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RNMOM 08-20-2004 06:59 PM

I need cussed out!!!!
What is my problem???? I'm being so bad! KristenJ talked about a swan dive off the SB diet, I've done a belly flop!!!!!

I can't even believe I dare get on the scales. Up 10 pounds now in 8 days!!!

I don't feel better, the stuff doesn't taste good and I am NOT happy with me. My kids started leaving yesterday and as much as I miss those little grandsons I'm ready for some structure and routine. My daughter leaves for Texas on Sunday. Tomorrow we are driving over to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a Celtic festival which sounds like a blast. Since the thought of haggis makes me want to gag I'm thinking I should be able to eat sensibly.

I started today off great. Decided to phase 1 it again, when my daughter wants to go to this chinese place that she loves and hasn't been to in a year. So 4 pieces of fried shrimp and french fries later!!!!!

The first 10 days of phase 1 were pretty miserable for me, chocolate addiction headache, I'm pretty sure it won't be pleasant again. I have no clothes to get back into if I continue this.

I'm pretty mad at me. Maybe if you all cuss me out I'll get back on track! :?:
Lift me up guys, I'm drowning.............................

1busymomma 08-20-2004 07:09 PM


I'm thinking once all of your temptations are out of the house you will be o.k. again. And it's not the food either, I'm talking about the people around you who love you and mean well, but just don't understand the importance of sticking with this.....or even understand what this WOL is about!

Take this one meal at a time and one victory at a time. Try not to beat yourself up!
You CAN do this. :) :)

Enjoy the rest of the time with DD and grandsons, in the long run, they are what the most important thing should be and count each victory food wise as you go. :grouphug:

nelie 08-20-2004 07:52 PM

RNMOM, you don't need to be yelled at. What you need to realize is that you messed up and you will do better. You realize that things such as french fries aren't worth feeling as bad as you feel about it. Just next time make some smarter choices.

LaurieX 08-20-2004 10:07 PM

Good advice! Don't be too hard on yourself now. This is a once in a Blue Moon event and you should let yourself enjoy it for what it is. When your visitors have gone, focus on your goals and come back to the Beach with a clear mind and conscience (sorry, I can never spell that word right).

If ya can't stick with it at that point, give us a holler and we'll cuss at ya. Until then, have fun!

justjodi 08-21-2004 12:07 AM

hop back on rnmom!! you can get your but back in gear!! find that great strength again you are so close to goal!!! now that your life is returning to normal it is time to start taking care of yourself again. jump back on the beach wagon starting right now!!!

Diamondgrrl7 08-21-2004 10:08 AM

Don't feel bad.. I've done the exact same thing the past week or so. Almost 2 week if I am honest with myself. I've stopped exercising, and I have been going back and forth between being OP and totally inhaling everything I can get my hands on. As a result I feel sick to my stomach, disappointed, and I've gained back 5 pounds. I am going back to phase one, day one today (for the second time in the past week) and I'm determined to stick to it this time. I plan on heading over to the gym today and signing up for a membership. I think taking that step will motivate me to stick to the diet and exercise.

I know you are ticked at yourself, but maybe that is what you need to get motivated again. Just keep reminding yourself that eating all that stuff makes you feel unhealthy, unhappy and it just isn't worth it.

ellis 08-21-2004 06:37 PM

Oh, sweetie... first a hug... :grouphug:

Now listen here, girl! :drill: You and me and a bunch of others here are MISERABLE because we're eating poorly. I just woke up from a nap choking because of my acid reflux. All because I ate a damned bag of bridge mixture. :mad:
Maybe we really DO need those charm bracelets! We need a reminder of how special we are in order to get us through the day.
I'm going to start Phase I again on Monday if anyone wants to join in. I'll start a big thread and I'll even sticky it if you want me to. We'll stick it right at the top so it stares us in the face every day, and we'll be nothing but nurturing and OP!! :hat:

RNMOM 08-21-2004 07:51 PM

I'm with you Ellis!!! I'm phase oneing tomorrow!!!! Sticky, do cartwheels, whatever!!!!! :)

Ruthxxx 08-21-2004 08:27 PM

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! I guess I'm with you too. I had rack of lamb with fries and then ice cream when we went out to dinner tonight! and I don't really regret a single morsel but ....

ellis 08-22-2004 01:45 AM

Wait! When are we starting?! Don't say "tomorrow", because it's already tomorrow, and I've got pizza in the oven!

Ruthxxx 08-22-2004 07:05 AM

Monday for me. The scale budged - UP! :yikes:

sweet tooth 08-22-2004 05:20 PM

You can do this...start now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes :D

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