South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Come on Spring!
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Default Sunday, January 2 on The Beach!

Quick good morning, chickies. The Girls want out and I sincerely hope the flood of yesterday has frozen overnight as we got a reprise of Muddy Paw Season yesterday!

The Hyper Pypers did come and enjoyed the dinner I threw together in double time. We used the candles, good china and silver which makes any meal seem better. They filled my woodbox to overflowing and tooke all three dogs for a long walk down to the Lake. The dogs were good, the kids were pretty good and Margo and Glen were their usual rowdy selves. I crab about them but really do enjoy their visits, even when it means cancelling an afternoon nap. (I managed to get to bed by 10 when H. finally agreed to turn off the football game and let me get him to bed!)

Church is on the agenda this morning and then some pre-Gail puttering. I may go to the Mayor's NY's Levee this afternoon or may settle for a nap. Naps are good they tell me.

What's happening in your neck of the world this Sunday morning? Have a coffee and sit and chat a bit.
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Good morning chicks! I don't really have anything planned for today. Just some cleaning (wee!) and I think I will make a big batch of ground turkey chili today and put it in little containers to have for a quick lunch during the coming week. Yesterday I experimented and I made some soup with bok choy, onions, mushrooms and ginger. It was pretty darn good.

All the cookies and chocolates and Christmas goodies we got as gifts are officially out of the house now, and I have to admit, I am relieved. It's so much easier for me to resist that stuff when I know it's not sitting in the kitchen taunting me. :P

I think I will also start my "body log" back up again today. When I first started in August and September I wrote down everything I ate and logged my exercise time in a notebook -- I also recorded my weight and feelings and thoughts. This really seemed to help me, so I am going to start doing it again.

Have a great OP day today, girls!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chickies~~

Well, stepped on the scale and it had the audacity to move UP so my net loss for December was ONE pound! Today will be devoted to drinking lots and lots of water and seeing if I can flush some of this stuff.

Kryss, IKWYM about the Christmas goodies...there's a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts about 6' away that I've deliberately left sealed...they will be a treat for when I can comfortably zip up a size 12 pair of jeans, but today they will go in the freezer.

Ruth, glad your dinner party was a rousing success....dinner here was simple; grilled steaks, onions n' shrooms, and snap peas. Very tasty, too.

Yesterday was too much fun with my knitting buddies. I stayed under budget and bought some new sock needles, some purple sock yarn (for moi) and lusted over some cashmere and silk lace yarn. I did very, very well on the cake, no brownies, no cookies...even though they were there to tempt me. I drank water and ate hummus with ww crackers, a few carrot sticks with spinach dip and a couple slices of smoked cheddar cheese.

Plans for today besides drink water: play with wool...I need to do some dyeing.

Hope all you chickies have a wonderful day on the Beach!

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i luv my dog!
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hello my lil' chickadees,

kris, love the Ruby Slippers Your oriental style soups sounds good. You said you experiemented. Do you have a recipe that you could post?

Ruth, good to hear the the Pypers Paid for their Dinner by walking the dogs and bringing in wood. just kidding. I'm sure you all had a nice New Years Day visit.

Mamacita, good for you for making positive food choices at the stitch n ***** roundup

On a good note here the offP stuff is all gone now, but so is the onP food It's time to go to the market for more supplies. Even so, the eating yesterday and today have been good. I have a recipe for lentil soup (ph.1) that I'm thinking of making tonight. If anyone is interested I'll post it in the recipe section.

Yesterday I reviewed my food log for 2004 (and guess what I found - room for improvement - LOL) and prepared the pages for Jan. 05. (I like a paper log) Sort of a little mental tidying up, so to speak. Speaking of tidying up, that's on today's agenda, Taming the Paper Tiger around the house and getting rid of all the little things that add up to clutter. Just tossing the old eating habits out with all the junk, getting ready for a new year.

