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Come on Spring!
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Default Beach Chat - Thursday, June 16

Good morning, Beachies!

What a change in the weather! I actually slept under a quilt last night. The Girls slept without a fan too.

This morning Hershey goes to be "shorn" at 8. She looks like a lovely curly and soft black teddy bear and I'll really miss he furriness but it's time for summer haircuts. I will be calling yet another Assisted Living place today - this one in Smiths Falls which has the disadvantage/vantage of being the town with the Chinese Buffet! I can be strong - I think! The doc is ready to release Harry as soon as I make a choice. I must confess I am stalling a bit because I don't want him moving somewhere on the weekend when it's not the regular staff situation.

The rain and the heat have really decimated my peonies but I think I can rescue enough this morning to make a bouquet for the house. I still have planting to do and may get some of that done this morning between phone calls and predicted rain showers.

What's happening on your stretch of The Beach?
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mmmm... cozy, Ruth! It's lovely and chilly in here. I'm fully dressed (pants and long sleeves), and I love it!
Your peonies are out!? Mine aren't even in bud!

I'm having lunch with mom today. And I have a meeting tonight. That's about it for me. What's up with everyone else?

ps Ruth, put yer foot down. Don't let them release Harry until Monday.
love you lots... xoxo
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A Lily from my yard!
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Good morning Ruth and Ellis! Only a minute today I am running behind because I have been loafing! lol Hope everyone has a great day!
Ruth...I know you will make the right decision for Dear Harry! NO BUFFETT! tee-hee
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AAAAAHHHHHHH! It's beautiful here this morning...nice cool breeze coming into the kitchen. So glad the weather broke, I am so crabby in hot humid weather.

Ellis: Have a nice lunch with your mom today.. count your blessings you still have her.

Ruthie: What Ellis said: Don't let them release Harry till monday- and good luck finding a care facility for Harry. (((Hugs))).... Question for you - My peonies came up and are done with... Do you deadhead them? Will I get more blooms this summer? I'm new at gardening and have had soso luck , but I keep trying! My lavender and Veronica are really doing well...

FlMom: Happy Birthday! Do something special for yourself today!

Barb: Oh Assistant Den Leader - you must be having a blast at camp! My GF is a Den Leader, seeing her son PJ up through Eagle Scout.. I told her for all the years she has been involved they should make her an EAGLETTE ! I teach her troop Basic First Aid each year-I look forward to it every year!

Have a great day on the run

Me: Today I'm cleaning this "crack house". Got to get it ready for showing prospective buyers... DH is taking care of the basement... I dunno bout you all, but DH has a thing about always having a house with a basement...Must be the cave man instinct...
But first, I'll finish my Cawfee and crossword, and take Darby and Casey for a nice long walk...

ALL: Have a Great Day....!l
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Morning chicks!

Today is my late day at work and cause DS has no school - I just got up. Finally after bad eating/drinkies this weekend I'm back to where I'm supposed to be and now ready for the first time since vacation to lose some new weight! I'm sick of losing weight I already lost once.

Ruth - You couldn't be more correct on the weekday thing. Plus check the staff to resident ratio that is always a good clue. I can't think of anything postive to eat on a chinese buffet.

Bami - I'm not sure I like you having a job. I like it better when you are here alot.

Ellis - I slept under a quilt last night too! Isn't it funny how us northerners can't wait to get rid of the snow and cold - but loath tremendous heat and humidity. It really has to confuse people.

My update on the woes of being forty and single. I received an email from the race car guy (don't barf Bami - its the foot guy) saying that his personal life is clean and I don't have to worry about any problems. Except he has a girlfriend - so I'm still mulling that one over. So we are just playing emails at this point. Did I mention he's totally hot? Plus I know this sounds weird but when I'm interested in someone and we are communicating -I diet better! So that alone is worth keeping up the conversations. I have to meet the first X this weekend to give him annuallment papers. I haven't seen him in 14 years - he was hot 14 years ago. It didn't end well but he seemed real nice on the phone. We are supposed to go to dinner and of course he wants to go to an Italian restaurant. Pasta etc. I really don't want to screw up the diet so I'm going to have to be good. I finally emailed the shy guy - his email address is listed in the club directory and said I would like to have drinks sometime. I haven't heard back yet. So I'm waiting on that one.

