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Default "How We Met" stories

We met through a singles ad in the Dallas Observer! I was participating in a singles blood drive. After donating blood, we were offered a free singles ad. I wasn't the least bit prepared and I was a bit punchy, I guess, after donating blood. My girlfriend and I came up with words to describe me (Energizer Bunny) since I just kept on going and going.... At the time I was enjoying being single again after a divorce and was just looking for fun. I also put "age not important" LOL! I got guys from college age to retired that responded!

DH had two cats like I did. We both worked on computers. He is about 7 years older than I am. We talked on the phone for 3 hours the first time. There have certainly been tough times (we are totally opposite when it comes to politics and conservative/liberal issues) but it has been worth it.
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Sarah, thanks! The butterfly necklace was a gift from Meg and Jack (mods) when I met up with them. Meg says it is because she felt like a butterfly coming out of her shell when she lost her weight.

OMG...I can't believe he stayed so long! Did he actually leave something with you to sell?

Barb, I love your story! How awesome! My DH and I met in a similar way...I placed a personals ad online just for fun. I got lots of ridiculous responses, but DH was one of the real good ones. We e-mailed back and forth for a couple months, then met in person. We dated for four years and then got married. Five years last June. He's a special one. I hear you on the political thing...we voted for entirely different people last Presidential election. Oy!

I would love to hear more love stories!
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Default "How We Met" stories

I have a "How We Met" story and I think it's pretty unique. I was introduced to my husband by my best friend a few weeks after I had been through a messy breakup. When she told me who she wanted to meet, I was really surprised. Her ex-husband! Anyhow we visited on the phone for 3 hours the first night, went out the next. and been together since! Six weeks into the relationship, he proposed and we got married in June 5th, 2004. My best friend any my husband had been married for 8 years and she did some rotten stuff to him... and they grew apart, but always remained friends. There are no jealousies...they had been divorced 10 years before we met...and has been over her for years. I will always be very grateful to her!
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Red face My coin toss romance

My story is one that people love to laugh at. I'm a bit of the outgoing type...and Bryon is shy, unless he knows you're safe.

We were in the same class in high school, and we went to a small school. Of course I knew who he was, but he wasn't in my usual circle. He in fact did not even know my name, but apparently had a bit of a secret crush on me. He didn't admit that until a year into our relationship!

Anyway, our senior year he drifted into my social circle, a friend of a friend. We hung out at a party together watching the Goonies and other classics. We wrestled around a bit, like friends do, and I think I felt a little something then, but didn't act on it. He thought I was with another guy.....who is just...YUCK...defintely wasn't with him.

Nothing happened for about 6 months. Then a dance came along. My girlfriends always went to these, and I was no different, we love to dance. Turns out that most of my friends were at Swimming Sectionals that evening leaving it with me, my gf Lindsey, her bf Ryan(also a good friend of mine), and his friend Bryon....Since it felt pretty natural, Bry and I fell into one another and danced together...though I must tell you he's not much of a dancer!

Ryan and Lin had apparently noticed a spark between us that we didn't as later in the evening Ryan pulled me into a corner for a "talk". He asked me what I thought of Bryon, I said the usual high school bit... "He's ok....why?" To make this short, Ryan made a kind of dare. He said he would flip a coin, if it landed on heads I had to make some sort of a move on Bry. Tails, do nothing.....


So the dance continues and we're dancing and whatnot. Nothing major. Singing in each other's ears, talking small talk....finally we dance the last dance. Still nothing. I mean honestly, what are you supposed to do?!?

So walking out with Ryan and Lin, Ryan's making a mockery of me as I backed out on a dare, something that never happened within reason during our friendship.

Well, I couldn't let him ridicule me right?

So yes, I told Ryan to just watch, and I ran out into the parking lot. Once I spotted the 6'6" Bryon, I grabbed his arm and's the conversation:

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," Bryon replied.

"Where are your parents?"

"I don't know."

"Good." I took in a deep breath...."Just kiss me."

And with that he stuck his tounge down my throat!

With some altering on the PDA, we've been together ever since. Close to 2 years now, engaged for May 2006. Somehow we just...fell together. We are total opposites, totally in love.
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My dh was a senior when I was a freshman in high school. He was a jock and I hated jocks cuz they didn't have to work for their grades and could get away with anything as long as they played well. He started asking me out that year and I told him no at least a hundred times between then and my junior year. I have to be honest I only went out with him to get rid of him. Didn't work cuz he is still here after 37 years. Silly guy.
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I love your stories, girls.