Have a nice day, everyone.
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Good morning,

Warm and rainy for January here in MI. I was wondering what exactly do you guys put on your food log? Type ,quanity, and what else?

I'm grilling cajun chicken breasts outside this morning for lunch and salads later. Big football day here (whoopee!) I don't know what I'll do, while he is glued to the tv. I should try to find something just for myself. My DH travels alot and he'll be in and out this week.

I, too, am anxious to get back to normal. No tempting food hanging around, school schedules back to normal, etc.
Have a good day!
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Thanks a broad. I posted my soup recipe in the recipe section for you:
I don't have much experience making up recipes, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

MsJulia, in my "weight journal" or "body log" I keep track of a few things. I weigh in once a week, so on Saturdays, I record my weight. I want to start recording my measurements once a month, I just haven't gotten myself to take that step yet. On a daily basis, I keep track of my water, what I eat and when, and how many minutes and what kind of exercise I did that day. Sometimes I will jot down a quote that inspires me or cut out a picture and paste it in there. Mainly, I use it to keep myself inspired. So on the weeks I don't lose weight, I can look back and see where I slipped up or keep myself encouraged by the improvements I've managed to make over time and the other non-scale victories (as they call them) that I've made.
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Good moring!

Ruth Can you convince my DD that naps are good? She is boycotting them while at home at it makes for some rough evenings, last night included.

Not much on our agenda for the day- DH had to go into work for a bit, so DD and I are heading to church shortly. Amazingly enough- I have ONE load of luandry left to do and I am caught up! That is an incredible feat in our home.

My parents are coming for dinner around 5:00ish- I am making a chicken casserole from a recent Cooking Light mag. Not SBD approved, but healthy and balanced for this growing baby!

Enjoy your Sunday- back to work for me tomorrow! For once, the break didn't fly by, I feel rested and ready to go. (We shall see how long that feeling lasts!)
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I think we're all on the same track, getting rid of all the "no-no foods". We finished the pumpkin cheesecake last night, and I'm taking a big platter of cookies to my DD's this afternoon. I know my older GD will be happy.
Well, the house has been put back to normal, and we had our pork & sauerkraut yesterday for good luck. It was warm outside, so I finally cut back my roses and tidied up the garden. It was even nice enough to open windows for a while and air out the house. Today looks gloomy and it's back to feeling like winter. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new washing machine, mine is starting to act up during the spin cycle. Jake looked at it, but wasn't able to fix it.

Little Chick, Are you feeling better today? I enjoyed your picture, what does the tag on your shirt say?

AnchorWeight, I have the cookbook, but I never noticed that recipe, thanks for posting it!

Ruth, Enjoy your nap this afternoon! Sounds like you had a fun time yesterday with your friends.

Kryss, I'd love the recipe for soup. Any new recipe is appreciated! Good idea on making a batch of chili for the week, I think I'll do the same - I get tired of salad every day.

Mamacita, I'll match you glass for glass on the water today. Have fun playing with your wool. That cashmere and lace silk yarn sounds nice!

BroadAbroad, Bring on the lentil soup recipe. I love lentils, wonder it your recipe is similar to mine?

MsJulia, Are you grilling those chicken breasts out in the rain? Good for you! We grill out in all kinds of weather, too, even when it's snowing. I believe it makes everything taste so much better!

Hope I didn't miss anybody. I'm off to my daughter's!
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Oh my gosh! I just lost a huge post to everyone! Where do they go? I guess I hit the wrong button.

