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Default Who are you? who-who who-who?

This might be fun. A local radio station is putting together a questionnaire that would hypothetically be used to pinpoint somebody's identity. They're looking for questions, not the answers, that would be asked to get to the true person.

Some of the entries are: If you were a crossword puzzle clue, what would you be? What piece of music would you want played at your funeral? If you could spend 10 minutes with any person, living or not, who would you choose?

My identifier would be: Recite one passage of any Shakespearean play and answer why that passage is memorable.

Any others anyone?
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Good thread Heidi but I thought it was going to be some interesting fact on CSI Do you think I'm excited that the fall season for TV is about to start?

I guess for me it would be putting actors names with the roles they play in contemporary TV/Movies. Nothing cheeses me off more than when people call actors by their character name. I don't mean the, "hey aren't you the guy who plays..." but when I read articles where actors are mistaken for their characters.

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I was thinking that maybe I should just amend my question to be about useless things in general. I remember song lyrics from eons ago -- oh and at work, someone will call out a name and ask why the client name is familiar and I'll reply, "oh that's the call where..." and go into detail. I tell you, if I could get rid of the useless stuff, I would have done MUCH better in school!

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Q. Who was Sir Gwain's horse? A. Gringolet. That's been cluttering up my brain for years. Maybe we can have a brain yard sale. I also have all the verses of The Owl and The kittycat taking up valuable space in there.
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Oh, dear, Ruth...The Owl and the's taking up valuable space in my brain too. I used to recite it to my daughters when they were small...they got a lot of giggles out of "runcible spoon" and "Out in the wood a piggywig stood, with a ring and the end of his nose, his nose, his nose"

What would my identifier be? Hmmm....gotta think about this for a minute...How about What kind of sound do llamas make and how do they say hello to each other? Answer: They hum...and they say hello by sniffing each others breath.

Interesting thread, Heidi!

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Oy, I think my dog is a llama...and she wants to say hello all day long!

I'm really not sure what mine would be. My mind is full to brimming with useless facts that pop out when others don't really need to hear them.
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