That's about it for me. Just freakin out waiting for the mamogram results. The earliest that they can be done is today.
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Good Morning. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I am waiting for DH to get home so we can do something. He told his "boss" it was my birthday so he should be home before noon LOL The only thing I am sure of is that we are stopping by the recruiting office to see if he can transfer from the Navy into the Army before his enlistment is up. He has always wanted to be in the Army but couldn't start there (long story). He just brought this up last night so it's fresh on my mind. I know if he goes over o the Army he will be going to Iraq but I support him in whatever he wants to do so we are going to get details on what's possible.

It's 2 WHOLE degrees cooler than yesterday at this time and it'll be in the 90's again. Good news is I went out yesterday and my AC in the van was working without anyone fixing it.

Have a great day!
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Amy - Is there any way that you can suggest a different place to the X to go for dinner? Seeing the guy after 14 yrs seems like it would be ummm, weird to say the least.

Schatzi - cleaning? YUCK!

Ruth - hope they do the right thing by Harry. I noticed you were getting sooo close to your new monitor, woo hoo

Alas, I have no flowers I would like to get some though. We just moved 3 weeks ago and I finally have a place for them in the front yard.

BTW - I just got off the scale LOL and am down to 180! I haven't weighed 180 in a few yrs and that was only for a very short time. I made me a little avi to remember this moment.
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Today is chilly and rainy. I had the heat on in my car on the way to work. But, I must admit, I am much more motivated to run/walk outside in this kind of weather then when it's 90 out. So, lets see if I go for a walk tonight.

I have a random question, well, questions, about coffee and sugars. Coffee, even it's flavoured (like Hazelnut, etc) has NO sugar in it, right? The flavour is in the bean, yes? Also, when salad dressings say they have 2g of Sugar they are okay On Plan...even if *sugar* is an igredient? Or should I stick to oil and vinigar? Any help is appreciated. Day 3, Phase I for me. I have been sleeping at 9:00pm every night. Need to not cut out caffiene completely.

I hope everyone has a great day. Not a great for gardening but I hope it gets better for you girls. I am getting my dad a gift certificate to his favourite nursery/landscaping shop. He loves to tend to the lawn. I always lucked out growing up, he never let anyone else mow the lawn or weed the flowers!

Later, ladies.
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Well, I'm glad to hear it is cooler in some parts but we hit 100 yesterday and today is predicted to be 99. I was out in the sun a bit more yesterday - hammering signs in and working in the shop. Today we make posters of what the flag was like in 1930 (when scouting started) and then break out to the communications shack. That should be more shade. Yesterday we had groups of 20-37 boys at a time building bird houses.

Ruth - It is certainly worth finding a good assisted living center. The staff is so critical.
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Morning, Ruth! It sounds lovely there...perfect for a cup of coffee with a quilt 'round your shoulders. I slept under the "cloud" last night (our down comforter) and wore my flannel pajamas. It was a bit too much after all, but it was cozy while I was asleep. I feel like I dug my way out of a tunnel to wake up this morning! Do the girls look cute in their summer cuts? You know, this is a perfect time to take shots of them and preserve their cuteness (and, of course, share them with us... ). I agree, hon...don't let them release Harry until Monday. Much better that way. Stay away from the buffet, chica!

Ellis, you sound super cozy too! I love days in the high 60's/low 70's. Perfect! It's raining here...nothing crazy, just regular spring rain. : I love it! I'm wearing my "Spring Rain" perfume from Crabtree & Evelyn for maybe the last time this season...Summer is coming next Tuesday! Glad your day is fairly free. Hope lunch with Mom is good and pleasant.

Bamie, where's your new job? Glad you took some time to loaf. It's nice to have that in the a.m. even if it means running around later.

Schatzi, I love your makes me laugh! I'm a total 'you-know-what' when it's hot and humid. Feel free to post questions in the gardening thread...that doesn't mean you can't post them here, but if you put them there, more people will notice them. Wish I could help...I've never had peonies. I take it you're selling your house? Do you have a new place picked out? DH wouldn't like living in CA, one has basements there!

Anchor, here's hoping that you hear about the mammogram sooner than later! Love hearing about your love life. Stay away from x, but enjoy the scenery, okay? And I hear you on e-mails helping you stay on your diet when you're interested in someone, but a guy with a girlfriend (or looking to hop from one to another) is bad careful, okay? Good luck with shy guy...he sounds darling! I hear you on the losing pounds you already lost. You can do it!

FlMom, CONGRATS on getting to 180! What a wonderful birthday gift to yourself...getting healthy and strong! Happy Birthday! Hope it's a wonderful one. You're a great wife to support your DH in this change...I hope that he's safe no matter what he decides.

