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I vant to draw your blood
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Default Thursday Beach Chat 09/16

Good morning, Chicks~~

Hope all you gulf coast chicks have your waders on and your oars handy.

Not a whole lot going on here. Just waiting for the remnants to Ivan to come whipping around to slap us in the face.

Got to go get my shower out of the way...but I'll try to pop back in before I trot off to work.

If I miss any of you, have a wonderful day on the Beach!

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This is possibly the tackiest thing I've every done (maybe), but I'm cutting and pasting my post from last night. Humble apologies, but it probably took me at least 15 minutes to read and write, and maybe no one read it.

Jennie, I LOVE the crib set you've chosen! It's so pretty!

Mamacita, Happy Birthday to your baby! I wonder when they stop being "babies"? My eight year old still looks like a baby to me (sort of), and I'm affronted when people tell me he's growing.

Ruth, a Newfie! I may come out and join you some Sunday!! Hugs for you and Harry and the girls. I know you're missing sweet Lucy.

Jodi, you don't have to apologise for whinging... we all do it at some time! I'm so glad you're doing well, girl!!

Lauren, enjoy your holidays, hon! Happy Happy Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipper!

Weezle, we know more about your bowels than anything else about you.

Skherb, congratulations on getting a walk in!! I hope the rain has stopped.

Barb, I hope you got out there and exercised today!

Bamiegirl, I LOVE sausage rolls! Mom makes the most fantastic pastry...
She and Dad have been travelling every winter for the past 12 years or so, and last year was the first year in AGES that they were home for my birthday. Mom made me a big plate of them. I did share some. A few.

Peggy, I'm with you, girl. I am SO with you. Yesterday I made (early in the day) crepes for dinner. I ended up eating all eleven of them (with cream cheese and smoked oyster filling), and having to make something else for dinner.
Do you think we can possibly pull ourselves together for today?

Kvixen, I'm glad you're back on track! Keep it up!!

Jess, I love Bridget Jones, too! I can't even imagine what's going to happen in the new movie!

Laurie, don't get discouraged... ... you're building muscle!! It's heavy stuff, darlin'!

RNMom, you're a sweetheart. And you haven't even got your bracelet yet! (what happened to those things, anyhow!)
Wow, you're in a canning frenzy! I used to love doing that! I did a ton of it for several years, but then became incredibly lazy. I was just having some Pear-Lemon Marmalade this afternoon (no, it's not OP), and thinking it would be nice to make some. It's a small jar, and it cost 12 bucks! It might really impress people at Christmas time. I'm determined to make my gifts this year...

Oh, LaurieX, I am so very sorry... What a load of burdens you're bearing right now. You're very wise to get some help.
Why don't you just do Phase II for now? Even Phase III would be healthy, and it would be easier for you at this time.
My DH and I will be saying lots of prayers for you and your family... love and hugs...

Little Chick, as usual you sound beautiful and completely organized. I want to be YOU!!

Sarah, I'm so glad the singing went well! I'll bet they loved you!

Kim... pre-teen underwear. shudder. You WILL get over it. My daughter now looks through my underwear drawer when she's short.

Hi, Yaya! Glad you're doing well!!

Essie, congratulations on the weight loss!

Jen, your company sounds cool! I hope it's a great success!

Me? I made the mistake of joining the South Beach Online site the other day. Realized it was a waste of time, and I've just cancelled it. I can't believe how little you get there! Everything you need is RIGHT HERE! (and it's free!) Anyhow, I thought it might give me a boost, but it didn't.

Otherwise, I am doing very well. My Mother is driving me RIGHT UP THE WALL, but I'm starting to get a grip on myself.
Ruth, if you "take her out", remember... I can't afford to pay you. (well, if it's clean and doesn't point to me in any way, I could slip you a twenty)
I was thinking how nice it would have been if I could have watched the hockey game last night with Dad.

Right now I am doing something TOTALLY weird and unlike me. I'm filling out contest entries online. Between yesterday and today, I've filled out about 100. I figure I'm good to win at least an even dozen. If I win something I don't like (a spa for two in the mountains?), I'll toss it, and you can all scramble.

Sending lots of prayers to those in the way of danger. Stay safe...
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Ellis~~

You're right, I didn't get in to read your post from last night. So, I'm glad you posted it this morning. I don't think our children ever stop being our "babies". My 24 yo DD who just flew back in the nest, will call me on her way home from work to ask "what's for dinner, mom?" and when she gets home she feels a need to tell me all about her day. Makes me feel wanted, but...

Well, I need to get out there and brave the wind and rain...if you look on the weather map, you'll see that Atlanta is getting the outer wind and rain bands right now. Such fun. Hopefully the lights won't go out in GA tonight and if they do, Hopefully GA Power will get them back on again with a quickness. I have freezer full of meat, fish and chicken that I can't possibly eat all at once!