Oh well! I don't want to re-create the big post so here is a big for everyone!
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A Lily from my yard!
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Good Morning! Well I should really be feeling rested these days! I slept til 9:30! Which means no church since there is no way all of us can shower and get ready in time. So now I will go to the grocery store because our cupboards are bare! I threw out the rest of the fudge Mom made for me. I think all the junk that is left is stuff I don't like. (I hope) teehee Tuesday will be my actual day to be full blast on the beach due to having the nerve block on Monday and having to fast all day because my appt is not until 1:30. DH has been my watchdog with eating! haha Well I am off to have breakfast DS is cooking me some eggs! Have a great day all!
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someday 145
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Afternoon all;
Well, my first day of Phase 1 went real well yesterday. I am in headache city right now and it's rush hour. I know that I will be hitting good traffic real soon. LOL.
So, far so good today also. Have already been on treadmill 20 mins. and have eaten 2 hard boil eggs and cottage cheese. DH has a ham in the oven for a late lunch. So, will munch until then. I have lots of nuts, and cucumbers. Just 13 days to go, then I can move on.
Today, I am cleaning house, laundry, get ready to return to normal tomorrow and get the gb's back again. It was real nice to have a week off.
Have a good day everyone.
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Today is "kickoff" day for me on SBD. I had 2 eggs for breakfast...I'm putting together a list for the food store. All the holiday treats are now I won't be tempted. But, my three kids are still home from school (2 college-aged; 1 high school) so the holiday doesn't officially end until they are back on schedule.

The tough part for me will be choosing what to eat so I'm planning that in advance. I've lost my SB book -- I think I loaned it out, so I'm flying a little blind right now until I retrieve it In the meantime, I'm getting the Phase 1 list from here.

Can you tell me if there are any more restrictions on week one than in Phase 1?
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Default Howdy!

Well, been busy this morning so far. Going to church and then we drive to SLC to take my son to the airport so he can report back to basic training. I'm pretty tired of everyone's holiday schedule and am ready for "normal" whatever that is.

I prepared some stuff to take on the trip to SLC as we're staying in a motel tonight. Hopefully I can get through it undamaged.

A question????? Does anyone ever dream about food? I mean treats? I do this whenever I've been strict on South Beach, especially phase 1. I dream I'm eating candy or donuts or something and I'm so angry at myself for blowing it, when I wake up I'm so relieved it was a dream. Am I losing my mind? I obviously have some serious issues.......

Well, it sounds like most of you are getting back into normal life, stitching, loving pups, cleaning house...............have a great day!
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Well my sinus thingie has turned into a sinus infection. I will see if dh will make some legal chicken soup for me so I have something for the next two days. Why do I get sick for my days off

We had chalupa beans yesterday for dinner and the kids all came over and we watch our videos and had a good laugh.

My big plan was to get to church this morning and watch football. Well I can watch at the football games anyway. Tomorrow's plan is go bowling in the a.m. and then off to the doctor to get something to get rid of the infection.

Only about two more weeks and my kids will be moving out. The house is going to seem big again. I got a new dartboard for Christmas but am waiting till they move out to set it up as I want to put it in the room that will be office and guest room.

The new kitty rescued is fitting in well. She slept with me all night last night and loves my Siamese kitty. Just glad she is safe now but sure wish I had the means to help more of them.

Off to bed everyone have a good day and good job getting rid of the off plan foods. That is my first job when the kids move out because my dh is diabetic so he needs to eat SBD foods too so I am cleaning out the cupboards really good. If it isn't here we cannot eat it.
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Ready to Change
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Hey chicks late post today as DH and I went off to Fredericton to see a few friends and I did some birthday shopping for dd. I got her a dvd player a dvd, a computer game some undies and a sponge bob nightie. I got myself some vitiam e oil for my face and a facial mask. I woke up with a sty this morning and my eye is driving me crazy.

cottagebythesea- the badge on my shirt says princess, if the terria fits. My tow girlfriends and I are called the BBB's ( which stands for Belmont Bench B*tchs) Sue is the queen Dar is the goddess and I am the princess. We are known all over our community as the BBB's. It started off as a joke and has just stuck with us. I bought us terrias for christmas. I am thinking on having a friend make us shirts next.

Well I must go as we have not had supper yet and my eye is twitching like crazy. Talk to ya all tomorrow.
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