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I vant to draw your blood
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Smile Monday Beach Chick Chat

Good morning, Chicklets~~

Can't believe I'm starting the thread today. I've already been up and gotten a pot roast in the crockpot and had my shower!

Yesterday, dh, dd and I wound up at Carraba's Italian Grill. Food was too yummy and I ate way too much, but it was pretty much OP. We ordered an antipasti platter and I picked the breading off the calamari before I dipped it in the marinara sauce. Then, I ate every bite of my salad. Drank two huge glasses of water with lemon and by the time my chicken trio platter arrived, I couldn't eat but half of one chicken breast and none of the veggies. So, guess who has yummy lunches for the next two days??

Lizzipie, to answer your question from yesterday; No, as much as I'd love to have sheep and goats and llamas and alpacas, I think the neighbors might get upset with me. Especially the ones with the dogs who bark all damned night long.

But, I very often buy a fleece or even part of a fleece in the grease. So, that means I get to scour (wash) it. It's not hard work, just time consuming. But I really enjoy playing with dyes.

Well, everyone, have a wonderful day on the beach! I've got my umbrella and my chair all set up, a good book to read (My Spy by Christina Skye), a jug of iced tea (sweetened with Splenda, natch) and some yummy boiled eggs and crudite to nibble on, so I'm all set!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Beach Beauties. I still am up early but had a bunch of PMs to answer this morning, then Harry and the Girls needed me so I'm just back now!

It's a bit gloomy and wet here today but spring is definitely here! The hummingbirds arrived at the feeder yesterday - that's a Mother's Day tradition for them!

No Sarah this morning because of the rain but I am actually looking forward to a day with no gardening. Harry has to go for his routine doc visit this morning, the Girls go for boosters late this afternoon and I intend to fill the rest of the day with cozy indoor stuff. Maybe lentil soup for lunch and listen to the gardening show on CBC after that?

So what's happening in your part of The Beach?
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Morning Beach Beauties!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Me - I got some of the best news ever! I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA AGAIN!!!! My daughter is finally expecting again after 14 years, and we are all overjoyed! The little one is due Dec 23, so I don't need anything else for Christmas this year! Everyone please say a prayer that this pregnancy goes well - thank you.
I took my 14 yr old shopping Sat. for a dress for her confirmation, which is this coming Sunday. What a reality check! It's extremely difficult to find a dress that doesn't have a plunging neckline, or even without spagetti straps! She tried on 16 dresses before she fell in love with one that her mother and I approved of. Why are clothes so revealing and skimpy these days? I bought myself a new dress, too, my first item of clothing since starting SBD, and I think I look great in it! Now I'm motivated to go shopping for my new summer wardrobe.
Jake and I spent the rest of the weekend working in the yard, and that burned off any extra lbs I may have put on eating dessert 2 days in a row! My scale says I'm ok, so that's good.
Mamacita - So you have dogs that bark all night - we have new neighbors right behind us that party on their deck every Fri. & Sat. night til all hours! Jake has to get up at 1am to go to work on Fri nite, and sometimes it's hard for him to sleep. We're afraid if we say something to them, it will make things worse. I don't want to be on bad terms with my nieghbors, so what can we do?
Enjoy your book, I'm currently reading "Birthright" by NOra Roberts. It's really good.
Ruth - We've been trying to attract hummingbirds for years! We've done every trick in the book, but no luck. What's your secret?
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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, we have tons of flowers in our gardens and also put out feeders for them. They like us and come back every year! I think it's the same ones anyhow as they seem to sit on the same place on the clothesline and in the pine tree.
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Mamacita, you sound so cozy... I'll be right over.

Ruth! Good news! My peony is still alive! I was certain it was dead. I left it in the pot for ages after you brought it over, and it looked dead when I planted it. Phoof! I must have a green thumb!

Cottage, that's wonderful news about your daughter! I will keep her in my prayers.

Just got back from my psychi. Damnit, one of the other patients there "likes me". crap. Why am I so nice to people. Now I'm totally stressed out...
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Default Hi everyone

Sounds like you are all productive and going well.

Mama---you do sound cozy

Ruth--you really need to post a pic of your garden, I would love to see it

Cottage---congrats GRANNY! I'm flying to Nashville in three weeks to play grandma to my soon to be born grandson and play with the other two darling ones! I just have no idea how someone as young and hot as us became grandmas. How is that????

Ellis hope you are doing good!

Mother's Day was nice here. Only worked in the ER for four hours. My hubby bought me a mountain bike!!! I was so surprised. I got to talk to each of my kids living far away. One in Texas, one is Tennessee and one in Tokyo. Pretty good day.

Today was busy. Went to the eye doctor (need bifocals ) Had a PAP And then went and bought some new clothes!

Scales finally moved today after a 3 week stall....whew
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