Leg Cramps

  • I've been on South Beach (on and off) for the past year. In all that time I haven't eaten a banana or potato. Recently I've been bothered by leg cramps, which I know can be caused by not taking in enough potassium. Another else experiencing this symptom?

    Does anyone know what other SBD friendly foods are high in potassium?
  • Maybe you can pick some out from this:

  • I thought leg cramps were from lack of salt. Apparently we have always needed to add salt to our diet (partly to get the iodene) but because there is so much processed food in the normal daily diet that this is no longer recommended. Adding table salt to meals actually means you are eating too much salt nowadays. If you have gone back to basics and cut back on processed food as I have, and are eating meat, salads, vegies, plain nuts and eggs you may not be getting much salt in your diet.

    Just a thought.
  • I have noticed this problem too. Waking up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp is the worst surprise.
    I just have been eating bananas anyway because that's the kinda half-assed dieter I am
  • Thanks, Chickpea. That was very informative! I'm eating a lot of the foods on the high and medium potassium list, so maybe that isn't my problem. I'm sure it's not lack of salt either. Although I stay away from process foods, the foods I eat either have salt (nuts!) or I add a touch of salt (meats and eggs in particular). I'll be interested to hear from other members who have had this problem.
  • I was having leg cramps as well but I started taking calcium and they are gone. I was told that when I was pg with my son 15 yrs ago and it worked then so when they started after I started SBD I bought a bottle and have been taking them and they went away. Well for about the past week and a half or so I have not been takin them and my cramps were comin back so I am takin the calcium again. Besides now it is proven that calcium helps increase your weight loss! tee-hee
  • I used to wake up screaming in pain due to this and occasionally cannot walk for a day due to them either... My usual remedy are bananas, though I have cut them for now... During phase 2 I might sneak one on a heavy workout day... shhhh don't tell


  • Potassium and Calcium
    Long before starting the SBD I was experience cramping in my calf, only one, during my sleep. So I added potassium to my vitamin, etc, intake and they went away, as if by magic. I have been taking calcium for a long time--I am an "oldie" 61 yrs,
    I don't take any prescription drugs but I do take a daily dose of multivitamin, Vitamin E, Potassium, Calcium Citrate, CLA supplement, Vitamin B Complex and Magnesium. I have taken HRT, but after 10 years enough is enough.
    Check with your Dr. and see what works.
  • I was told by my doc that leg cramps in the night could be caused by lack of calcium in your diet! Of course I was pregnant at the time....not sure if that make a difference!

  • Hi Mamma Jenn
    Glad to see another MountainMomma even if you are farther West. Try the Potassium, it can't hurt. Maybe you can borrow some from a friend. My cramps stopped immediately, that same night after taking the pill in the morning.
    Snowing here today. Some of the iris are already blooming. Oh the joys of the mountains. Here today, gone tomorrow.
  • My sister (the Water Junkie) said it was dehydration. I increased my water and the problem disappeared!
  • Hey, did anyone else notice that you can get V8 with Calcium and also Crystal Light with calcium? Another great way to up that calcium intake for us beach babes.

    I get the leg cramps too. I used to do the same thing...eat a banana, but couldn't when I got them a couple days ago. Had never heard about the calcium thing, though. Good to know!

    I have also found that I often get leg cramps at hotels...and figure this is because the sheets are tucked in so tightly! I now untuck them before bed and have no problems. Supposedly if you point your toes all night, you can end up with cramps.