I met my DH in college. He was cute, cocky and flirtatious, and always said "hi" to me in the halls, although we'd never met. I was waiting for his class to exit my classroom one day, and he was juggling four balls in his seat. He saw me and threw one to me.
We later actually "met" on the last day of college. He was getting extra help from a computer teacher (who also happened to be my teacher), and my girlfriend and I nabbed the teacher away from him.
I wasn't the slightest bit interested in meeting anyone, because I'd just lost my first love to suicide, but my DH won me over, and convinced me not to become a nun.
We've been married 16 years. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Even if he were to leave me tomorrow, I'd be grateful for the time I've had, and for all that he's taught me about living life.
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I like to tell people that I picked up my DH in a bus terminal, but actually it was right on the bus. It was a series of unlikely choices that brought us together.

I was in England, travelling and working to support my travels. I lived South of London, in Sevenoaks, boarding with an elderly missionary lady in a 16th century cottage. I had gone to London for the weekend but it was dreary and I wasn't in the mood, so on Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to take the bus back to Sevenoaks.

While boarding the bus, I was tapped on the shoulder by a handsome guy, asking if this was the right bus for Sevenoaks. On the bus, he sat on one side of the aisle and I, 2 seats behind on the other side of the aisle. Picture this. I'm there with a coffee in one hand, danish in the other, crumbs falling, drops spilling. He is there carefully folding his scarf and laying his coat neatly on the seat beside him. I thought "Whoa! how anal! I'd never get along with that guy!"

After a while I notice he was reading in a guidebook about Knole Castle, so I knew that he must be headed there. When we arrived in Sevenoaks he was about to get off at the train station so I got his attention and told him to wait because the bus station was actually an uphill mile away. We later disembarked together and I dropped the bomb: Even though his guidebook said otherwise, Knole was actually closed for the winter. We walked a bit and I told him he could wander around the deer park to see it from the outside. Then I showed him the house where I was staying and told him that he was welcome to stop for a hot drink when he was done looking around. At that point, it was just tourist to tourist - sympathies of a fellow traveller sort of thing. Really!

After a few hours had passed I figured he wouldn't be coming, so I stepped next door to visit another elderly woman. She and I used to drink brandy and she would smoke until we saw the missionary lady coming and then we'd hide the vices! So I was visiting her when I heard (through the wall) the missionary lady explaining the history of Sevenoaks in great detail. My friend said "You had better go save him!" So I did.

We went to the pub that evening and met the next day in London. After a week we decided to move in together. We married a year later. We've been surprisingly compatible and very happy.

Without an error in a guidebook and a restless night on my part, we might never have crossed paths.

Sorry if that was longwinded!!!!
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Default guys have such GREAT stories...They're so cute!!
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Default My story isn't very cute....

So I started working as a Customer Service Rep/Specimen Handler at the hospital. I was single, but not really looking for anything, as I had been burned and just wasn't interested in anything. However, there were some pretty hot phlebotomists. I just let them be eye-candy for me, every day, and all of us flirted and goofed around and had fun.

Except for this one who looked like Anthony Edwards. What a JERK. Instead of asking me to help him with things like the others did, he'd throw them at me. (That is, until I told him "If you throw ONE MORE LABEL at me, I'm going to shove it up your ") Anytime he got off the phone, he'd slam it down several times. He was just some hot-headed, arrogant JERK who I could NOT STAND.

Well, about five months later, this jerk started hanging out with me and my other friends from work (we typically had a gathering every night at 11pm out at the bar when we got off work.) He started to lighten up (I blame it on the booze) and we started to talk and become friends. Turns out he was a jerk because he was in a relationship that was drawn-out and worthless, and he just couldn't find a way out of it.

So, since I heard the words "in a relationship," I just remained friends with him, and we talked at work and hung out sometimes afterwards. I would always try to calm him down so he didn't give me a stroke, when he was upset, and he was always an ear for me to blab everything to.

Then, August 7th, 2002, my mother called me at work. She told me to come right home after work because we were going to put down our beloved Schatzie (weiner dog, 17 years old) the next morning at 9. Well, I freaked, and went crying to my hot-headed phlebotomist friend. He asked where and when, and met my mother, brother, and myself at the vet at 9 the next morning to be there for us.

Then, about 4pm while I was at work that evening, still shaken by the thought of Schatzie being gone, ER called up to me. Now, this wasn't uncommon, as we deal with ER all the time in lab. Well, Tasha said "Lisa? Your brother is a trauma. He was in a bad accident. You might want to come down." So, I freaked out again, grabbed my friend Mindy, told my supervisor what was up, and ran down to the ER.

My phlebotomist friend caught wind of what happened, so he went down on the trauma with another guy, Brett, and sat with me and my parents in the waiting room, as they wouldn't let us in to see Ryan. He went in, would find out information for us, then come out and sit with us, until it was time for Ryan to go home.

