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Red face Just Making Sure I Understand...

OK, tomorrow will be day one of Phase 1. I've read the book, introduced myself here, will go to the grocery store later, and am all ready to begin.

Except I'm not sure I understand this diet. During Phase 1, I can have anything on the list. But how much? And how do I know that there aren't carbs in the brands that I'm purchasing (besides checking the labels, obviously). Are carbs what I should be looking for on food labels during Phase 1? Dr. Agatston recommends 3 meals, two snacks, one dessert a day, but what if I get hungry--what should I eat?

I really, really want this diet to work for me, but I'm just scared of screwing it all up--there are so few rules, it seems like!

Thanks for your help,
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If I remeber correctly, you eat when you feel hungry. I keep one rule in mind, eat until you don't feel hungry anymore, not until you're stuffed. Keeps me from over eating and I eat normal sized portions.
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OK Jess, take a deep breath. You're not going to screw up. The diet is all about being short on rules. It's all the rules in most diets that make most people give up. Just eat what you need to until you feel full. Eat all your snacks and dessert even when you're not feeling particularly hungry. If you are still hungry in between 3 meals and 3 snacks, you're probably not eating enough when you do eat. I only feel hungry when I skip something.

Don't worry too much about total carbs on the lable. Look at the ingrediant list. Avoid foods that list anything that's Partially Hydroginated or "Enriched" grains. Seems like most lable reading comes in Phase II though. Phase I is all about lean meats and veggies and it's hard to go wrong with those.
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All of the above advice is right on, Jess. I looked for "sugar" and "corn syrup" especially on salad dressings. It got to be a pain so I mostly relied on making my own oil & vinegar mix for salads.

Good luck. I'm sure you'll do well. Jo
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Don't make it so hard. It really isn't. I am doing it while teaching full time, raising two teenage girls, taking care of a passive agressive alpha dog and husband who won't admit he's depressed. Surely anyone can do it.

Just stick with the allowed list. It isn't like most other diets. Maybe that's why it works.
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When I did phase 1 I could hardly eat dessert for the first few days.

But, remember that veggies, cheese, nuts (this is one that portions count), hot tea are all your friends.

You just have to rethink snacks a bit, and you'll do great!

Remember to really watch the products that claim to be low carb. I think Ruth calls them frankenfoods. Malitol, sorbitol, rice flour, corn meal, brown rice flour these are not your friends in phase 1, or really ever actually.

Sucralose is ok, and you'll probably see this most.

I'm excited for you!
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I had fairly large portions the first few days and my appetite diminished as the weeks went on so don't worry too much about size, as long as you are not eating when you are full.
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