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Default Only vege is salad

Pretty much, the only veges I eat is salad containing mixed greens, spinach, tomatos and cukes. I do eat spinach in my eggs and tomatos in other stuff, but that's pretty much it. Do you think that's a problem? I just don't like other veges - I've tried to force myself to eat them but I just can't. I will occasionally eat some peppers, asparagus, collard greens, or make the roasted vege recipe in the book, but not very often. My husband hates everything but salad too. Am I going to get scurvy or something if I don't vary the types of veges I eat? I have a huge salad at least once a day, usually twice.
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I can understand the problem with the veggies. I am not particularly fond of them, either. However, I try to dress them up a bit with OP foods. I add veggies to my cheese omeletts and cheese to the top of a dish of veggies and generally eat them where I can, but I know that I don't eat enough.

If that is still a concern, make sure that you are taking vitamins to compensate. I take a bunch in the morning - including a multi vitamin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Folic Acid, and Vitamin C. The only problem that I have had with my blood tests is a defficiency in iron (a long standing problem for me), so I am also on an iron supplement, that I wouldn't recommend unless the dr. tells you.
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Thanks! You just reminded me to take my vitamin!
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How about veggie soup? That's so easy, and one of my faves. I boil a bag of lentils, with a little olive oil, and then put the lentils, more water and a big bag of frozen mixed veggies, plus whatever I have in the fridge, all in my crockpot and lots of seasonings, and let it go for a few hours. I think it tastes good, my roomie liked it too. The lentils make it kind of thick, and it is hearty. IMHO. =P
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Soup is a great idea! Remember that 8 ounces of V8 counts as two veggie servings! I sometimes use it as a basis for veggie soup.
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Yeah, I do make soup and stews, but I make them more in the winter than I do when the weather is warm. But I have to revamp my soups and stews cause traditionally they contain alot of potatos, corn and peas. And I always use v8 or tomato juice as my soup stock.
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Wendy, you can take vitamins, and they will help, but there is some question as to how much we can absorb from pills. If you can only eat salad, I would vary some of the things you put in it.

Also, try making some salads from veggies...like the 3 bean salad with green beans. Check out the recipes in the forum here...there are a lot of variations. You never know you won't like something unless you really try it. There are so many different veggies with all different textures and tastes, I bet you can find some you will like. For instance, I hate lima beans, brussels' sprouts, and cauliflower (in general). But I have found that I actually like broccoli and asparagus. It took trying them a lot of different ways before I could get to like them. You know?

I wish you luck!
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