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Thumbs up FF Cool Whip and Life in general

I remember posting a question on someone else's thread about FF Cool Whip having hydrogenated oils in it but I don't remember anyone saying that it was ok. I'm asking because the PB cups sound really good to me and I found an all natural peanut butter that is just peanuts. So if somebody could give me direction on the FF Cool whip I'd be set!

As far as life in general, daily it's a struggle to start Day 1, Phase 1. I always seem to blow it. The weirdest part is though, that I don't have the guilt that I used to get with weight watchers. When I went off program my attitude would be, "oh great, what's the point?" and I'd binge for days. Most days on SB when I blow it it's been chocolate bars or a bagel and I think, "oops, just means I'll go 14 more days from today" and I don't eat more chocolate or more bagels, I just get right back up again. Even though I've failed to do more than 2 completely 100% days OP in a row, I don't feel like a failure and I still have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this will work when I can go 100% regularly. I have to be honest and say even if I don't get to be 100% for another month (which I really don't want to be the case!), I don't feel like it's the end of the world and I'll still just be plugging away.

I had a girl friend say the other day that I look like I've lost weight since she's seen me last (about a month ago). I haven't stepped on a scale since the 10th of August and while I'm sure if I've lost weight there is no way it's more than 5lbs in the month, I feel better in general. This is DEFINITELY a good thing!

Thanks for putting up with me and my consistently starting again. If someone could answer my FF Cool Whip question I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Here is a thread from the Frequently Asked Questions where the Cool Whip question was discussed

You can always go into the forum and then select Search This Forum from the top right area of the screen and put in a few words and it will pull up the posts that have used those words. That's how I check to make sure that I am giving consistent advice.
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I am so thrilled to hear how positive and healthy you sound! I know that staying OP is tough...but you can do this. And in the meantime, you are taking the steps you need to get there! Mel, one of the moderators, has this in her sig (paraphrasing): "Failure is not getting back up when you fall." My Mary Engelbreit calendar has the same thing, said differently: "Success is getting up once oftener than you fall down." You keep picking yourself up, and that's great!

Keep putting one foot in front of another, and get the bad food out of your way...your new healthy self is coming through!
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