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Good Morning all!!

Do you all get that feeling even when you went to bed early that you still are soo tired the next day you can barely get out of bed. That is me to a TT. Lastnight was a very crazynight. The storm the night before caused a lightning bolt to hit a friend of mines house. They all got out ok,even her pets but it looks like the house is a total loss. Her poor littl girls just do not know which end is up. So I was working with a group of friends and neigbors lastnight to put together groups in different areas to help. Everyone has been so nice and seem to be very generous. Which is refreshing to see. But i cannot get that image out of my head. So lastnight I stress ate. I did have everything that was part of the plan just WAY too much of it and in that small a period. Oh well back to it today. I am going to go for a little walk after I take DD1 to school. Even if it is just around the block a few times. Then its off to clean my bathroom and vaccume the girls rooms and put their clothes away. Then maybe i can rest up a little while DD2 is sleeping.

Ellis- Don't let her drive you up the wall!! Go for a walk if you can and get a little distance. I know how that ccan be. Goodluck!

Mama- Please!! Be careful out there!! That storm looks so terrible.

Everyoneelse in the eye of the storm please be careful. And my thought and pryers are with you all.

Will check in later this am Have to go to School now.
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morning chickies!!

ellis you crack me up, i totally understand though why waste such a wonderful post!! and seriously i was a total WHINER no winner the last few months and i thank you all for putting up with me!!! i'm sure it won't be the last time i whine but i'm gonna give you all a little reprieve. the crepes sound heavenly and so totally what i would do (eat them all up) come on pick yourself up and start fresh today!!!

mama how nice your dd is so close with you, i bet it makes you feel good. batton down your hatches today and good luck!!

me?? well i woke up with a terrible sore throat (was i just telling you all earlier this week i was the ONLY one in my house that wasn't sick?) and little ds is here at work with me for the day.(he has a cold). hopefully the day will fly by!!! (wishful thinking). the good new is i got on the scale today and i am down again this week. my wonderful scale that i thought until recently was broken finally started moving again this morning i was at 234!!!! this is a new low for me. i am going to resist changing my sig until my official weigh in on saturday i'm gonna measure then also and update the phatty thread. i am very excited about a new number FINALLY!!!

well enough about me how are all of you doing??
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Come on Spring!
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Hmmm...yes, I did read it and sure don't blame you for just pasting it, Ellis! Not tacky! I admire your ability to comment to everyone's post. I just don't have time to do it myself, I'm afraid, although I do read absolutely everything!

Mamacita, batten down the hatches! It looks like a doozy!

Skherb, I hope you manage to stay awake today and get a good sleep tonight.

Jodi, whining is OK. When we've had enough, we'll either tell you or ignore you. Congrats on the new scale number!

Hersh did one gentle woof at five this morning so we didn't get going until 6. I just didn't feel like checking in until now. I seem to spend too darn much time on the PC and am trying to cut back my addiction. I think I need to do the timer trick - 15 minutes on, do a task for 15, etc.

Well, our interview with our prospective rector went well. She is 53, married with a retired husband, three grown kids living near Toronto and a true Newfoundlander to the core. She claims she has saltwater in her veins and is not sure how she will like living "away". We liked her and are now waiting to see if she likes us. Then we negotiate salary. The Rectory is a gorgeous brick house built around 1900 but she is not sure she wants to live there. Bats, damp basement, not much property PLUS it is in an absolute mess. I cannot believe that Mike and Pixie left it like that! At any rate, she (Karen) can chose to live elsewhere. We shall see. I will be damned glad to get this settled as I've done this process six times in the past 20 years.

Today is my afternoon "off" and I have a huge shopping list! Jane comes 11 to 4 and then I have rehearsal at 7. This will be the first real rehearsal and should be very interesting. I still can't remember the real name of the guy who plays Barney! How the heck will I remember lines!

Southern Chickies, be as safe as possible during the storm and check in as soon as you can. We worry.
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Boy is it muggy here today! My glasses even fogged up when I came out of Curves. I'm sitting here now with a tall glass of iced coffee and all the windows open, even though it looks like rain.
I hope all you Southern gals are staying safe and not being hit too hard with all these storms. I can imagine how scary it must be.
I have a very easy day planned for today. I'll be home most of this morning, so I want to finish reading my book, then this afternoon I'll be babysitting til sometime this evening. Jake will be happy - I'm defrosting a steak for his supper, and I"m letting him have some macaroni & cheese, which he loves. This will be only the 2nd time he's had it since we've been on SBD. I'm baking some chicken breasts now, so I'll have one in my salad for lunch, and eat the other with some veggies tonight when I get home. Has anyone tried the new CarbBenefit ice cream by Edy's? Oh boy, is it ever GOOD! I'm being extrememely good about only having 1/2 cup, which is outstanding for me. I just adore ice cream!