That's when I knew I'd be with Terry forever. I couldn't pass up such a compassionate soul. So, he broke up with Heather, moved her out, and here I am, over two years later. He gave me a promise ring at Christmas (four months in) and proposed to me on my birthday (9 months in.) And we're getting married on April 16th of next year.
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Oh, ladies, how sweet! You are all so lucky to have such great guys. Yay!
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Well, I don't have a very exciting story, but it is a long term relationship.

As a child, I was always expected to excel at everything that I did (but I was never very good at athletics, except swimming). Anyway, I met DH in the summer prior to my/our last year of high school - however, having been pushed all my life, I was two years ahead of myself and was only 14.

I had been away that summer to visit family and then a trip to Expo '67 in Montreal. When I returned, my circle of friends had met these twins that had recently moved to the city in which I was raised. The group often went out for the evening, and I really didn't pay much attention to these 'new' guys because I was so young my mother wouldn't let me date. Just before Christmas, one of the twins asked my out... and the rest is just history. We were married in 1970 after we had finished university - I was 18, he was 20.

We have three adult children...two of whom we are unable to remove from the house. If anyone has any suggestions, we are open to them all. I have threatened to sell the house and move into a one bedroom apartment, but all I get is laughter as a response...
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We met online, in a mIRC chatroom. He lived in Oklahoma and I lived in the DC area and after 3 months of chatting he moved in with me.
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Originally Posted by sweet tooth
We have three adult children...two of whom we are unable to remove from the house.
Hehe, Peggy my parents call this "launching" and I think just about everyone has a problem with it at some point.
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Default Horror Movie turned Romantic Comedy

I was in grade 8 and in the mornings we would have to sit on bleachers until school started. I was sitting with my ultra girly friends who loved makeup and romance movies, I on the other hand enjoy horror movies and my makeup is pretty much simple. I noticed below me what seemed to be a new guy so I elbow all my gf's and say what you think? All of them were like no way look what he is reading!!!! I looked down past his shoulder and could not believe my eyes the same magazine I had seceretly been getting called FANGORIA its a horror movie magazine. I had not got that issue yet so I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if I could look at the magazine when he was finished and he told sure go ahead and look at it ladies first! He introduced himself to me as Derek and I asked him his classes and what do you know he had 2 classes with me so I offered to show him to them, we sat together at lunch, and we went places all the time, he never asked me out so I figured he had no feelings for me other than a friendship, we stayed friends until our senior year we had a theater class together we had been taking theater since freshmen and we advance to a higher class we were the only to in that class Ms. Barger was a strange woman so we figured thats why no one took more than one class with her. We had to do a scene from an old play called " An Angel in my eyes" the scene was super romantic and I was kinda shy to do this part with him because I knew my feelings for him, I sucked it up and did the play anyway. He bought me some assorted flowers of fall colors and put some of the orange and yellow leaves with it ( I love autumn ) and gave them to me on the last night of the play, he asked me to go to the musem with him the next day so I was like sure I havent been in a while! They have this nature walk that has this really pretty pond he brought a picnic basket and we had lunch out by the pond and gave me this necklace that had a cross on it in the middle of a heart and said to me that he prayed to god in grade 8 before starting school that he would meet the best friend of his life and little did he know that it would be a girl that he would eventually fall in love with...I cried and cried and we have been dating ever since. He is in the Air Force when he is done serving his first 4 years we are getting married.

I am sorry so long but without the details it hardley seems romantic...
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Not sure how romantic our tale is...

DH and I went to the same high school. He is 2 years older. We had the same circle of friends, but never really interacted. Friends of ours dated, so we were at the same parties, etc. DH was pretty shy and I was insanely (almost obnoxiously at times) outgoing. We went to a party together when I was a sophomore. While our friends were doing whatever, we talked. I remember DH's best friend saying that I was the first girl he ever remembered DH really talking to.

We went about our merry way. I dated his friends. He dated some other girl. He graduates, time passes. The summer prior to my senior year we crossed paths again. He was getting ready to move away to school (stayed home for his first year). The circle of friends was reunited and we were all spending time together. I had a crush.

It took me 2 months to get up the courage to ask HIM out. He tells the tale that he remembers thinking he should decline because I was not the "kind of girl you just date" and he was ready to party at school. I remember telling him early on not to think beyond the summer, let's just have fun. By the end of the summer we were in love.

We dated for 7 years before getting married. Both graduated from college. During that time my mom passed away. I also studied in Europe for 6 months. We survived all of that together. We have now been married for 7 years, how time flies.

His BF in the wedding toast as best man talked about how he remembers the night I asked DH out. He says he had to tell that story...cause he could not tell the funny he really wanted to say...remember how I said we went to the same high school? Well, MIL was a teacher at the elementary school I went to and she was my first sex ed teacher!!

Our circle of friends is still tight as ever. Our closest friends we have both known for over 15 years. We are lucky to have each other.
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