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Old 12-22-2004, 05:53 AM   #1
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Default Hump Day Beach Chat 12/22

Good morning, Chickies~~

This will probably be the last early post for me until after Christmas. My dd and sil are winging their way to me as I type this ( I think they're just about to land in Dallas).

Ruth, sorry to hear Hershey is still anemic. But glad she's not attempting to spray paint your kitchen anymore. Maybe now the iron supplements will start working.

Kim, so very, very sorry about your mom. Please know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Barb, congrats on the loss!!

Anchor, glad you made it through court and your divorce is final. Not an easy thing. But that's great that you didn't dive into the chips and dips after.

Sweet Tooth, you're an inspiration for all of us, dear!

Me: I think I'm trying to fight off a sinus infection. Blech...what a thing to deal with when the holidays are upon us. The kittencat is having a great time knocking ornaments off the Christmas tree and dd ( the one who lives with us) came home Sunday with a puppy. I swear, I live with Dr. Doolittle!

My doctor is tempting me with a medical missionary trip to South America. They need a lab/all around gopher person. This time in early June. In order to go, I REALLY need to be down to a reasonable weight, since they'll be up in the Andes and I don't need to carry any more weight around than necessary, especially having asthma.

I really, really want to go. I'm going to call him today and ask him to fax the sponsor form to me today and I'm going to visit my boss tomorrow and present it to him. According to a friend who's also in the medical field, if I do this, my boss can't take the time out of my vacation. It has to be counted as continuing education. That's why I didn't do the last one, because I didn't have enough vacation...silly me. I'm going to start pestering anyone and everyone I know asking them to sponsor me, even if it's only for $10 or $20. I have almost 6 months to raise the money, so I THINK I CAN DO THIS!!! Please keep toes crossed, think good thoughts and pray for me on this.

Hope everyone has a great day on the Beach!

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Old 12-22-2004, 08:45 AM   #2
i luv my dog!
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Hello Chilly Chickies, and Hot Chicks down under

Anchor - I know you're glad you made it through the divorce proceedings and can put that behind you. My friend (the one who lost 65lbs on SBD) is going through that right now and her X is trying to make things difficult. There is so much to deal with, but they don't have any kids so there is one less issue for them.

Barb - congrats on the one pound down. For me its looking like my Dec. loss will be a big goose egg - 0.

Kim, sorry to hear about your mom. Cherish the memories.

Mamacita - have a nice visit with the family. Haven't heard any BIL moments lately so hopefully he will behave (or has he left?) Toes crossed on the medical missionary trip to South America. Sounds interesting.

The snow is threatening here for tonight, but I don't think it will happen. At least I would rather it be on Saturday.

Have a great day at the beach.
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Old 12-22-2004, 08:47 AM   #3
Come on Spring!
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Quick good morning. We are all very busy this week but it's nice to see folks pop in to say Hi!

Kim, I am so very sorry about your Mother's passing. I am sure you will miss her very much, especially at this time of year. (((Kim)))

The Girls slept until 6 this morning and then we cranked up the woodstove and got the day underway. Once again Hersh had a good morning - not need to wash the walls today.

The tree is first on the agenda today and then I focus on goodies for the goodie baskets which I hope to send out tomorrow. I am forcing myself to stick to my tried and true recipes, not doing anything exotic although cranberry fudge does intrigue me! (Slaps self on hand!) I have a huge and comprehensive grocery list underway but need to clean out the fridge before I shop. Jane comes to be with Harry tomorrow so that may be the big shop day.

Harry's up and has decided to take a bath this morning so I'm off to supervise. He manages on his own but getting in and out can be a problem.

Take a minute or so for a and a and check in if you can.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Old 12-22-2004, 09:35 AM   #4
We are all Beautiful!!!
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Good morning beach chicks!

I'm feeling better this morning. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm actually down another 2 pounds so that makes me happy but I don't think I'll reach 199 by Jan 1. This is a very difficult month to lose weight. TOM is due next monday or so and I believe that I may be too bloated to weigh in on Jan 1 - but we will see! I have my last party on December 24 and although I will stay OP with food - I will have a few red winos.

Mama - I would love to contribute to your sponsorship. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you! My doctor does that and he says it puts a real perspective on medicine! You go girl and keep us posted.

Ruth - Glad to hear another good morning for Hersh. She should start perking up!

A broad - remember a 0 weight loss is better than a weight gain! Hang in there!

I have a full day of work! Then maybe sneak in some exercise this evening. See ya!
Amy S

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Happiness is a choice.......Choose wisely!

