Probably a no brainer question..

  • Is nonfat powdered milk, that I put in my hot chocolate count as a part of my dairy allowance? I drink this everyday with breakfast, and I never thought to consider it that...
  • Better count it. I'm sure it's not very much but should be considered dairy.
  • Yes, count it as what it would be if you made it up to milk. Check with the updated food list in the FAQ section of this board but I think you can have 375ml of milk/yogurt a day. That usually allows me two tubs of l/f yogurt and enough for my morning coffee.
  • I'm still totally confused about how much dairy we are allowed and what counts as dairy. Seems that some thought yogurt didn't count, others think it does, but cheese doesn't...Ack!

    Anyone have a final answer on that?
  • FAQ says yoghurt does count but cheese is not considered dairy.
    (2 cups allowed daily, including yogurt)
    Low-fat milk (fat-free and 1%)
    Fat-free 1/2 & 1/2 (less than 2 tablespoons)
    Low-fat plain soy milk (4 grams of fat or less per serving)
    1% or fat-free buttermilk
    Fat-free plain yogurt
  • I just didn't know how much to count it as? the recipe calls for 1 cup nonfat powdered milk.. and in one mug i put 3 tbs.. !?!? and there's other things in the mix too.
  • Check the packet. It should say how much it makes up in fluid form. I think one cup of powder makes about four cups of fluid. If you are using 1/4 cup of powder then that is about 250ml or 1 cup of milk out of your allowance. Perhaps measure your scoops into a metric cup to see about how much you are using.
  • Just to cover my bases I'm counting it as one of my dairy servings.