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Default Happy Hump Day Beach Chat 12/08

Good morning, Chickadees~~

Got DD home from the airport safe and sound. She brought all sorts of goodies back with her. I got my genuine puka shell necklace. And a can of macadamia nuts, and a monkeywood cutting board in the shape of a pineapple, and some Kona coffeebeans, and a hat to wear when I'm in the garden and an oven mitt and potholder with a quilted bird-of-paradise flower on them. Dad got an Aloha shirt, which he's convinced makes him every bit as cool as Magnum PI

So, when BIL returns from Columbus tomorrow, we're back to the routine of everyone annoying everyone else. ~~sigh~~

That's about it for around here...

Hope everyone has a great day on the Beach!

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Good morning all. I'm getting married in four days and I've never been so nervous and excited in my whole life. I work all week right up until the rehersal on saturday. Any advice on how to get through the next few days? I've been having major trouble sleeping and my concentration is zero. On a good note, Ive lost three pounds this week cuz eating makes me nauseated. Cross your fingers for me and hope that I don't trip on my dress when I'm walking down the isle.
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Morning chickies

The scale budged today! WooHoo

12 lbs lost so far - the scale was actually a bit lower this morning (236.6) - but I bouce around so much I don't believe it until I see the same number a couple of days in a row

Pretty mild day here in lovely Toronto - calling for rain later.

Today is pajama day for my son, he gets to wear PJs (not the ones he slept in!) to school today - don't you wish they had pajama day for adults? I think I would be a LOT more productive if I could sleep an extra 15-30 mins and not have to get dressed, fix my hair and put my face on. It would be cheaper too. Then again there are some here (at work) that I would NOT want to see in sleep wear

DH now likes the light rye with flax bread I bought and has eaten it all on me He sees that I am losing weight and I think will start trying to lose weight himself. He has cut back on his beer intake only to replace it with orange juice mixed with Pepsi - I told him the beer is probably better for him than that mixture Can you image the amount of sugar in that? And he had two of them last night ACK.

Anyone here watch The Biggest Loser show? That Maurice is going to keep slipping under the radar and win this thing - so sad, as I think others have put in WAY more effort.

That's it for me today - have a great one everyone!
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Congrats Diamondgrrl7!

Make sure you try to eat something - it doesn't have to be a lot all at once - but you need your energy - you don't want to be passing out or anything right!

The day is going to come whether you fret over it or not - try to get some alone time to relax and breathe. This is what you have been planning for.

Congrats on the weight loss as well - now breathe!

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Good morning!
Diamondgrrl... Your not gonna trip on your dress! Although I have seen a lot of those funny video shows that pay big money for a "trip" down the isle! teehee! You will do fine and will be a radiant bride! Honey if there is something you can do about pre wedding jitters I don't know it other than inhale exhale and try to soak it all in and remember it's all about you right now!!!!!!!!!! teehee Congratulations! Let us know how it all goes! Oh yea congrats on your weight loss as well. Not the best way but understandable right now!

Mama... My dream vacation is Hawaii! I told dh we are goin for our 10 yr ann. in 2.5 more years so he better start saving now! teehee That sounds so exciting all your gifts that DD brought back for you! Oh I can just imagine DH struttin' around in his babe magnet shirt! haha Since he thinks he is Magnum maybe he can find your lost yarn! (I think that's what it was?) hahaha

Well I have to take my MIL to the airport today and she will be here at 9 becasue she needs to stop by the mall first. I have a sweater I bought at Penney's on Sun. that when I got home and pulled it out I saw a big 'ol honkin hole in the shoulder! UGH! Why me? It is a shenile(sp?) sweater and my MIL said they are bad about doin that. I also bought a pair of pants that are cords. Boy talk about goin back to your younger years! Next I'll be gettin me a sweater with my initials monogramed on it! haha Although I do believe they are coming back as well! I just hope the 80's hair does not make a comeback! teehee Well I better get goin so I can be ready when she gets here! Have a good day everyone!
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Bups... We posted at the same time. Congrats on your loss! Oh I hate it when DH eats something of mine. He eats my no sugar added pops all the stinkin time! He's like well I don't see you eatin 'em! I'm like well Hello! I don't have to eat them everyday they are there for when I want something sweet ding dong! UGH! Have a great day!
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Mama Looks like you've be spoiled and rightfully so
Diamond I've been married 5 months now let the day happen and remember to have fun
Bups yay congrats as for the BL i watch it sporadically but we turned off the tv last night after a charlie brown christmas
Bups/Bamie I threaten DH not to touch my goodies. THenagain I don't touch his icecream so its a fair trade
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Good Morning!

My only appointment for today cancelled! Yeah! So I could have slacked off a little on the hair and makeup. Oh well. I weighed in today and I'm the same as last week. Which is good and bad. I like to lose weight but with the hodge podge weekend it is good not to have gained anything too.

Diamond - Congratulations! My best advice is that once the day comes just relax and enjoy yourself because if it wasn't done before that day it is not getting done. I forgot to make placecards for the wedding party table and we all looked a little confused on where to sit. That was my boo boo and you know what - no one new but me. Good luck and enjoy.

Mama - sounds like fun! I love presents. I dream of going to Hawaii some day.

Kim - Pajama day at work - that sounds fun. Except you know some cutie pie would where slinky loungerie (sp?) and none of the guys would be able to concentrate. Congrats on the weight loss!

Have a OP day!
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Originally Posted by Bups
Anyone here watch The Biggest Loser show? That Maurice is going to keep slipping under the radar and win this thing - so sad, as I think others have put in WAY more effort.
I make sure that I watch the Biggest Loser every tuesday. I use it as motivation b/c they are working hard and getting amazing results. Did you see Andrea's after picture?? I was so amazed it is awesome that she is wearing two-piece swim suits now. I don't know what I will do once it is over. But there is going to be second one so I can't wait. I have gotten more addicted to this than I was with survivor and that is nuts.

