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Well, I think the reason for my dizziness is all the snot rolling around in my head, knocking me off balance. I wasn't dizzy again today, but boy are my allergies crazy. Stupid weather.

Feeling much better, especially since I slept from 10:30pm-8am (again) last night. A wee bit tired from a long day at work, but otherwise okay.

Decided to pamper myself today. Went to the store and bought myself all new makeup and face care. Bought a deep cleanser, apricot exfoliating scrub, mudd spa treatment mask, and pre-moistened make-up remover towlettes. My face is as soft as a baby's butt now! I bought some new mascara (my old one hadn't been used enough and crusted up and died,) eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, and two new lipsticks (Crystal Clear and Nude Glow....two very light, neutral ones for fall.) I'm excited, and feel better now. Tried on all the makeup as soon as I got home, then washed it all off with every new thing I bought! Terry will be so happy to kiss on my face!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening.
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Evening chicks!

SK I hope you and your DH enjoyed your date! What restaurant did you all go to?

Ruth Good to hear from you!

Barb The fitness place sounds great! You are rocking on your weight loss. Hope tennis was fun- I think it is great that your son likes to be active. Such awesome habits to start early on.

I did some serious shopping today- not something I am able to do often. We have been wanting a side table for our entryway, so I bought one as well as a cute lamp with a beaded shade. Then I found a pretty rug on sale at Kohl's for the entryway as well. The colors in the rug blend with the color scheme of the rest of the house, which is like a deep sage and burgundy. We are planning to paint the walls in the entryway a khaki color. DH has told me (rightfully so!) that we can't paint until we finish touch ups and crown moulding in the living room. (We painted that LAST summer!) It was fun, b/c we never have extra money, so we were able to splurge on DD's bike last night and some nice touches for our home. Next is hopefully a nursery!

Eating was not perfect today, but also not the pits either. DH has been working a TON, but I have been loving my time with DD as she has been a gem.
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Hurray for me! I just finished my complete day 2 OP!!!! I even caved in and went to the Olive Garden with my co-workers because one girl was begging -- she even promised to keep the breadsticks away! So I went and had the Chicken Cesar salad, really expensive but I did enjoy it - I also remembered to ask them to hold the croutons!

So I am sleepy and heading to bed but very proud of myself. I think the thing I find most amazing is that as soon as I stop with the simple carbs and sugar, my appetite drops right off. On my way home from work I realized that I'd not eaten in 8 hours. So I did grab a bit of chicken to eat so I'm not really hungry in the morning.

Man I love feeling good!!

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Good Sunday morning to ya, Chickies~~

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up, wide awake at an unGodly hour for absolutely no reason other than your own weird personal paranoias? That was me at 5:45. Woke up convinced I'd lost that stupid chemo hat I'm STILL working on. I thought I'd brought it home on Friday, but I guess I left it at the lab.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Went to brunch with my writing partner and did fairly well...more Atkins well than SBD...had 2 eggs and two sausage links and WW toast. After that, hubby and I went up to our big mall (If you walk the circumference it's exactly a mile) and did our walk along with some shopping. He got himself a spiffy new pair of chinos and 3 silk/cotton T shirts. I found a couple blouses I'd been drooling over for since March on clearance sale. I'll only get to wear them a few more weeks unless we have a heat wave in November. But they're pretty, they fit nice and they'll still look nice even when I'm down quite a few pounds.

Came home and BIL had a ham in the oven. Very first time EVER that a ham has seen the inside of my oven. I grew up with religious affiliations that forbids eating "unclean" foods such as pork. Anyway, I was really leery of trying it, convinced I'd hate it. But, I was surprised that it was very, very good. (I think he's trying to corrupt me!) Ate the ham with some spinach and a wee dab of au gratin potatoes. Unfortunately the ham was very, very salty so I'm swollen as a bufo toad this morning. Drinking some coffee in the hopes that it will direce (sp?) me.

Weezle, I've BTDT with the whirly-twirlies. Some Advil sinus and an Antivert help me. I had to smile with your playing makeup. I love to do that, myself. Mary, my writing partner also sells professional makeups to makeup artists and photographers, so I'm always the beneficiary of some really cool stuff.

