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Tone 11-22-2004 11:57 AM

I was just wondering if anybody knew the skinny on gravy. I don't see it anywhere on the foods to enjoy OR the foods to avoid list for either Phase I or Phase II. I am starting Phase II this week and was thinking of making sirloin tips in gravy. I found some gravy mix with low sugar (less than 3 grams per serving). Plus, the meat would just sit in it, it wouldn't be consumed in the same way it would on say mashed potatoes. Any thoughts?


Bups 11-22-2004 12:05 PM

Most gravy is thicken with either corn starch or flour - which are no-nos. However, if you don't eat too much I am sure you will be fine - just try not to have it too often.

If you are making your own gravy I have heard that you can thicken it with arrowroot (?) which I think is a little better than flour or corn starch - someone correct me if I am wrong.

What about soy flour? Maybe that can be used as a thickening agent and be allowed.

Sorry I wasn't more help.


Ruthxxx 11-22-2004 12:47 PM

Soy flour works as does bean flour. I'd stay away from mixes as they are loaded with other stuff.

TheScrapper 11-22-2004 08:59 PM

There is a good looking gravy I plan to try from the FoodNetwork.com and then pick the show "Low Carb and loving it" and then look for Wild Mushroom Gravy. Says it's easy and it looks good!
Happy Turky day!

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