I havent been to this site in a long time. I think I joined in July and I lost 10 lbs and then i slipped and instead of immediteally going back to SBD I just counted calories and joined the gym. I am back here now to help curve the cravings. Since joining the gym and counting calories I lost 10 lbs and know that I have started SBD again a week ago I have lost 10 more. Which means in a year I have lost 50 lbs

I have to keep going. Another incentative to lose these last 25 lbs is that my grandma said she would give whoever lost the most weight, out of my mom, my sis, and me, $200. I really hope I can win that so I can buy a new wardrobe. It is so hard to beleive that once I reach my goal I will have lost 75 lbs. (hopefully I will get there by my 21st b-day which is in March) WOOOHOO!!!

hehe anyways sorry to bore you guys just wanted to reintroduce myself. Have a fantabulous day!!
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Happy Hump Day, Chicks!

I'm off to pick up my toy order in Elgin. it was in yesterday but I wimped out on driving icy roads. Today will be a major wrapping day as I have to get stuff in the mail darn soon.

Back later - have a good day.
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Hi, all!

Bamie, you totally made me laugh with your Magnum finding the socks comment.

Short post today...lots to do! Things are fine here. I haven't lost in a week...wonder if I'm just readjusting to Phase II or if I should take out the extra fruit I've been eating. I just might do that. I might be officially slowing down or maybe I need to do some kind of Phase 1.5 or something.

It's gloomy and wet out there, but that's least it's fairly warm, so no ice. We're supposed to get a big storm this weekend, but I don't mind. We have one party to go to, and it's kitty-corner from our house, so easy to walk to. I have this low cut silk sweater (red, of course) to wear, but it has a stain on it from the Downy, I think. I rewashed it and the stain didn't come out, so I'm taking it to the dry cleaners at lunch. Hope they can finish it before Saturday I'm really looking forward to seeing DH's expression when I wear it!

I have been doing horrible on the exercise front. Staying up late and not getting enough sleep so I definitely don't feel like getting up and going to the gym. Oy. I need to get back into it...I really miss working out!!!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Good morning everyone. It's a bit nippy here these days...pushing -25C but the forecast is to improve by the weekend. Still minus temps, but not so bitterly cold.

Mama - You sure hauled in the loot from DD's trip. What a wonderful daughter to bring back such neat stuff. Enjoy your time right now...BIL will be home too soon.

Diamond - Congratulations on your wedding. I know these are just words, but don't stress out. The planning is done, you have made a commitment to marry your best friend, now enjoy the day. Whatever goes wrong, take it in stride. In the whole scheme of things, it will be insignificant. Have fun and concentrate on you and your new DH. It's your day and you are the only ones who count.

Kim - WTG. I know that it is inconvenient to have DH eat your food stock, but be thankful that you can switch him over to healthy eating. I basically have only healthy foods in the house, but allow the non-dieters to purchase some snacky things out of the grocery budget when we are shopping. The catch, though, is that they are not allowed to have those snacks located anywhere that they will tempt me. I don't know...they have found some pretty creative hiding places. I can't find anything even when I have the craving and go searching.

I would also love pajama day at work... imagine all the people who sleep in the buff. For me, I like flannel...

Bamiegurl - Sorry to hear about the sweater. You are probably best to return that one, though, and not get a replacement. Chenille is one of those funny yarns...the polyester chenilles do what is called worm and leaves big holes everywhere. Not worth the investment.

anchor - Have a relaxing day today. Just think, if you are in an accident, you don't need to worry about your hair and make-up. Hmmmm...have you checked your underwear.

mkuhn72701 - WTG on the weight loss. Hoping that you win the family contest. You have already come a long way. That last 25 pounds will come off, just keep with the program. You can do it.

Ruth - Mornin'. Have a great day wrapping. By the way, what are the results from Hersh's check-up?

Me - Just the usual busy time. Soon, I am hoping to get my head around Christmas and the holidays.

After work last night, DH and I went to pick up our new glasses. I finally had to succumb to the next step of getting old - bifocals. What a change, but I am trying to get used to them.

After the glasses, we went home and worked on installing hardwood flooring for 5 hours. I am painfully tired today and hope the day speeds by quickly. However, we will be working on the flooring again tonight. We are hoping to get the lower part of the bedroom finished tonight and then can start on the library/lounge area and be finished by the weekend. It has to be finished by the weekend because I still haven't cleaned or decorated for Christmas.

We also took our car in to the transmission shop this week...$1600 repair for that one. That's better than the couple of weeks before Christmas last year, though. The furnace and the septic system pump packed it in but thankfully it happened before Christmas and not during when we had a house full of company.

Well gotta run. I have a meeting this morning with the Director of our department over some reports that I am writing for him. I can't figure out why his assistant doesn't do his reports, but it seems, he has me do them for him. Oh well, one day he will have to pay...

Bye for now.
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Hi chicks just a quick post again. My life is work work and more work lately. I did mange to get a little christmas baking done today, and I am trying to finish my photo show for my wee ones that I babysit. I still need to finish my shopping and do some wrapping but that will be next week as I have to work the rest of the week and dd has her dance show on sat. Well I will try to check in again tomorrow. On a good note I have stopped eating Mama Burgers everynight on my way home from work.
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Laurie...You are just losing and losing...dropping those lbs!! Great job!!! Everyone is doing such an amazing job! I got off work a little early was slow...and for a few days the employees get 50% off.......I got some shirts at the Misses store!!! Can I just say it feels so weird not shopping in the womens store...You know that feeling like you're out of place....anyways...I'm making out my Christmas List...not really sure what I want....How is everyone doing?
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