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Default alcohol help?

I'm in college, and as some of you may know, drinking is a big part of the social scene. I've done stellar all week, but my friends keep inviting me out to bars. I'm tired of sitting at home (as of right now I've just been avoiding all environments that would tempt me to drink.) I have liquor here at home, but I'm not tempted to touch it. However when I'm out here is the scenario:

some person: why aren't you drinking?
me: i'm on the south beach diet
some person: you can't drink on that diet?
me: well, not in the first few weeks, but you can later for a treat or something.
some person: that's don't need to lose weight.
(then I have to get into a conversation with them about my weight issues since birth.)

So, how did you guys deal? It's not so much the liquor it's just I don't like having to explain myself or get into big details about it. I just want to blend So would one drink make me have to start over on phase 1? It probably isn't worth it right? Any advice?
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I'd try not to cheat. After all, it's only two weeks.

Here's some tips that I've learned. I'm not in college anymore, but I do live in a "drinking culture" and, like you, most socializing involves drinking.

- Always have a "drink" in your hand. Ask the bartender to put your diet soda in a cocktail glass and ask for a lemon or lime. Not only does it taste good, but most people will just assume it's a rum & coke or a vodka soda or some other cocktail and won't even ask.

- if people DO ask, there's no need to get into the whole "life history of weight loss." If someone says "That's dumb, you don't need to lose weight" say "Oh, you're too nice. Thanks!" and laugh and change the conversation.

- if all else fails, you can always tell a little white lie. My husband had giardia a few months ago - it's a really, really bad parasite people get from drinking bad water (we suspect the water at a cabin we visited.) When I picked up his prescription, the pharmacist told me about three times "Do NOT have any alcohol with this drug. Don't even go out to a restaurant, because if he orders something where even the sauce has wine in it, he will be vomiting so badly that he'll want to die."

I'm not condoning lying... but if it's really bad, you could always have come down with a bad case of giardia....

And as far as "you can later for a treat or something", I just read in the SB Cookbook that 1 or 2 glasses of wine a DAY are allowed in phase II. Phase II, here I come!
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I agree you should not drink alcohol in phase 1. The ideas you were given so far are great. When you do get to phase 2, you might be interested in the information below which came from the Daily Dish from 12/13/04:

Drinking During the Holidays

What fun are the holidays without eggnog, Christmas punch, and champagne? Luckily, if you're in Phase 2, you don't have to give up these special beverages in order to stick to your diet. As always, drink them in moderation (and during or after a meal), and use the following list as your drinking guide:

OK As Is:
Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila, Wine

Note: Replace sweetened mixers and sodas with their sugar-free counterparts.

OK With Modifications:
Eggnog: Replace cream with skim milk or fat-free half-and-half and sugar with artificial sweetener.
Champagne: Enjoy a glass or two of the extra-brut variety over the holidays starting in Phase 2.
Christmas Punch: Make with sugar-free powdered drink mixes and extra-brut champagne.

Avoid, If Possible:
Dessert Wines, Flavored Liqueurs, Wine Coolers

Note: If you choose to drink, make sure you do so during or right after a meal, since a stomach full of food will slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and keep your blood-sugar levels steadier.
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cheesequeen, there are plenty of replies you can give to the busybodies. They may or may not be "entirely accurate at THAT moment" (fib) but it won't hurt anyone

- I have an exam tomorrow and need a clear head
- I'm the designated driver
- this place doesn't have my favorite (brand name)
- I took some cold meds and can't mix with alcohol
- I'm waiting on my next trust fund check to arrive
- why do I need a drink when I have "you" around
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At a recent Xmas party when my wine glass kept being filled up, I just quietly switched it with my husband's each time his got close to empty. He had a great time lol! I was the designated driver but got tired of saying so. Maybe if you have a buddy who is supportive you could do the same switcheroo!
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Cheese, I agree with what everyone is saying here. We've had a couple of beach chicks who cheated with alcohol in Phase 1 and really regretted it. You really can't cheat in Phase 1 and get results...really.

But, it's just two weeks, and that you can look forward to enjoying the full spectrum of dry red wines. Just think how sophisticated you'll look!
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Well ladies (and gents),

Saturday was a complete disaster. I started off great. No drinks, I was having fun. Then I wouldn't hurt. I'm guessing without the carbs to aid in digestion of vodka martini feels like 5. I didn't get sick, but after the one my inhibitions got the best of me, and the night just got progressively worse diet wise. When I got home I had some beans...and at least I didn't run and get some late night fast food as usual. The next morning I awoke bloated, swollen, and aching. I felt like I had been ran over by a train. Unfortunately, I was 2 pounds heavier, and my cravings had returned although I had just stopped having them. On the brightside, I drank a bunch of water and 1 of those pounds are gone now. However, the whole ordeal definately wasn't worth it.

That will NEVER happen again. The cost my body paid wasn't worth it. I've learned my lesson. I just wish I had listened to you guys. But I wanted to post what happened in case any other phase 1'ers get any bright ideas. Sometimes curiosity can be your worst enemy. Thanks everyone for your advice. next time I'll take it.
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*hugs* Ugh, horrible, isn't it? Vodka especially goes right through you, even at the best of times!

You were probably more bloated from the alcohol than whatever foods you ate. Drinking the water was the right idea; keeping properly hydrated reduces bloating.

Next time, if you really feel like you must have something, try wine. It's better for you, and much, much lower in alcohol so this won't happen again!
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