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i luv my dog!
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good morning chickies,

Artemis, I know what you mean about the time delay, and so many posts !! I'll get us started today. good job on your Jan. goal - you are 2/3 of the way there. WTG.

I hope I don't get sick. A woman I work with has been sick for 2 weeks now and I think I might have gotten some germs. I answered her phone a couple of time yesterday. DUH! Today I woke up with a sore throat, and, the scale is way up. I hope the rest of the weekend is better.

The sun is out and the doggie beckons, so I shall catch up later.
Have an OP day everyone.
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chickies~~

Today is our 26th anniversary. Dh and I are going to a place called Johnny Carino's. Italian. I know I won't stay OP, but I'll do as much damage control as possible. We NEVER order dessert, so that won't be a problem. The worst for me is the bread and olive oil. Yum!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, thankfully. Hoping for more of the same today, and it's a short one, so...

Well, dh is champing at the bit to get at the computer. I've got to get some breakfast and make my lunch.

You chicks have a great day on the Beach!

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Good morning ladies!

Mama - Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you enjoy your special day.

A Broad - I hope you don't get sick! Germs are evil!

Today is a teacher workday for me. The atmosphere at work is pretty casual on these days. My brother is leaving today to go visit my mom for the weekend. DH and I don't get a ton of time alone, so we are going to spend all of our time together this weekend. We don't have school on Monday either due to MLK, Jr. Day.

Today is our last day of Phase I!! I think I did pretty well with 14 lbs! We discussed staying on Phase I for another week, but after reading some of the discussions here, we have decided to move on to Phase II. I will be happy to have some strawberries! Does anyone have any suggestions on the best foods to start adding in slowly? I have the food lists, I am just a tad nervous about adding in too much or the wrong thing! I know I am being silly, but I sure do not want to undo my hard work, lol.

Everyone have a great day. I will try to pop on later, but I may be scarce this weekend.

to all!

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Morning chicks just about 2 seconds as I have to take one of the wee ones to the bus stop and then home to tidy up. I have a Lady coming over this morning she needs an afterschool sitter. Mama happy anniversary.
Well gotta run or I will have to drive him to school. I will be back later.
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Abroad...Take ya some extra vit.C. I hope you stay well. I have been sick enough for all of us!

Happy A Mama! I hope you and DH have a wonderful time tonight!

Nally... I hope you enjoy your time with DH. Long weekends... I love 'em!

Little Chick... Get them kids on the bus! lol DD missed the bus one day this week and I had to take her. I hate it.

Me not much planned these days. I got my order yesterday but not sure if I will feel like unpacking it today. Other than that probably another day at home doin as lil as I can. lol
Have a great day all.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning from the resident Old Fart! Thanks for all the good wishes - they made a great start to the day!

A Broad, I sure hope you don't get the sickies! I find zinc and echinacea with lots of herb teas ward off crud for me.

Bamie, take your meds and rest so you can get better fast. This stuff has been with you too darn long!

Mamacita, Happy 26th Anniversary. I hope you and DH have a great dinner. I wouldn't worry one darn bit about going off program. After all, olive oil is a good fat.

Nally, I'd switch to Phase II. Check out the suggestions in the Phase II thread in FAQ for how to ease into it. By the way, I had wonderful strawberries just a few minutes ago. They are from California and were so fresh they even had white petals on some of them. Summer in a spoonful!

Little Chick, slow down. You have had a very stressful week or two and we don't want you getting sick.

After yesterday's "Spring", we are back to snow and colder weather. It certainly was balmy! I got all the ice off the deck, porches and the walk which will make life a lot safer. More shovelling is on the schedule today as the plough has made a mini-mountain at the end of the lane. It's winter - what do I expect.

Not much planned today except a long soak in the tub with some vanilla creme bubbles! I wonder if that's why I'm not losing weight.

Have a super day, chickies.
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someday 145
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Morning Chickies;

Happy Birthday Ruth
Abroad, hope you are feeling better, DD had one yesterday also.
Little Chick, Run, Run, don't want to fight the traffic at the school
Me: Not much to do today. Don't have GB's, daddy is coming home from a 2 wk bus. trip. The oldest kept saying he was in jail. . Slept in the morning it was nice. But, heading for the gym within the hour. Then bank since they are closed Monday. I think I am going to get myself ready for ph 2, which I start tomorrow. Making a trip to the base commissary tomorrow. Weight loss has slowed down. I have been going a little wild with what I can eat. Having to many nuts, and dairy. But, I look at it as at least it's not the wrong foods. I feel the inches going. I am a scale person, I am going to work on that this week, staying off . Well, time to get myself in gear.
Have a good day everyone.
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Good morning!

A broad, I hope you're able to fight that cold off. Phone are so germy, aren't they.

Mamacita, Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful dinner with your dear DH. (you're not taking the BIL along, are you? )

Little Chick, how's the weather over there?

