read my explanation for being mia, please do. I promise you won't be dissapointed!

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Posted abt same time ....

LITTLECHIC.... Prayers for Ur Uncle....Hv a nice day at work!!!

ELANI..... We r finally getting some badly needed rain,,It's just so hot/humid when it stops !!!! Enjoy HARRY POTTER/ANIVERSAY !!!!

PEAR..... ,,,There's U a naked rain dance(N place of Ruth )

SIL.....Hope U feel better ,,,,I guess everybody is getting HARRY POTTER b4 me !!!!

NEED MORE COFFEE ,check bk n a few.........GOFISHIN
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Good grief!! 10 posts already!? It's the weekend, darlings! You should be sleeping!!
Back in a mo... must get coffee...
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Sil, I hope you have a good day at work, sweetie.

CA85, I think that's lovely that you and your Dad went to get the new Harry Potter together! What a sweet Dad you must have.

Kat, I hope your tummy is better today.
That employee sounds like a real b**ch! I'm glad you found a reason to let her go.

Barb, have you read the Harry Potter books? I really enjoyed them. It's always a tussle when DD gets the latest book... as soon as she puts it down for two minutes, I pick it up.

Ruth, I know you're on your way... wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Little Chick, prayers for your uncle and your family. You've had quite a year, haven't you?

Gofishin, take care of that back, sweetie. Are you on pain meds for it? What the hoodle doo are honeydews? Are you talking about the melons?
We had the most AMAZING storm the other night. (did I already mention this?) The lightening was incredible. We sat on the verandah for over an hour watching it (okay, I think I did mention this), and I eventually went up to the attic with DS (who threw up mid-storm) to put him to bed. I was lying in bed reading, and suddenly realized that the windows had been lit up for a good minute. The lightening was so constant that it was like there was a light on outside! There wasn't any break in the flashes! Bizarre.
Unfortunately, two people in Ottawa were struck. One idiot on a golf course... apparently it was his second time being hit. I mean, honestly. If you're going to stand in the middle of a field with an iron rod in your hand, you're just asking for a quick death.

Eleni, I'm glad you're feeling better! What a sweet anniversary gift. That's so thoughtful, and much nicer than flowers.

Pearshape, have a good time... stay OP, girl!!

Sarah, have fun today! I haven't read your explanation... where is it!?

I have NOTHING planned this weekend. All I'm going to do is some more dejunking. I wish you girls were here to go through the clothes I'm getting rid of. My dressing room still has a ton of clothes in it, but I've thrown out a LOT! If I could just lose some weight, I could throw out a lot more.
Hmmm... lose weight... what a concept!
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Oh, my god, Sarah!! Congratulations!!
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Hey Rockstar!!!

Honey do this and honey do that ,,,thats honeydo's(misspelled earlier)!!! Really sucks sometimes when U cld really use the rest ...I think sometimes DH thinks w/o a list I might sit on my butt and actually get some rest !!!! I love lighting shows...I also used to golf but marshalls wld not allow any idiots out on course n the lighting !!! Hv fun dejunking ............GOFISHIN
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