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Mamacita 08-09-2004 09:46 PM

Monday PM replies
Sheila, So sorry for your stressful week. But my goodness! I'm so glad they found that aneurysm before something dreadful happened. :fr: And happy to hear the tumor was benign. Tell your dad he's in a strangers thoughts and prayers tonight.

As for the alpaca....I'm only getting the fiber...not the whole critter, though I'd give something very precious belonging to dh to have one! ;) They're sweeties!

Littlechick & Cottage-- The fiber is going to get all washed and brushed and then spun up into yarn. I have lots and lots of presents to make for lots and lots of people. Handspinning is not really an "instant gratification" type hobby. But I love the softness of the fiber, playing with colors (do lots of dyeing) and seeing the different types of yarns I can make. :) But I tend to knit socks, hats and scarves b/c they don't take long. Sweaters will be sometime down the road.

Fuzzy-- I loved reading your story about "Dude". I'm grandmom to a beautiful angora bunny that belongs to my DD. (I get the fur) How cool that he would greet you with little bunny kisses...Beach Gal...did you read that??? :) Tell your BIL to make sure he gives Dude lots of TIMOTHY hay, as they need lots of fiber. And plenty of green veggies and water so he doesn't get wool block. (kinda like hairballs in cats).

Peggy-- Sorry you're feeling down, but just take a look at those stats of yours!! That is just TOO AWESOME, girl! :cheer:

The rest of you gals....have a great evening...I'm off to bed with a good book!

Catch you in the morning!


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