Energy levels on PH1... and awesome food find!

  • Hi again,

    I thought I would split up my two posts today, to make it easier to navigate for those reading.

    First thing: I went to play Ultimate last night (for those who don't know, it's sometimes described as "frisbee football", though it's not exactly. It's a combination of football, soccer, basketball and frisbee, rolled into a fantastic team sport. It's an INTENSE cardio workout -- two hours of sprinting/running/walking.)

    Anyway... I'm obviously not in top physical condition right now, and carrying this extra weight makes a difference when I run -- season started 3 wks. ago (I play 3 nights a week) but I'm still very winded and can't play some of the positions where more hard running is required. That said, I can kick it up a notch when I need to. BUT, last night, I could NOT DO IT. I had NO extra energy -- the best I could muster was a slow run at times. I tried to sprint to catch up with the disc, but my legs simply would not go any faster.

    What's going on!?!? Is this a normal by-product of week-one? I'm eating lots of protein and a moderate amt of veggies/beans. My mental energy is right up there, it's fine. But physically, I had absolutely no gas in the tank.



    Don't know if this is available in the US, or if it's in the realm of "Frankenfood", but Knorr has come out with a new line called "Carb Options". They have about 10 products, including a low-carb, low-sugar Italian dressing, Teriyaki glaze, bbq sauce, spaghetti sauce... and more. I was warned about the presence of sorbitol and/or malitol but there is NONE! It's all "real" products, and sweetened with Splenda wherever necessary. I'm SO thrilled. It just makes life easier, for someone who has precious little time to prepare her food! (Does a little dance of joy...) Once I dip into the sauces -- going to try the bbq tonight -- I'll let you know about the taste.
  • Hi, Kim--
    We (DS,DH and I) experienced the same think at the beginning. I think it's just the body getting used to the new system. My energy level is fine as long as I keep up on the snacks and don't short myself on the meals.

    I use the Atkins barbecue sauce and teriyaki with no problems -- the ketchup, too. I've added an number of Indian sauces as well. I just check the labels very closely to make sure there are no evil things in there
  • Quote: My energy level is fine as long as I keep up on the snacks and don't short myself on the meals.
    Natter, how long after starting SB did you get your regular energy back?

    Like I said, mentally I'm fine... but physically, I feel weak.
  • Kim, I got my energy back by week 2. However, I eat a ton of veggies (and I'm not really fond of them, but I force myself) and take a ton of vitamins. Protein takes a very long time to digest and is using up your energy to do that, I would assume. If you are eating something like a big steak and five piece of zucchini for dinner, you will be weighted down for a while! Try to make your plate more even with at least half veggies and half other things (like protein and good fats and carbs).

    I'm definitely a novice when it comes to that kind of knowledge, so I can't swear that extra protein might be wearing you down, but I think it might be one culprit. See how you feel week two and let us know!
  • Aren't the carb options filled with Malitol? or Sorbitol? These sugar alcohols aren't allowed on SBD.
  • Hi, Pebbles! No, they aren't filled with any sugar alcohols, at least, not the ones that I have seen. For instance, the barbecue sauce has things like vinegar, tomato paste, splenda, anchovies (eek!), etc.

    However, I don't remember reading that sugar alcohols are not allowed on SBD. I think Dr. A said to watch your intake with them as they can cause GI upset, but many people on SBD use them regularly, or so it seems. Did you hear otherwise?
  • Yes - sugar alcohols count towards your (this is pulled out of thin air) 115 calories of carbs during phase 1. Sugar alcohols are only not counted as sugar unless you're on Adkins - maybe Ruth or Ellis can confirm, but I'm like 99% positive on this.

    They are really not recommended, and I definitely try to avoid them.

    But Adkins stuff that we've seen definitely does have malitol in them.
  • I've found that malitol gives me a huge blood sugar reaction. It makes no sense, but I feel weak in the knees, dizzy, and disoriented. Then I have huge cravings. So I stopped eating anything with malitol.

    However, I really don't remember anything about the sugar alcohols other than his saying to be aware of their causing upset in the GI tract (and we all know what that leads to! ) I also don't remember there being any limit to the number of calories from carbs we have. The only numbers to count in the book are number of nuts and 75 cals or less of SF stuff. I would assume the sugar alcohols would count towards the SF stuff count, but not towards carbs.

    I agree, they are nasty little buggers that are better to avoid, but I also assume that not everyone has the same reactions to them. And yes, the Atkins stuff is full of the sugar alcohols. So are the low carb and SF candies and cookies. And SF mints and hard candies, too.
  • I sure don't remember any carb limit in the book. You chicks all know how I feel about sugar alcohols so I won't preach. Let's just remember that the best foods are the least processed ones.
  • I'll look at my book tonight. I'm swear I'm not making this up.