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krazy binging insomiac
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Thumbs down i think i'm screwed

hi all,

here's my problem and its really got me down. in 2 weeks there's an 80% chance I will no longer be employed. The problem with this is that i'm currently running so behind in my pay cheques that i won't even have enough money to pay rent for august. i went on vacation namely i went home for my sister's graduation and because i don't have any vacation leave i lose money every day i'm not working.

i have no food in my fridge... last nite i made a concoction of the few things i had left in my fridge (green beans, black beans, canned tomatoes and coconut milk) but that's my lunch today so now i'm completely out of food.

my depression is really bad right now, in fact as i type this at work, i am forcing back tears. my meds run out in about 1 week and i won't be able to afford to get more (i also don't have a health plan). i'm already a day behind on my birth control because i don't have any of those left and no money.

this is a typical situation for me -- at least the level of stress. i go on a diet and lose wonderfully (right now i'm down 8lbs in one week) but then i become soooo broke that i have no choice but to go off of it. right now i'm running out of my staple foods (beans, canned tuna and canneed tomatos) so i'm really worried.

i'm so upset and really just sick of this whole world and don't know what to do anymore.
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Oh girl! Big hugs from Michigan. Is there any way your family can help you out? Also, talk to your landlord and explain the situation. They're usually willing to work with good tenants. God Bless.
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oh man I am so sorry that you are going through there anyway you can look for an other job just to be safe? maybe start sending out your resume early?

I dont know about the food thing cause i am pretty low on food myself..( I to live pay check to pay check) far as your meds go..there has to be some sort of program that you can get into that will help with your BC and AD...? I am not sure but if you are seeing a theripst and/or Dr..they should be able to help you out.

(((((((((((((((big hug))))))))))))))) I know its not a lot but...we are all here for you.
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Wow, that sounds really stressful. I know my sister went through a tough time and couldn't afford to stay on her meds and her doctor have her a TON of samples to get her through. If you have a good doctor, they are more focused on keeping you healthy and WILL help you with meds. It never hurts to ask, so please do it. You are worth it!
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Sweetie... sending you big hugs. Have you got a food bank near to you? I wouldn't hesitate to ask for assistance anywhere you can get it right now. You'll get through this. I'll be saying prayers for you... hang in there, okay?
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I was so where you are right now. I am still living paycheck to paycheck but at least I am paying down my debt. Aside from the suggestions above (and don't let pride get in the way - if you are dead, what's to be proud of?) I would no worry about the diet until you can focus on it. If that means eating Ramen noodles because they are cheap (I actually have a few if you want me to send them - I've grown accustomed to keeping them around, just in case) then do that.

Is there a 3-d friend that can help you out?

How about working a PT job for a bit at a Starbucks or clothing store?

Working is working and money is money!
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I've been in a very similar situation myself. As a temp solution until something else comes along, get a job in a restaraunt. Waiting tables if possible. I was at my thinnest when I waited tables (because I was always on the move) and got plenty of free food from the restaraunt. (it was Red Lobster so grilled fish and fresh veggies were always available)

Waitressing also provides instant cash. You don't have to wait a week or 3 for that first paycheck, you start getting money right away.

Anyway, the key to surviving siutations like this is to not let depression keep you from taking action. Be proactive and get plenty of fall back plans in place today, that way if the worst happens you'll be prepared.

I've lived through long periods of dire poverty and as long as you're motivated and not disabled, there's ALWAYS a way to get food, shelter, and other necessities.
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Also sending hugs ... have been there, done that and it does s*ck! Just echoing what everyone else is saying, don't let the depression get to ya. As Solus says, there's always a way.

Things do get better and if you let a temporary situation (even though it doesn't seem temporary, as you been there before) joust ya outta your healthy eating and weight loss, you'll just feel worse, really.

And I DO know how much more cost effective it is when there's no cash for food to scrape the bottom o' the barrel and get the cheapest junk you can find to give you energy ... I used to keep going on candy bars and cupcakes ... very cheap. You may have to do that sometimes just to get by, but do try to get some healthy food into you ... is there a relative or friend you can borrow from?

There's nothing wrong with borrowing if you have to.

We are born to survive and prosper, but we need to survive first, so don't be afraid to ask someone for help and then work to find ways to break this cycle ... until you break it, things won't permanently get better.

Best of luck. Hang in there!
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Lots of wonderful advice here... While things may be desperate,
-- keep your head.
-- tackle one thing at a time.
-- make a list of things to address, take what these ladies have suggested to work from. Don't wait til the other shoe falls.
good vibes being sent your way...
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Smile Prayers for you

I don't really have any advice or anything new to add. I just want to let you know that I've been there. It's not fun, but you will get through it. Every time a door is closed another one opens.

I'll keep you in my prayers.

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krazy binging insomiac
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here's the thing.. i already owe my mom $350 and my little sister (who's in school) $80. my parents are also paying $350/month towards my outlandish student loans ($70,000.00). so asking them for money is not an option.

with regards to my meds, i don't have a family doctor in BC (mine's back in ontario where i have no OHIP) and the clinic I normally go to doesn't get samples anymore. tried that avenue......

food bank... that's really hard to do in my neighbourhood. I live in the most drugged out neighbourhood in all of Canada (Vancouver's Downtown Eastside) and I would feel horrible taking food when there are others there that so clearly need it more than me ... and they've all seen me around so I know they'd think i don't need it and i'm worried abotu what ramifications that may have.

i really don't want to go back to eating ramen etc. because i feel even worse about myself when i do that and I really do want to look amazing at my sister's wedding which is less than a year away. i always have excuses for not losing the weight and i'm sick of it.

thanx to everyone for their support. i did get a job interview offer today and i had another job interview today so hopefully something will work out with one of these two (of course their both gov't jobs and most of you know how slowly the gov't works!)

thanks again to everyone.
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That totally SUX!!! I'm sorry to hear that, and believe me I totally understand what you're going through. I'm at home w/ my 22 month old, but I'm trying desperately to find a job because we are soo BROKE. We live pay-check to pay-check and I absolutely hate it. My parents have been wonderful buying us food, diapers, gas for the car...thank God for them

It's just so depressing, this is the first time in my life that I haven't worked and I HATE not having my own money. BITES!!! Anyway, just wanted you to know that you are not alone, hang in there and I'll send good job ju ju vibes your way!!!
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So sorry to hear this ~ I feel for ya girl ~ please know that we will be here to support you and give you big hugs. I know that doesn't put food on your table ~ but just know that we are praying for things to turn around for you.
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