Jennie: I'm so happy about you and your baby! I love the name Kylie, and the decorating theme you selected is just adorable. My new granddaughter is due to arrive about 2 weeks after yours, and I need to start making plans for a baby shower. It's been 14 years between pregnancy's for my DD, so I think she deserves another baby shower. She needs everything!

jodi: You're doing great staying OP! You are really motivated this time, good for you!

Ellis: How are you? Are you taking good care of yourself? It's good to see you keeping your sense of humor!

Good morning Mama and skherb and all you others to come, and have a great day!
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I can do this!
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Hi, chicks!

I'm going to post now and try to keep it short as I have a huge pile of work. I just heard from DH that his last grandfather passed on. His paternal grandfather passed away from cancer earlier this year, and his maternal grandfather, who has had pulminary fibrosis for a year and a half, finally succumbed to the illness last night. We'll probably be traveling out there soon for the funeral, and if I know DH, he'll want to leave tomorrow, so...I better get cracking at work and try to get as much done as possible before we leave. If you can say a prayer for DH and his family, that would be much appreciated. His grandpa lived only a couple blocks away from most of his kids, and they were all very close, so this will be incredibly hard, though they knew it was coming. I'm going to miss him, but I hurt even more for DH and his family.

Mama, you stay safe and get those waders on! Sending vibes for your freezer!

Ellis, thanks for the encouragement, and I don't think posting your replies here is tacky, just helpful, so we don't have to go back and forth. (plus, you know I love you! ) Oooh, good luck with the contest entries! My maternal grandmother made a side business of entering tons of contests. She won many times! You never know! I would take a visit to a spa in Antartica! anything to get me away from work... I take it Mom didn't behave well yesterday? Rrrr! Sic her, Ruth!

SKHerb, so sorry about your friends. So glad they are okay...and from one who survived the disaster of a house and contents (earthquake) does get better. New memories are made and kept, and you treasure the little things that survive. to you and them.

Jodi, whining is fine...but it is lovely to hear you so upbeat and positive! CONGRATULATIONS on the further loss and all new-low...I bet you'll blaze past it in no time! ONEderland, here you come!!!

Ruth, the newfie sounds great...I love newfies! Sad about the rectory, though! I take it Lucy went into labor? Yippee for her and we have puppies yet? (I obviously need to read the back threads). Enjoy your afternoon off and I know those lines will pop out just when you need them!

Scale's not moving much, but I'm still riding high on wearing brand new 18/20 pants and twin set yesterday, and size 20W (I say the W is for wide, my friend Caty says it's for Women's...) pants (from Salvation army!) today. I went shopping a couple weeks ago and found a ton on sale at Fashion Bug (thanks, Sarah!) and no tax on them...then found that the Salvation Army has started a small Plus size section. Lots of pants!

Honestly, chicks, this WOE makes me feel so very good! Just had to share.

Have a great day, gals...and please stay safe!
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I can do this!
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Cottage, we posted at the same time! Your day sounds lovely! Enjoy it! BTW, congrats on your great success and loss...I noticed it in another thread recently. Good for you!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Quick update: Lucy is not even near to going into labour as she's due on the 24th or 25th. Morna and I decided to move her to Morna's house so she could get used to living there, know where "her" room is, socialize with the other five dogs and just generally relax and fit in before the event. Hersh is due October 9th or so but won't need to go there as early as she is very familiar with Morna's house and dogs and could give whelping lessons! She's a pro at this puppy business.
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Good Morning, gals! Yes, Ellis, I did manage to get to the gym yesterday. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical first and then did the bike and weights. It felt so good afterwards. I get moody when I go too long without exercising. It's bad enough Brian was moody last night. He was just dragging on getting his homework done and then was upset that he didn't have time to play with his friend. This morning he was in a wonderful mood. He was making up words for cub scout songs with the tune of a Christmas carol. I have to teach our den three songs and then we sing one in from of the pack for a couple of electives. This will be a fun one!

Beachgal - I wished you lived closer. I have some size 18 and 20 pants that are too big for me. Sorry to hear about DH's grandfather. My last grandparent died when I was about 15 so I find it hard to remember that not everybody has kids as old as my family did (grandma was 77 when I was born).

Skherb - I know what you mean about the lightening. My friend's that live in The Colony have had three neighbors who have had their houses struck by lightening in the last year. Some of these storms are scary.

