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Default Why is Phase II so hard???

Okay Phase I (first time around) made it through the two weeks to end up having a wee bit too much to drink on Day 14. Hey I'm Irish, genetics are to blame somewhere. Then out of guilt towards myself I started Phase I over submitting once to sample one of my wedding cake creations (hazard of the hobby). I've made it through the first week of Phase II but feel it's worse than the first phase. Today for example I had a slice of a crustless egg beater quiche I'd made with one piece of whole wheat carb conscious toast with 1T of low sugar marmelade, water, tea, V-8, snacked on a mozz string cheese, lunch was more water and a greek salad (annoying doused in dressing which I forgot to ask for on the side), came home and wasn't hungry so I knawed on some celery sticks with cottage cheese. Then it hit me, I had to have some chocolate. Ughh. In the form of a buttermilk chocolate pie I'd made for my roommates.

Any and every bit of advice would be useful. When I'm at work it is so much easier, but now I only work two days a week and I don't get to the gym every day because of it. I'm studying at least 10 hours a day for the bar exam so I typically eat breakfast at home then I'm at the surrender of surrounding restaurants near my study spot (Barnes and Noble) for lunch and then back home late for dinner. I know I can do this I am just afraid I will gain back the weight I have lost with a few indiscretions during Phase II.

I love adding back the red wine, semi sweet chocolate, whole wheat grains, and the fruit. But should I forgo them longer?

Not so happy-
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VT - I'm not there yet - but I do know from previous experience that sometimes adding all these foods that make us hungry can be a little too much pressure. Why don't you try cutting back a bit and adding just one or two foods and seeing how that affects you?
Personally, I'm planning on just adding one whole grain at first, then one fruit. I may stay there for a while.
There is no way I'm going NEAR chocolate for a while, unless it's a piece from someone else's dessert when we are out!

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I started Phase II on Tuesday and just added back one thing a day. It seems to be working great for me. Maybe you should go that route. Good luck to you, and by the way, your stats are awesome!

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Losing on the Beach
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Hi guys
I have the same problem...once I add bread even the low carb high fiber...I want more It is as if it makes me REALLY crave carbs...and not the good ones either if you get my drift BUT I know with determination and about 15 minutes those cravings will subside....Good luck and know your not alone ....just hop online and go through the recipes until you find something to take the place of the foods we should avoid
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I have been on Phase II for 2 weeks after doing Phase 1 for 5 1/2 weeks, then not eating for close to a week after Phase I. Converting to Phase II has not been easy, to say the least.

I was not eating very much when I started on Phase II, but decided to start Phase II by adding a starch to my diet every second day...and I added the starch at the end of the day, so that the cravings would be reduced since I would be asleep. I found that, even though I had only added one thing every second day, my weight loss was stalled. However, at the end of the first week of Phase II, I found that I had started to lose once again. On the second week of Phase II, I added a starch one day and a fruit the next. I just have this theory that, until I can trust myself not to cheat, I will take it very slowly and try to manage the times that I may be tempted to cheat the most. This seems to have worked for me since I tend to want to snack after supper the most.

I agree with you when it comes to work. I find it so much easier to stay OP when I work than when I am at home. When I work, I prepare my lunch at a time that I am not ready to eat, so when it is time to eat lunch, I only have OP foods with me. We have a weight room and track where I work, so I spend part of my lunch break working out. By the time I am finished, it is time to go back to work.

There are also 3 other people on SBD at work, so sneaking something to eat because noone is watching is really hard. We have a lady working in the unit who is grossly overweight, has insulin resistance and is not on SBD or any other kind of diet. When we celebrate birthdays, etc. with a cake she makes a BIG public announcement that she can't participate because she is diabetic and there is nothing for her. However, we often see her bent over her desk drawer stuffing her face with butter tarts, cookies, muffins, potato chips, you name it. One day she ate 6 butter tarts in less than half a day. The leftovers of birthday cakes seem to disappear out of the fridge, also. It really is quite a funny visualization and not something that I want to be remembered for. When I am tempted at work, I just visualize this lady and seeing the big rump bent over the desk drawer and the crumbs falling from her face. That does it for me.

The days at home are more difficult. I try not to keep foods in the house that will be too great a temptation, or make it so difficult to eat them that it isn't worth trying. But that is hard when my DH is skinny, skinny, skinny. He is really supportive, though, so that helps. When I am losing weight, he just smiles and asks what diet WE are on now. He suggests that we not keep cookies and sweets in the house but I don't like him to be completely deprived when I am the one with the problem. He actually takes most of that kind of stuff to work, stores it there and eats it when he wants at work, rather than having it under my nose at home. Anything that he has at home, he hides in his own spot (I have no idea where) and that reduces the temptation to eat it. Believe me, some days I have looked really hard for his hiding space and can't find it.