Jen, surely you could slip a bit of that 1.5 million into your own pocket?
You should start up a plan on how to live frugally. And sell it. You're so good at it, you'd make a fortune!

Bamie, take it easy today, hon... don't try to do too much.

Chipper... "in jail" ...

Nally and Hunny, congratulations on holding off on the goodies yesterday!
Nally, I added in the oatmeal from the book. With cinnamon and walnuts. It's so yummy... cozy food! And an apple. Take it slow, though.

Kissyjoy, that is so sad about that family. I'll keep the husband in my prayers... he must be completely overcome with grief.

Laurie... it's definitely your TOM. That weight will come right back off, hon... you're doing so well.

Ruth, what can I say? Except this: when someone calls you to wish you Happy Birthday and you accidentally drop the connection, DON'T call THEM back! The person who made the original call calls back!! I must have called you six times while you were calling me, and got your damned answering machine! Just wait until I send you my phone bill!
Love you... Happy Day... xoxo
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Good Morning!

Hi everyone. Not much to report here today except our warm weather has turned into freezing weather.

Mama - Happy Anniversary!

Naly - Have fun and enjoy the weekend. Congrats on 14 pounds! That is awesome!

Bami - Get better chickie! Oh and my date the other night is going back to his engagement! I must have encouraged him too much! At least I got some date practice in.

A Broad - Stay healthy.

Chipper - I can only weigh myself once a week because I get scale NUTS!

Ruth - As long as your not eating the bubbles you should be ok!

Not much going on here today. DS is going with the X this weekend. I have to go to a chili cookoff tomorrow and two 40th b-day parties. I should be able to stay OP but I will be having some drinkies!
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Good Morning Ladies!!

I'm a bit freezing this morning as it's sooooooooo cold outside. I was up until 2am last night so a nap is in order for me this morning again. I couldn't help but step on the scale today, 3# lower this morning since Monday! Woohoo!! Hope when I step on it again Monday morning it'll be at least that if not more so I can have my 'official' weigh-in. Not much going on here today except nap, housework then out in the cold & ice with the kiddos to run a few errands..We need groceries..again Baby is almost out of milk. *Sigh* I plan on walking on my treadmill during the day today as I will be resting right before I go to work tonight... night shift..

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day & OP day!! TGIF to all you working a 'normal' schedule!! lol
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Conquering with SBD
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Good morning everyone. I have been lurking for a couple of days, but haven't had time to really check in with everyone. This has been a wild they say from h*ll.

Mama - Happy Anniversay. Have a great time on your date and pick your spots to go off program. You can still be reasonable and indulge yourself. Have fun.

A broad - I hope you don't catch whatever is going around there. If it wasn't going around before, it is now. Take care of yourself.

Nally - I think it is a natural reaction to be afraid of starting Phase 2. I remember that it took me a long time to get enough nerve to add much more to my diet than the foods allowed on Phase 1. I found that it helped to monitor my weight closely (I know what I should weigh at the beginning and the end of a day). I know that they say not to watch the scale like that, but I found initially that if I even added 1 startch or 1 fruit everyday, I started gaining. A week is too long to wait to find out that news. Soooo, I was able to cut back the addition of starches and fruits to every second day until my body adjusted. Frankly, it took several months before I was able to have even 1 Phase 2 food every day. Take it slow and you will be fine.

lc - Good morning. Talk later.

Ruth - Have a great day and enjoy that soak.

Chipper - WTG on the weight loss. I do the same with the nuts and dairy. When I start eating it, I can't stop, but I think the least it is not wrong foods. I just find that slows the weight loss, so I try not to do it very often.

anchor - Have fun at the parties this weekend, but be resonable. Take care.

amb_lyn - WTG on the weight loss. Personally, I weigh myself everyday - well, OK, twice everyday. I just find that it is easier to monitor my weight loss/gain and adjust my WOE if I weigh frequently. Good luck on the weigh-in on Monday.

Me - As I mentioned, it has been a crazy week - from one end of the spectrum right through to the other.

I had my performance appraisal at work yesterday...I work for a guy who bullies people. He is a huge man in every way you can think, (former cop) and uses his size to intimidate. I am short, so the size difference is like Mutt and Jeff. However, I don't let him get away with it...he tried once. We were having a rather heated discussion and he jumped out of his chair. I jumped out of mine right away because I knew what he was doing. He told me to sit down and I just answered that if he thought he was going to intimidate me with his size, he was wrong. I would be happy to sit down, but he would be sitting first. He smiled, and sat down and has never tried that again. That was 6 years ago. Well, during my performance appraisal yesterday he gave me an outstanding rating and commented that he had never given an outstanding rating in his career. WooHoo!!!!

On the other end of the of the granddaughters had an accident on Tuesday. She fell off the top bunk on her head and is in hospital. They have found a bruise on the brain and a skull fracture...fortunately no spinal damage. I am scheduled to babysit the kids (the live in Saskatchewan), so will be driving out there tonight. Hopefully she will be out of hospital today and can get back to normal.