Now that Ivan spared Tampa, I have to worry about my aunt in Mobile. She is about 87 years old and in poor health. I hope she comes through this okay. Everyone in the path of the storm has my prayers.
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Morning everybody!

I'm up early even though it's my day off! Watched a movie last night (The Ladykillers with Tom Hanks....wasn't too impressed) and crashed afterwards. Now, I'm up at the crack of dawn with no place to go!

Lost 6oz between yesterday and today. Whoopideedoo. Terry brought home a DQ Blizzard and I darn near stole the "Family Jewels" over it. I was soooo mad. I want ice cream. I had a fudgesicle, but it just wasn't the same.

Was very tempted to have a flatout bread last night, but I didn't....I'm sticking to my Ph1 in order to lose some weight and so I don't need a flatout bread (even though one of those calzones sounds REALLLLLLY good.)

Pray for me today. I'm home alone with off plan food in the house. I need strength.

Have a good day everyone!
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Morning chicks.... not much going on in my world today have 3 wee ones again this morning. One is going home after lunch. So it is quiet again today. I do have my housework complete and need to get supper thought about as dh and I are going to the Thunderbirds concert in Fredericton tonight and my sweet mother is coming to stay with the kids. I have been so off program that it is not funny. You chicks are going to kick me out of here soon if I don't smarten up. I am thinking about going back to TOPS just so that I can have a weigh in once a week maybe that would help. But is that cheating on you guys and am I allowed to still post here.( I would still be following the beach).

Weezle- stay strong girl. Don't you just hate it when men do stupid things like that.

Mornign Barb- hope you Aunt will be ok. I will keep her my thoughts and prayers. These hurricanes are just terrible. Good job on the exercising. Have fun singing at cubs.

Ruth- good luck at rehearsals tonight. I can't say as I blame the Minister for not wanting to live in a house with BATS.... (they scare me to death.) Have a great day.

Beach- A big hug for your dh and his family.... I was so terribly sad when I lost my grandparents. Take care of your dh is this sad time. Congrats on the smaller size.

Cottage- Send some of that heat down this way.The sun is struggling to come out here but it is very chilly. So much for an Indian summer. You must be excited to have a new grand baby coming soon, have fun planning the shower. I like the low carb icecream it is very good. I don't buy it much as everyone in the house seems to like it as well and I can't seem to stay at only 1/2 cup. But good for you.

Just jodi- You go girl. Congrats for staying OP. Keep up the good work.

skherb- so sorry to hear about your friends home. Thank goodness they are all right. And good for you getting back on track today. Keep up the good work.

Mama- I hope you don't lose power. Take care in the stormy weather. I understand what you mean about your kids talking your ear off, but be thankful I have friends that have children that won't tell them anything. It is nice that your daughter and you are close.

Ellis- I read your post last night and it is just as good rereading it this morning. I love the fact that you think that I am so organized but if you could see me now sitting here in my jammies and playing on the puter neglecting everything. I don't even know what I am wearing tonight Have a great day.

A big HELLO to the rest of you chicks yet to come.
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Weezle - You can stay away from the off plan foods. You know you can. And if you feel like you are weakening, go out and take a walk. Get out of the house and away from the foods.

Little Chick - We wouldn't kick you out. Everyone is welcome no matter how well they are doing. I don't see why you couldn't combine TOPS with eating beach food.
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Morning everyone!! Seems as though there is rain everywhere today, but I thank my lucky stars and hurricanes are not something we see in Michigan.

Mama - hope the storms are small and you don't lose power, we could all come to visit and eat your food though?

Ellis - I will arm wrestle anyone for a spa weekend. So enter away!!

skherb - my heart breaks for your friend, I can't imagine losing everything in an instant like that...thank goodness the family and pets were all safe

jodi - on the scale!! keep up the good work!!

ruth - enjoy your busy day, goodness you have energy my dear!!

cottage - I must get out of P1 but I think that ice cream might need to enter my house.

Laurie - I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Its never easy, even when expected.

Barb - Send some of your exercise high my way, maybe that will get my butt moving. Good for you!!

weezle - Sending you all the strength vibes I can muster. Mondays and Tuesdays are actually my worst days cause I am home all day with the kids. It took everything in my power not to eat the cheesy broccoli pasta I made for the kids on Monday. Everything in my power. Just get online and post when you want to cheat, we'll stop you.

littlechick - TOPS? What is that? My motto is whatever works for you!!

Only on d3 of P1 and the scale this am (yes, I know I am weighing in too much) read that I had already gone back down to where I started the month. I suspected I was retaining a lot of water as I knew I had not eaten THAT poorly. So 12 more days to go.

Off to a meeting, I got nothing done at work yesterday. Better go redeem myself.
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