Kristin, sorry about the headache. Is it just coming off sugar and junk food that's doing it?

Sheila, sounds like you had a wonderful time eating your pizza.

RNMOM, so you're going back to school? How awesome! I'm hoping to do the same myself. I've wanted to be an RN since I was a child, but either lack of money, lack of time or lack of babysitters got in the way. Hopefully, I'll start next spring.

Peggy, I chuckled at your hubby's bad day. Poor guy, you should have just sat him down in front of the tube with a beer and told him to try again another day!

Busymomma, so sorry you're having difficulties w/ your ex. What a PITA. He doesn't have ulterior motives for suddenly wanting to see the kids, does he?

Barb, Kiko, Skerb, Ruth and you other chicks hanging out there, HELLO!

Gonna go see if my buddies are awake yet for chat, so you all HAGD on the Beach!

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Well, I did a really stupid thing last night. I was rushing to get dinner ready to get to the tennis court and I turned on the wrong burner. AND then proceded to touch the one that was one. I have burns on the inside of three fingers. Several have pretty large blisters. Very painful.

I had promised Brian we would play tennis so I figured we'd try. I managed it okay and didn't tear any blisters open. It was a lot of fun. DH really needs to work on his serve but I think this will be good for all of us. DH still needs to lose over 100 pounds (probably more but he won't tell me his weight).

This morning I'm working on laundry and we have to be at a birthday party at the theatre. We're seing Yugioh. Brian has seen it twice but I haven't seen it yet. They are having cake and pizza afterwards (and popcorn during the movie). I plan to limit myself to just one slice of pizza and avoid the rest. I'll tell you later if I slip!
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Can anyone tell me how I can locate a bat in our house? I got up around 5 to use the bathroom, and DD was on the computer (we all slept downstairs in the TV room last night because it was quite hot in the attic). Unless I was dreaming, she informed me that there was a cute little bat flying about. No idea where to look.

Mamacita, so sorry to hear about your boss. I hope things don't turn ugly with the new one. She sounds like an absolute witch.

Weezle, hope you get better soon, sweetie!

Emily, so sorry about the situation with your DH. I hope things get worked out soon.

I was going to talk to all of you, but Ruthie just called and talked away my time (I love you, Ruth, and I still think you have the sexiest voice. ), and I've got to rush off to the hospice. I'll be back later...
love to all of you... xoxo
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Good Sunday morning, chickies. I am feeling a bit guilty about not going to Church but need a real day of rest.

Ah, Barb! Another burn in our part of the Coop! I hope it heals quickly.

So after chatting with dear Ellis (who sounds her usual self, by the way), I decided to do a facial, thanks to Weezle's post re make-up. I have enough stuff in that drawer to start an Avon business. Five unopened tubes of cleansing foam and three different masks! Or is it masque? Anyhow, I decide to slap on a cucumber peel-off one and the darn thing has not dried yet! It's been a half hour. That sort of tells you what kind of day this is - humid as heck! I have a meeting at 8 tomorrow morning and hope it dries enough to peel off before then.

I really do intend to relax today. Between the Church Sale and the social "whirl", I've really been on the go. Today I am going to ignore my To Do list and just read on the porch and drink lemon ice tea mixed with diet gingerale. The Girls will join me in a lazy afternoon.

I hope everyone has a great and relaxing day.
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Good morning ladies!

I slept in til 10 little brother and dad came home yesterday from Atlanta...My little brother had the best time....He recieved a signed autographed hat by his favorite pitcher!!! Which is very exciting for him...Then yesterday my mom, grandma and I went over to our friend's house for a surprise b-day party,(for that friend of ours who has cancer) She's been in a hospital bed in her home now....I think she could go any was rough....everyone was crying....She is such a beautiful and special lady....Please keep her and her family in your prayers.....On a good note....the scale finally managed to move! I am now down to 208! I haven't been that in I don't know how long!!! I thought I'd be stuck at 210
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