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Come on Spring!
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Default Happy Thanksgiving, American Chickies! The Daily!

May you all have a wonderful day
with families and friends
and be thankful!
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Ditto that! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful American friends!
Blessings upon all of you.
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i luv my dog!
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Thanks for the warm wishes and holiday greetings.

I would like to give thanks to all of you for the information, support and encouragement offered to everyone who participates here; and to 3FC for hosting this great site, and especially the volunteer moderators 'on the beach' (and all the others) who graciously offer their time and experience to make this a fun, friendly, and helpful place to call a second home.

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Trapped Skinny Person
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Happy Thanksgiving to my American Neighbours!

Guess it will pretty quiet in here today.

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Ready to Change
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Hope you all enjoy your day.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! Has anybody started cooking turkey yet? If so, let me know and I'll open the south facing windows. I love the smell of turkey roasting!

We are coolish and rainy here, typical November weather. Yesterday was wet too but good old Sarah showed and we got the lights up on the pergola. They sure looked nice way out there last night and were a good way to celebrate Harry's birthday!

This morning the decorator and her assistant come to install my "window treatments". That term seems so pretentious but I guess when you spend too much money you need a fancy moniker! The diningroom window will be kind of exciting though - a Roman shade with side panels.

At 11, Jane comes to stay with Harry for my five hour respite care. If the decorator isn't finished, I'll hang around and then maybe deliver a Country Christmas costume and treat myself to a solitary lunch in Westport - nothing exciting, probably a veggie wrap.

This afternoon I hope to get some gifts wrapped and the rest of my list firmed up. Tonight is a rehearsal for the Country Christmas pageant and also a Fair Board Meeting. Can you say "overbooked"?

So - for those of us not celebrating Thanksgiving, what's happening chez toi?
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Conquering with SBD
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Hope you all have a great time with family, friends and, of course, food.
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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I wish you showers of blessings and love!
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Conquering with SBD
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Good morning, everyone.

Ruth, you are such a busy person. DH and I are starting to plan retirement, although it is a few years away yet. However, our dreams are to be less busy than now... Our retired friends say that they are busier than ever, though. I suppose that doesn't hurt when you can choose to be busy doing the things that you enjoy. That would be a nice treat. Don't work too hard, though, you don't want to be getting sick before Christmas.

For me, I just never seem to have enough hours in a day. Yesterday, we went to look for doors for the house. We had the siding replaced a couple of years ago and wanted to get new exterior doors because the old ones look so dowdy. Hopefully, we will be able to get them installed before Christmas...along with finishing the master bedroom and repairing the bedroom that DS and his girlfriend moved out of.

This weekend we will be stippling the ceiling in the bedroom, then can get going on installing the hardwood flooring. Hopefully, the install will only take a week, or so. When we did the dining room and kitchen last year, it took about a week, so we are hoping we will be done in about the same time frame.

I also want to get my Chrismas baking done this weekend, finish wrapping gifts, sort out the stocking stuffers that I have been buying all year and generally get organized. Then I can start to decorate next week...DH isn't too thrilled about the 11 trees.

Today it will be meetings all day, trying to fit in my cardio workout somewhere and need to get new glasses. Can't see a darn thing these days.

Well, hope everyone has a great holiday...I miss the American Thanksgivings that we spent with relatives in Idaho and North Dakota. We don't seem to get together at holiday times very much anymore.

Talk later. Take care, everyone.
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

So far today still OP - we'll have dinner at 4pm (5 3fc time) and I've confidently done the best I could low carbing everything down without scaring off the regular people.

I'm thankful for all my new friends here. All the good advice, all the support and cheering up! Thanks!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Dinner is cooked, eaten and leftovers are put away. Didn't stay OP, but didn't stray too terribly. Had about 1/2 cup of stuffing and a small potato with my turkey. I've noticed that potatoes hold very little allure for me these days.

We went out for dinner last night and I had a piece of broiled grouper. It came with steamed broccoli and carrots and this huge mountain of smashed potatoes. I ate the grouper and the broccoli and didn't even look at the potatoes. Brought them home for the guys to devour.

I wasn't too impressed with my turkey. Maybe it was the brand, or maybe it was the cooking method...guess I should stick to the tried and true (rotisserie cooking). Instead I tried to roast it in the oven like everyone else. It was just so-so IMO.

Okay, heading back downstairs to sit and knit on the socks. Hope everyone's having a great day!

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I've been cooking all morning (SB style) and now ready to leave for my daughters. Even though they are still on Phase 1, we agreed on having the Pumpkin Souffle SB style. Don't want to feel deprived or cheated.

I wish for you all a glorious day. I am so thankful for all your good advice and warm support. Kepp posting, it really helps.

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Well dinner has long been over. We had ham instead of turkey per DH request. Fine with me I love ham! Most everything was OP but I did eat a lil dessert! oops! I planned it so no real big deal. Sent most of it home with our friends that came over from Ga.
Mama are you close to Woodstock, GA.? That's where they live and own a tree and plant nursery over there. We will be goin to see them next week end for their big Christmas Festival they have every year. Well I have to get some laundry and stuff done. My mom is real sick with phnumonia (sp?) so I am goin up there tomorrow and stay for the weekend. Check on y'all chicks in the morning! Happy Thanksgiving all!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Thanks for the happy wishes....I am so full...I didn't cheat....we had turkey and the sb greenbean thing, and some other green things....I passed on dessert....I hope everyone has had a great day!
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