Daily Chick Chat - Thursday, April 29

  • I'm due at the Greenhouse in an hour so this will be a quickie! I took Tylenol cold capsules last night - the nightime ones - and they kept me awake off and on from 1 PM. Sheesh! I should have just got up and started my day but they made me Dopey too. This morning I am Grumpy and Sneezy and just waiting for that darn Snow White to start complaining! Working in the Greenhouse will fix my mood, I'm sure. Who were the other dwarves anyhow - Bashful and ??????

    Sarah came for the whole day yesterday and we got a lot done. I left her working on her own when I took Hersh to her job and she did just fine. She even found a digging tool that made her work easier. This morning she will work 9 to 12 while I'm at the Greenhouse and I'm thinking she will be just manage well. When I paid her yesterday, I kiddingly said "Now don't spend it all on cigarettes". She said they were stocking up on groceries! I guess the extra is really needed. So sad!

    This afternoon Jane comes to be with Harry and I am going to go to Brockville for a few groceries and to check out shrubs at WalMart and Green Things. I'm not a big shrub person (don't even like George Bush) but am considering a few low ones at the curve of my new front walk. Of course I'll want them to look as if they've been there since 1994.

    So what's on your plate today? Sit down for a bit and have a chat with coffee.
  • Good morning, Ruth and all you other Beach Chickies~~

    This evening I am off to Maryland and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I'm planning on having a wonderful time.

    I know that at least two of the three that are going with me are on some sort of carb-restricted diets, so I'll be in good company, food-wise.

    As I mentioned in another post, my doctor is looking at the possibility that I may have rheumatoid arthritis...just waiting for the bloodwork to come back next week. ~~sigh~~ Not sure what this will mean for the future, but it's rather ironic considering that the doctor I draw for is a rheumatologist.

    Well, all you Beach chicks have a great weekend and stay on the beach!

  • Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, and Sleepy.

    That expensive education did not go to waste.
  • Good Morning, Chicks.

    I haven't been posting, not for any real reason except I have just been really busy.

    The weightloss continues, not fast by any stretch, but I have really started to add back "smart" carbs, and have found that my energy is good, I am happy with a wider variety of foods, and I am not gaining any weight. I am not at my ideal, but honestly, I am quite pleased with where I am. If I can maintain here and not gain more, then I will be happy, but I am still trying to lose more.

    I did have an interesting thing this weekend. We went with some friends (skinny, naturally thin friends) to this five-course dinner at a winery. Lots of food, LOTS of alcohol, etc. So that morning, my partner and I decided that for lunch we would eat something really carb-y to help combat the five courses of all you can drink wine we would have later. We were both worried about getting trashed! SO, we stopped on the way and we both were eating potatoes, and one of the people we were with ws like, "oh i am so pleased to be eating with my low-carb friends! ha ha" I was SO p.o.'d. So my partner says, "We do eat carbs, just not usually potato, but decided because of the alcohol...blah blah." And the girls says, "Oh, you don't have to justify it to me." So my partner says, "Well if you are going to make fun of me, I guess I do." I was really proud.

    I have found that to be the most frustrating part of the SBD. People think it's no carb, and it's not. If you look at the recipes (especially those containing beans) that are P2, they have TONS of carbs in them! But everyone else feels this need to jump down your dieting throat. It really irks me.

    Oh, on that note, I did buy the SBD Cookbook. I LOVE IT! I have made so many things from it already, the custard is great, the chicken capri IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! I really liked how he incorporated the carbs into the recipes, and made you realize how wide the normal spectrum of good eating can really be!

    Anyway, didn't mean to be all crabby, sorry. I think I just needed to get it off my chest.

    Have a good day!!!


    Starting Weight = 164
    Current Weirght = 144
    "Goal Weight" = priceless
  • Good morning ladies!

    Ruth, it sounds like things never slow down at your house. I admire your motivation to keep working on things.

    Mamacita - So sorry about the diagnonsense. Do you expect you'll have to go through the medication experiment now? How's your doctor? My mother has fibromayalsia (feels very similar to arthritis) and her doctor is always telling HER how much pain she is or isn't in. Hang in there! When they find the right treatment you'll be grateful.

    Clovey - Darn! I wanted to write that! I was reading through the messages hoping no one had listed them yet! I wanted to show off what my degrees were good for also!

    Well gang - I'm sure to have an exciting day today. We have an applicant coming into our program this morning who is being investigated by a joint terrorism task force. My instructions are to immediately call the FBI when he shows. I work for a domestic violence agency in the abuser intervention program. So, not only does this guy beat his wife but he wants to kill the rest of us too! Don't think I can fix this one's thinking. I better just pass him along to the feds. I can say this - my job is NEVER boring.

    I hope you all have a fantastic day! Your motivation is inspiration for me!

    Take care.
  • Morning, gals! Quick post. I have to get everything done today because tomorrow is VACATION!! It promises to be very la tee da. I'm just hoping I don't run my mouth to rich people. I have an aversion to rich people because I deal with so many in the area I work in. I live in the ghetto, but getting there requires manuvering around Hummers and other gas guzzlers in the name of social recognition. I digress...

    Yesterday was crazy. My coworker came in, with her 5 year old client in tow, and said "Caity, I think there's a man down the hall that could use your expertise" I'm thinking, he needs his house decorated? She gave me "The Look" and I realized it was a medical emergency. A man went into cardiac arrest right in the lobby. I put my super EMT cape on and told the nice folks standing there with stupid looks on their faces to go get the doctors from upstairs.... To make a long story short. There were tubes, IV's, and CPR before the medics even got there and the man got to the hospital alive. Amazing. NOT a boring day yesterday. Today, short of anyone dying, it's going to be boring....

    Ruth- Your house is going to be amazing!!

    Mamcita- You're coming down my way! Or rather, up. Up my way. Where is this festival? My mother would LOVE that!

    Dyna- I know what you're saying, although I've gotten a lot less grief than when i was on Atkins. WHy do people feel it's their responsibility to watch your diet for you? If that was the case, we'd all be thin!! Grrr. Good for your partner!!

    Imarah- WHAO! Now that's cool drama. Imarah's list of things to do: Pack a lunch, do some laundry, call the FBI, water the plants... teehee.