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Question Questions about TOM and water retention!

Hi ladies,

I keep noticing you gals talking about being TOM, and that you don't want to weigh yourselves until it's over. Can I assume that we're slightly heavier when we're on the cycle? Does it have to do with water retention, or...? I'm on D4, W1, PH1, so my very first weigh-in will be on Sunday morning. But "AF" (or Aunt Flo, as some of my blogging buddies call it), may not be done just yet. Should I wait for a true reading?

Also... ok... I'm peeing like a race-horse this week. Every 30 mins I'm taking a run to the bathroom -- it is getting so bloody irritating! It's especially inconvenient when I'm playing Ultimate... you can't very well take off on your team to go pee 5 or 6 times during the game! Am I going to adjust to all this liquid, or am I destined to be peeing all day for the REST OF MY LIFE?!!?

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Kim, your body will eventually adjust to the increased water intake -- but you probably will have to do the percelain dash more frequently than you used to. Most people, frankly, don't empty their bladders often enough -- we all think we're ten ton tanks or something Since you're early in the program, I'd go ahead and weigh. TOM usually doesn't add more than 1-2 lbs, and you've probably lost some more than that if your being strict about Beach Life. What the heck -- you can always recheck when the "company" leaves
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Hi, Kim!

I just have always found that I'm a couple of pounds up when I have my TOM. It's always been that way regardless of what I am doing in my life. It could be bloat, but I've never noticed any other signs of that. I really don't know how being bloated feels, so I'm no help there.

That said, I would totally weigh myself if I were in your position. Even with your TOM, I bet that you will be down! :

As to the running to the bathroom, you'll get used to it and it will get easier. Right now your body is probably finally releasing all the water it's been holding on to in fear of dehydration! But I feel your's not great to keep dashing to the bathroom!
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I don't notice that big of a difference when I have TOM - but some do. You'll just have to find out for yourself. If you feel more bloated then you may be up.

Reducing your salt intake during that time as well as caffeine will help this.
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