One thing that really helps me is that I made a rule for myself. When I have a craving or want something off program, I have made a rule that I must drink a litre of water before I am allowed to eat it. I often find that, when the water has been consumed, I don't really want it any more. If I still want it, I have decided not to deprive myself and take a piece. The water makes it so that I don't eat as much...usually only a small sample. That seems to satisfy me without too much damage.

As long as you recognize the times each day that you have the most trouble, make an alternate plan to manage those times, it will get easier. Take care.
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Thank you all. I didn't do so well yesterday as I felt as if I ate everything in my path... darn holidays. Well today is a fresh start with oatmeal and berries. Now if I can not have any more carbs I'll be okay. I am scared to get on the scale after this past week. Wish me luck tomorrow.
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I have a small does of carbs 2 times a week and it is usually pasta. I love it. I dont have cravings for bread, never have...but I could live on rice and pasta.
That is the only thing I miss.
I used to eat dry cereal or granola every moring, but as long as I eat something ( usually a few slices of turkey balongna) I am fine in the mornings.

It is at night when I am wanting a snack that I go nuts. I am lactose intollerant so no cheese. I like celery stuufed with peanut butter, but even the reduced fat kind adds up.

The weekends are the hardest with all the get togethers, weddings etc. If I know I am going to eat off the diet I will do 3 days of phase 1 before and 3 days after. It seems to keep the weight the same, or a pound lighter as opposed to being up.
just hang in there and dont beat yourself up over it.
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Come on Spring!
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I hope today is better for you, VT. I'm on phase II and stuggling with yo-yo weight so the above advice is for me too!
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I hear all of you. I feel like I have been stalling since I started on Phase II 2 weeks ago. Last week I gained .2 pounds....but that could have been a reaction from not eating much at all for almost 2 weeks, then starting Phase II of SBD. I have persisted, though, adding either a starch or a fruit most days, some days sticking with Phase I (only because I forget that I can have something extra).

This week, it seems that the weight is finally going on the downward way...thank goodness. I have 11 more get-ups (I count get-ups not sleeps for obvious reasons) before vacation, and I really want to be into my bikini by then.

Chilichick - I am exactly like you, although without lactose intolerance. I don't really care for starches very much, other than I really love pasta. I have given up even a remote liking for rice since working in Thailand and have the interpreters order rice morning, noon and night. After dinner snacking has always been my downfall and cheese is a really handy snack for times like that. I also keep boiled eggs, brownies, and handy things like that in the fridge to grab if I want to satisfy the need to snack. I am finding, though, that I don't have those urges as much anymore, but I like to be prepared, just in case.
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I think that if something always causes a bad craving, like bread, then you should avoid it - period. Find a different carb to add back that won't trigger the cravings.
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I can do this!
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VT, sorry this is so hard! I can't imagine being around cakes all day! I'd be off plan in a second.

That said, I think sugar is sneaking into your diet, and thus you are craving bad choices (like chocolate). Watch your toast...carb conscious items often have extra fat and sugar to make up the missing carbs. Make sure it's whole grain, not just whole wheat. I found a great Pepperidge Farms bread that is very low in sugar and high in whole grains. Also, you need to have sugar free jam, not low sugar or no sugar the ingredients to be sure. The low sugar ones often have tons of high fructose corn syrup in them. Also, make sure you bring your own dressing for the salad, as the greek salad dressing might have tons of sugar. If you know that the restaurant makes their own, and they can tell you the ingredients, you can be safe with it, but otherwise, I would bring my own or ask for just vinegar and olive oil, which you know is safe.

Also, VT, I noticed that you are eating your carbs early in the day and combining fruit and carbs. I've found that if I eat them early in the day, I get horrible cravings all day long. If I eat them no earlier than my first snack of the day, I am fine. Also, I make sure I seperate my fruit and carb in to two different meals. I also eat both with protein. For instance, I have cottage cheese with cucumbers and a V-8 for breakfast, then I have strawberries and blueberries with vanilla SF yogurt for snack, then I have a club salad for lunch and a SF popsicle, then a cheese stick for snack, then a pizza made on a pita for dinner with salad and a SF fudgesicle for dessert. See the space and the protein with each? This really works for me. On vacation last week, our B&B host was very worried that I wasn't getting fancy enough food, so she served me an oatmeal pancake from the SBD cookbook with berries. Though I had some cottage cheese with it, I was craving for the rest of the day with a vengence. Never again!

Hope this helps! :
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