Gryff, flavored coffee beans are fine. If it's ground or comes in a can, check the ingredients to make sure sugar isn't added, but I doubt it is. With dressings, try to get ones that have sugar as a fourth or lower ingredient. Ingredients are listed in the order of how much of them are in the item. So the first three are the biggest components of the mix, if that makes sense. But yes, even if sugar is in the list of ingredients, as long as it has 3g of sugar or less, it's fine. Try to stay away from 'high fructose corn syrup' as it has a really strong effect on your blood sugar. Dextrose, sugar, etc. is better.

Barb, you are having such fun and making me miss my time as a counselor at Girl Scout camp! I hear you on the heat...but it's a dry heat, right? I hear that it's 107 in Arizona, so at least you aren't the hottest ones. Although perhaps anything over 100 is [email protected] hot? A friend of mine says that anything under 0 degrees is just [email protected] need to differentiate.

Okay, serious weirdness. I'm going through some hard times right now, and I managed to have three starches on Sunday. (usually I treat myself to 2 each Sunday and it doesn't bother my weightloss, but THREE??? ). The scale went down! Then I had an extra starch yesterday and the scale went even further this morning! I'm still having problems with zeroing it, so I wonder if maybe it might be that...but I'm not sure.

I hope that I can make it to Jazzercise tonight. I actually forgot about exercising or gardening yesterday, can you believe it? I swear I've lost most of my memory! I had a therapy appt., then I made dinner, talked with DH, and before I knew it, it was almost time for bed. Where did the time go? If I have time after Jazzercise today, I'll get the bed prepared. Then maybe I can get the flowers in on Sunday?

Wet and rainy day here and lots of work to do. There's also the farmer's market at lunch...if the rain lets up, I'll go. The local candlemaker (chandler?) has kept a small candle for smells like the ocean and I'd love to get it! It'd be nice to get some produce too, but this early in the season, there isn't much.

Have a great day, chickies! Stay cool!
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Good morning....

Sipping on my coffee hoping that it will work miracles on me.

Ruth You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending good vibes your way.

Ellis Your weather sounds marvelous! Barb and I are sweating our buns off (if only!) down here in Texas. Actually- I haven't been out much in the last few days, so it hasn't affected me too much.

Schatzi I miss basements- you don't find them in homes here in Texas. It is amazing that you can double the square footage of your home by having one. At this point mine would be overflowing with toys, but that is okay!!

Me- Had a rough night as my DH is working mostly nights. He works from noon until about 10:00 pm. I can handle the days, but the whole nighttime routine is hard for me to get down. Last night my 3 1/2 year old was throwing a fit, and I stuck to my guns with discpline, but it was so hard b/c I was so tired. The baby is wailing in the other room, just not much fun. Then when DH gets home, it turns out he has to go in at 8:00 this morning. Of course I start bawling, which is quite productive! It is such a Catch 22 b/c he gets paid hourly, so the more he works, the better we are finanacially. It just happens to be coming at a tough time. Fortunately I got some sleep last night and have a better perspective on the day!

Eating went well yesterday- I haven't rejoined WW, just counting points at home. I actually get 34 points b/c I am nursing, which is A LOT of food!

Later gals, I hope you have a marvelous day!
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Just a quick note. I'm down another 1/2 pound. I'm changing my ticker so I hope it is really gone. At 8:30 it was already 80 out.

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Good morning everyone! It is about 80 degrees here in South East Texas...........already this morning. Will be hot, dry and very humid....most likely reaching 100 degrees today. Gosh Ruth ~ would love to be able to snuggly under the covers again. I bet Canada is beeeeeeeautiful now.

Starting day 3 of phase 1 again ~ my cravings are coming under control...but not ready to move to phase 2 yet. Looking forward to the variety and new recipes. That is what I find most helpful is the recipes here at 3FC they are broken down into categories clearly listed. And the support is so inspirational. Thank you.

Have a fantastic day everyone!
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Quick question...can you do 1/2 pounds on the ticker?
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How's everyone doing this morning? I was just thinking about how San Antonio weather is so gross. I can handle the summer heat, but not all of this humidity. I finished 2 summer classes last week! And my third ends next week. I can't wait. Today is going to be a long day at work, I am here until 5 and didn't sleep too well last night. I have done good on my new "lifestyle." I decided that it isn't a diet it really is a lifestyle like everyone says. I hope to not get back to my old bad eating habits anymore. Hope everyone has a great day! Stay on track girls!!
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