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Old 12-22-2004, 09:38 AM   #5
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Mama - I hope they didn't get delayed in Dallas. It's been raining all morning but it was 37 when I dropped Brian off so it hasn't been freezing (yet). If you do decide to go on the missionary trip let us know and then people who are interested can PM you for details. I know I'd love to help out if I can at the time.

Ruth - glad to hear that you don't have to wash walls!

A Broad - I don't know if our snow is going to get here either.

Me - Team Leader encouraged me to work from home today. Thursday and Friday of this week and next are holidays for us (and we have no maintenance scheduled for either weekend so we get that off too). I'm hoping to start doing some preparations for our holiday dinner - at least drying the bread for the stuffing. We are having two families over for dinner on Christmas eve so we will do our big dinner on Friday. With 6 adults and three children it will be lots smaller than Thanksgiving.
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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Old 12-22-2004, 09:42 AM   #6
We are all Beautiful!!!
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Hi Barb! We posted at the same time!
Amy S

SW - 236 9-20-04
LW - 195 1-15-05
SW again! - 217 - 1-01-07

Happiness is a choice.......Choose wisely!

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Conquering with SBD
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Good morning. This is my last day of posting until after Christmas, too. I finish work at noon and won't have access to a computer at home unless DH gets ours hooked up again. We'll see.

Sounds like everyone is very busy with Christmas prep. We are hoping to start our decorating this afternoon. Just too much to do in too short a time, but I'm sure it will all get done.

I am down another pound today, so that puts me under my goal by 2 lbs. That should give me a good leeway for the Christmas goodies that I know will be served. I will need to monitor my weight, though just to make sure that I don't overdo.

Wishing everyone the best of the season. Have a great Christmas and be sure to take care of yourselves. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Default Morning

Well, I've been off the board for a week or more and can see I've really fallen behind on the news!

Mama, if you go to the Andes mountains you must take pics! That sounds so exciting!

Abroad, hope you do get snow!

Ruth, don't slap yourself too hard............let us know how the cranberry fudge turned out!

Anchor, hugs to you and congrats on the weight loss. Hang in there!

Barb, I'm glad you are working from home. It's nice to sit in your jammies....right? Sounds like a nice dinner planned.

Sweet tooth, you should be proud of the losses!

Me, I'm being bad and avoiding the scales. My son came home from basic training on Monday, my daughter flew in from Dallas last night, it seems that we all celebrate everything with food.

Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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In 2004 I started the incredible journey of SB and lost 53.5 pounds! I am ready to find that road again!

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Hi chicks I finally have a minute that the kids are not on the puter and I could get in to post. I am so far behind on everyones lives I almost feel out of the loop. I am still in my jammies and it is 1:07 but I do finally have a my stuff done with the exception of one music disc to burn for one of my wee ones. And 5 gifts to wrap but I have run out of wrap and tape and tags. Other than that I have to deliver the rest that are sitting on my living room floor. I have tonight off from work which will give me time to catch up on laundry and then I work tomorrow and tomorrow night then I am done for 3 days.So Friday will be tidy up day and then I am going to relax in the tub fill the socks and off to bed. I can't wait til Sat morning to see what brought. I am the biggest kid in my house.

RN glad that you children are home for the holidays.
Ruth-glad Hersh is doing better. Enjoy your christmas
Mama- the missionary trip sounds very cool good luck
Kim- sorry to hear of your moms passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Well chicks I have to run the kids need a movie put on and I must take advantage of the quiet to grab a shower.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Good Morning! (it's still morning here anyways!) The guy came and installed my dishwasher this morning! (YIPEE) I overslept! I had the alarm set for 6:45 which I never heard and got woken up by the installer calling on the phone to say he was outside! OMG! It was 7:45 and I was in lala land! But now I have a wonderful new dishwasher to wash all these dishes with! haha I have not exactly been fully OP but have not went totally crazy either! (not yet anyway) teehee I'm not planning to either.

Kim... You are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot even begin to imagine what you must be going through!

Anchor... I know it's a happy sad with divorce. Sounds like you are doin ok and I hope ds continues to do well.

Ruth.. Some people and their mouth! UGH!

No time to post to all pretty busy day here. Sorry! :-( Merry Christmas to all the ones that will be gone the rest of the week! We will miss you! Have a great day all. I'll try to check back later. Being at my Mom's I feel I'm way behind on everyone and everything!

God is big, so we expect him to speak with the voice of thunder or lightning or earthquake or fire. But God often expresses his powerful love in gentle whispers. Listen for God's whispers as well as his shouts.
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