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Default Wednesday greetings from insomnialand

Sorry, sleep needs to slap me into oblivion but it hasn't happened yet. Hope you are all doing well. Maybe if I yell loud enough some of you would wake up and join me. That would be rude I know.

Well, we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with family for two reasons:

1) I have to work Thanksgiving day again this year
2) My son left for Basic Training in the Army Reserves on Monday AM

I'm having a minor meltdown at the life changes and my eating is reflecting the inability I have to cope with that.

I'll pull it together today!!!! if I don't will you all yell at me????? Please?????

Love ya all!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, RN and the rest of you Chickies~~

RN, nope, won't slap you or yell at you...I've been having visits from the meltdown monster myself. Fortunately, it hasn't stuffed anything more damaging than two Krispy Kremes in far. Hang in there. We're here for you. ((hugs))

Just a quick stop in before I fly out the door to the gym.

Hope you all have a great day. And someone tell whoever is in charge of adverts that the IBS ads are not only annoying, but personally, I don't enjoy seeing some flatbelly on my computer screen obstructing the page at 7:00 am....or any other time!

Mamacita--who's off to do her crunches
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Trapped Skinny Person
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Mornin all.

Well the scale this morn said I am down 9 lbs now - but since I didn't eat until noon yesterday - I will wait and see if that holds.

On a good note, I did most of my Christmas shopping last night in the Scholastic book catalog that my DS brought home - I had only bought a couple things for him for Christmas so far and still had 5 other kids to buy for - so I ordered them all books! I'm giving the gift of literacy - and hey if it's not as cool as the latest video game - tough! Now I just have a couple stocking stuffers to get for each - a couple more things for DS and then I am done!

Last night for dinner I put 3 frozen chicken breasts in a oven dish, mixed a package of taco seasoning with 2 cups of salsa and dumped it over the chicken breasts.

Just before it was done, I put lowfat marble cheese on top.

Had one chicken breast with 1tbsp lowfat sour cream, and sauteed cauliflower, asparagus and mushrooms. It was REALLY yummy.

I have another of the breasts for lunch with leftover veggies and will prob eat the last one for dinner tonight.

I set the alarm 10 mins early today to get up and do recumbent bike but I just hit the snooze instead maybe tomorrow.

Have a good one all.
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RNMom, come on, sweetie... you can get out of this funk.
You CAN pull yourself through this! You're not going to let some little thing in your head control the way you're treating your body! COME ON, GIRL!!!

Hi Mamacita and Kim!

I've got to get to the gym... back later...
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Come on Spring!
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Everybody is dashing around this morning except me although I have to lug the dump stuff out to the road in a minute. I took an OTC sleeping pill last night and didn't wake until 7:30 so I'm going to be in overdrive for a bit. RNMOM, I was sleeping for two.

Today is Harry's 83rd birthday and I am stymied over how to celebrate it! I do have two gifts and a card but....????? Maybe a bottle of champagne with dinner? The sad thing is that he really doesn't much care these days. However, the Girls and I will manage something.

It's raining which is a shame as Sarah has the morning off and was going to come and do outdoor lights with me. They always look funny when there's no snow but it sure is miserable putting them up on a below freezing December day. I'm hoping it stops drizzling but, if not, I'll do some wrapping and some cards.

Happy Hump Day, Chickies.
Now I get to hump the garbage to the road!
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Ready to Change
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Hey chicks I have a few minutes this morning.....I thought I would check in and see how you all are doing. I got pulled over last night I was coming home from work yaking with my friend and put my blinker on to change lanes and totally cut off a POLICE OFFICER of all people. Well I new I did it then to make matter worse I did not have my lincense with me. So now I am getting two tickets. I sweetly ask for a warning and he yells NO. So I am thinking 200 in fines. He comes back and tells me he ran a check and I do have a lincense ( like I told him I did) and that it was going to be over 300 dollars but he said have a Merry Christmas I will let you off with a warning this time and then says if you are going to cut someone off make sure it is not a Police Officer. I could not believe my luck. Although that was the first time ever that I got pulled over and I have only ever had one parking ticket. Needless to say I did not tell DH. There I thought you all could use a chuckle today.

RN- sorry you are in a slump but don't let it ruin your progress so far trust me I was in a slump and have gained 10 pounds and now can't seem to get back OP.

