Torrid Thursday Chat - June 20

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  • No change in the weather after yesterdays t-storm and my rain dance but I'm just ignoring the whole thing. Right now The Girls are barking up their own storm so I'll go deal with them, make coffee and be back.

    How about iced coffee or tea on the deck this morning? You can leave your clothes on!
  • It's already torrid this early, Ruth?

    All this talk about running around in birthday suits is really hitting close to "home."
    As you all know the Europeans have a much less modest view of their bodies and it really comes to light in the summer, when the clothes come off.

    ** warning - possible TMI **

    For those who don't know, most private homes/places over here don't have air conditioning. Of course, its summer now and folks are wearing the BARE minimum to cover the family jewels. The other day my friend and I were on the phone making plans for dinner. During the conversation we bagan comparing notes on how hot it was and we both stated that we were lounging about the house in our underwear with the fans blowing directly at us. OK, thats the Americans in their undies.

    The other day my German neighbor lady, a middle aged mom/wife, was out watering her garden - in a white tank top and thin, white nylon panties. It was hot and a bit humid and lets just say visibility was about 80%. My husband and I were outside checking on our tomato plants (we put our clothes on to go outside!!) and he wanted to go fill up the watering can, but the tap was right next to where the neighbor was standing, so he decided to wait until she had gone back inside to get our water. THATs the Europeans in their undies!!

    That may not live up to "torrid" but I bet you were entertained!
  • HaHa, Good story Abroad! My Motto, Let it all Hang out!(cept in my case , way too much hangin goin on yet!)... Looks like the time thingy on these posts is still outta whack.
    Not much going on for me today.. I plan to get in a 3-4 mile walk this morning before it gets too hot and humid. We had some great Tstorms last night.. DH and I were watching a show called The Insider.. and wouldn't ya know, in the last 10 minutes of a good show, the satelite dish went wonky. Hate when that happens.

    Have a great day all!
  • Time thingy was just fixed. I still have not got my coffee!
  • Hi chicks. I am back, had a crashed computer..... dh was just about ready to admit me somewhere as I was going through withdrawl. Love the naked and nearly naked stories, it is raining here wish I could run around in the buff but the neighbours are a little to close. Hope everyone is doing well I have not read all the past post yet. We have a long week end starting tomorrow and my family is getting together at my Brother's trailer with my sister her family and my mom there will be 14 of us all together. Speaking of the week end I must go start getting packed. I will check in again later as it is rainy here and I won't be plunked at the beach today ( the real beach that is)
  • Hey girls I just found a neat site that you might find interesting.
  • Good morning, It sounds like we are not only one with storms going on.One thing about Florida is either we get no rain or too much rain. It is suppose to rain all week. usually sun comes up for short time but it was sure wet yesterday,And dreary looking this morning. Tonight is weigh in and I have no idea where scale will be. It has been all over the place. I have been in a not good mood lately. I have given up potatos,bread,pasta and sweets and exercise everyday and scale just laughs at me this week. Oh well
    I bought some of the philly popsticks someone suggested .I didn't like them at first but they grow on you. Public grocery store carries them.
    Can't get in pool today so will dig out my Richard Simmons sitting tape which is good.Have a great day.
    I tried to imagine myself watering my plants in undies. Not a pretty picture
    PS Ruth I loved your story of standing in rain in birthday suit.Good for you.
  • a quick drive by. I have to sew the button back on DS shorts. He seems to have nothing else to wear! Paleaze! Just wanted to say hello and it is hot down here as well!

    Abroad...Maybe my sister is European! Only she runs around like that even with ac! lol

    Good Day All!
  • I am officially tired of the rain. Seriously for those folks that have never been to Washington state, we were in Everett and it rains here in Fl more than it EVER did there!! We do have more sun here though so I guess some days that's ok.

    I went to the grocery yesterday so now I have no excuse not to stay OP. Not that I had an excuse before but now I really can't blame anything so I had better kick my butt back to the beach and be strict about it.
  • I've been bad
    I'm so jealous of all of you getting storms. I love storms. They keep predicting storms here and it never happens. So disappointing. There's an 80% chance of severe storms tonight so we might get a sprinkle or two.

    I've been a bad girl. I had a small strawberry cheesequake blizzard from Dairy Queen last night. What's wierd is that I love those things, but I didn't care much for it last night. This diet has really changed my taste for food or something. Plus I just felt awful after eating it. Guess I won't be doing that again any time soon. I'm going on vacation the end of July. I'll probably mess up alot then. We'll see.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  • Morning all (clothed & naked!)
    Scale is still being my #1 enemy. I wasn't going to exercise on phase I, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to get something friendly out of my scale....I know it's only day 2!
    I have some addresses to look up for some thank you cards & I work at 2:00 today....
    hope everyone has a great OP day!!
  • ** selfish post warning **

    I made my June goal... I made my June goal...

    Which is REALLY unexpected considering my exercising went by the wayside within the first part of the month.

    Now only imagine what I can do in July if I keep up my exercising!!

    Ok... back to daily chatter... I'll get to work now.
  • Don't be jealous of storms!! Geesh I got SOAKED last night!

    (will make a 3FC journal entry about that one soon!) as did my car Darn not having A/C and having windows rolled down while I was at the store and eating!!!

    Have a good day ladies. I am going to go ask my boss if I can leave a bit early on Friday to prep for the proposal!!!
  • Congrats Sassy!!!

    I will weigh in tomorrow but as of yesterday was down to 191.8
  • Congrats Sassygal....on meeting you goal!!!!
    I came close on my weightloss goal, but not my exercise goal.
    I only needed 1 more lb to meet this months goal!

    I think I would fall on the floor laughing if my neighbor was outside in their undies watering the garden!!!!!
    although, I'd love to live far enough out of town to be able to go to my mailbox in my undies if I wanted to!
    I have been skinny dipping tho in recent years!!! My dad lives on the river, and my DH and I stripped off one night (late) and jumped in!!

    I actually made it to the gym last night and had a very good workout....then my DH and I had to go to my brother's house and help him set up some tents...not camping tents, the kind you use for an outdoor event....we set up a 10x10 and a bro is having a big party on Saturday night, & on Sat. morning, I've gotta go out there and help him set up the dance floor!! We're gonna have a rockin good time!!! I wish you all lived closer, you'd all be invited!!!

    Well, I've gotta get off here, and go shave my legs...I have an appointment for a massage!! woo hoo....I can't wait!!!!!