The weather here is the pits, too. It is in the -40 range. I should count my blessings, though. Was talking to DD on the phone yesterday and the temp. in Saskatchewan is expected to be -51 today. We are driving a car out to leave there and will be flying back, so it is difficult to pack blankets and parkas, etc. that need to come back in a suitcase. DH is only going for a couple of days, so will take a larger suitcase in which he can fit extra supplies to bring back. I'm looking forward to the time off, but it will be busy.

Well, gotta run. Must take DM to the hospital for some tests. Her appointment is at 10:30 and she started phoning at 7:00 to find out why I hadn't been there to pick her up yet. She has gone downhill quite a bit with her memory these past few months. Have a great weekend everyone. Take care.
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Peggy, I'm so sorry about your granddaughter! Thank God she's alright! I'll be saying healing prayers for her.
And congratulations on your performance review! You are an amazing woman!!
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Morning, gals! I ended up working late again yesterday and missed the gym again. Well, at least tonight DH and Brian will be doing setup for the train show this weekend (they are in an N scale model train club) and won't be home until probably 8 so I get to work out all I want and can fix whatever I want for dinner. YEAH! Grilled fish and lots of veggies coming up!

I'm going out to lunch with a coworker today. She and I are going to Applebee's where they have a wonderful Sizzling Chicken Skillet for 360 calories, 4 grams fat, 10 grams fiber (7 Weight Watcher points). Looks like they added a Grilled Shrimp Skewer Salad that would also be on plan but I need something warmer today.

Succulent strips of grilled, marinated chicken breast are served in a sizzling skillet with steamed peppers, squash, mushrooms and onions. Served with pico de gallo, roasted tomato salsa, salsa ranch dressing, shredded lettuce and warm wheat tortillas.
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Default Good Morning!

Hi all, you've all been busy again this AM. With Barb and Mama talking about going out to eat today, I'm starving! I love Applebees and Johnny Carinos. I haven't been forever, I know I wouldn't be able to behave. At Applebees I love the tequila lime chicken at Carino's I love anything pasta.....sigh.....

Barb, train shows sound fun, must be a lot of work though.

sweet tooth, congrats on the performance appraisal, but no one here is surprised I'm sure. We all know how great you are! Glad your granddaughter is OK, kids are so resislient. Scary time.

amb, congrats on the weight loss! Hopefully your official weigh in will be awesome!

anchor weight. I'm still anxiously waiting for your trip to onderland. I have the marching band, the tumblers and cheerleaders in the wings waiting!

Ellis, do you need some timeout?????? Running up poor old Ruth's phone bill.....and on her are naughty!

chipper, it is hard to be given extra foods to eat....anyway it is for me. You sound like you are doing so good.

Ruth, dear..........of course you aren't losing weight in your vainilla cream bathtub.............IF YOU'RE DRINKING YOUR BATHWATER!!!!! I hope your day is good!

Bamigurl, hope you are feeling better. What order do you have to unpack? I guess I don't know what you do.....?

Little chick, hope things slow down a little for you today.

Nala, you lost 14 pounds in phase 1??????????????? You are the queen!

Mama, happy anniversary! I've been married 26 years too! Hope you get lots of love enjoy the meal tonight. I love that place, they have a chicken lemon thingy that's yummy, wouldn't be too off program if you didn't eat the pasta, bread.....well, if it tastes good spit it out!

A broad, being around sick people is bad. During the worst of flu season I will wear a mask. We spent a lot of time at the first of our shift wiping the door handles, telephones, computer keyboards and surfaces like that with disinfectant. I wash my hands so much they look like something Darth Vader would love.

Me, well, not much. Haven't moved on the scales this week. I know it's TOM, but it's still frustrating. I dipped nut clusters for one of my favorite docs who was in the ER yesterday. ( I used to work for a lady that had a candy shoppe, hand dipped chocolates....I was a dipper)
I didn't even eat one! The smell nearly drove me to insanity, but I prevailed. I'm finally over the detox and I don't want to head back there anytime soon. Anyway, week one on phase one "threepeat" down. Hopefully next week, the scale will show me some love.
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Default Good Morning!

Wow everyone has so much going on!!!

Happy Anniversary, Mama!! We have Johnny Carinos here and everyone loves it!!! **definitely not SBD friendly tho.. **

Well everyone's who's sick. Get Well Soon. Im freaked out over the bunk bed thing! We are buying bunk beds for the skids when they come this summer now I don't know... Holy Cow, prayers being said !

Im super convinced this is not a diet and I love it .. Except at 330 this morning I was hungry ignored it and went back to bed... told dp Iwas going to fry up an egg in the middle of the night and he laughed.. Umm we are having steaks tonight (prolly on the George grill) and cauliflower... my fave. DP ate broccoli for the first time since I've known him (about 3yrs) big feat here!

Hope everyone has a great OP day!
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