Mama- I hate those flatbelly *ithces as well like they have had any babies or affairs with a bag or 10000 of cookies. :wink:

babs- nice loss I hope it sticks and the chicken sounds great I just might try that.

Ellis- hope you had a good time at the gym.

Ruth- Give Harry a big Happy Birthday from me champagne and dinner sounds like just the right way to celebrate. Hope you have a great day.

Well chicks I am off to try to get something accomplished but I don't have to work tonight so I don't feel like I am in a big rush to get stuff done. What a nice feeling for a change. Have a great day chicks I will try to check in later.
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Rain, rain, and more rain here in Georgia.

Yesterday we went to buy the refridgerator for the new kitchen (on sale and a rebate, too!). While we were there, I also noticed the same wine cooler that I planned on getting and it was on sale, too. I didn't want to pay a delivery charge for the wine cooler, so we were going to take it home with us. It was raining outside so we thought we would go shopping for awhile and maybe it would stop later. Went to the mall and ate lunch then saw the movie "National Treasure". Great movie, BTW. If you read the Divinci Code , it's similar to that. Anyway, when we went back to pick up the cooler, it was starting to sprinkle. I thought we could make it home without the box getting too wet. Well, boy was I wrong. It poured hard all the way home and I had to listen to DH's comments , on top of that.

Since nothing got done on the kitchen yesterday, we have to step it up today. I'm not OP but trying to make good food choices.
Everybody have a great day.
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A Lily from my yard!
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Just another quick pop in this morning. Kids are out of school today. I took DS to meet his dad lastnight. That was one of the worse trips getting there. DS had this big ole mouth he could not keep shut but Mommie Dearest has a cup of shut up juice waitin on him when he gets home to find an empty room! Except his bed of course. Everything else is outta there! It has been an ongoin problem with his mouth and I guess I have finally had enough! DD and I will be cooking today for tomorrow. Unlike me she loves to cook! haha I better get goin it's already 9 here! Company will be here sometime this afternoon and I am hoping to be finished by then!
I hope you all have a great day and a great Thanksgiving!
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Ahh the Holidays!

RN - Pull it together sister. This is the wrong time of the year to go AWOL. I'm trying to keep it together as well. We can do it together.

Bami - Shut up juice? I need some of that. Everytime DS spends time with his father he comes home sounding just like him. That is not a good thing.

Mama - I'm with ya on the IBS - it is really annoying.

Ruth - Tell Harry happy B-Day! Give him a big hug.

Little Chick - Sounds just like something that would happen to me.

Bups - You are leading the pack today - keep us all motivated with that weight loss!

I stopped taking that herb so I'm hoping for a good weight week. I haven't excercised yet this week but I'm hoping to tonight. DS is with his dad. I bought low carb bread to make stuffing and I'm going to make a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. I'm also making the mashed califlower.
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Oh, Little Chick! It was your lucky day, girl!

Ruth, Happy Birthday to dear Harry!
I know you're feeling down, and this darned weather doesn't help. I hope you've got your light set up.
Sending you lots of love and hugs, sweetie...

Sil, how can I EVER keep up with you! I have no room for a wine cooler, otherwise I'd rush right out and get one.

Bamie, "shut-up juice"?! You're too funny. I hope you get things sorted out, hon.

Okay, I'm going to tear myself away from this very addictive computer and do some renovating! Take care, girls!
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Hi, Amy! I missed your post! Get exercising, girl!
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Hi, gals! It looks like we are going to have over 25 people here for our after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving on Friday! I'm doing a mix of South Beach and non-South Beach foods. The turkey, pork loin and ham will all be South Beach. The stuffing has been converted similar to the one in the Daily Digest from South Beach today. I'm making Spicy Cranberry Sauce tomorrow (uses Splenda) and I will get all the desserts baked tomorrow. The pork loin will be our dinner tomorrow but there will be lots left for Friday since I got a 5 lb pork loin.

Better go. There is still lots of cleaning to do.
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Looks like we are all busy this evening.

I just finished my south beach friendly items - mashed califlowers, sweet potato souffle - and low carb pumpkin cheesecake. I'm pooped! Hang in there chickies we will make it!
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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By the way I'm wondering how Artemis is doing in Cambodia?

By the way we are getting pounded by lake effect snow and everyone has forgotton how to drive. I'll bet we got 8 inches today since noon.

Bami if you are lurking I'm wondering if you guys got hit by the bad weather? Hope your ok!
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