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Hello all! Checking in to see all the little chickadees!

Ruth - you had colonoscopy right. It was like the kids game "operator" but in our case one person spelled it a little differently and then the next, and the next, until you were getting a bag tomorrow!

Sunseeker - I just finished my first week on Sunday and, while I definitely had cravings, there are enough sugar-free products out there to help you through. My personal favorite is the Carb-Smart fudgesicles by Klondike icecream. They taste like chocolate mousse on a stick - very creamy. Mmmmm! I gave myself one of them after dinner on days I know I had a really good workout. You've got to find your own rewards.

Take care everyone and I hope you all have a great day!
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Ruth: 'This too shall pass' couldn't resist, as I know where you are spending most of your time today. Just think of all the weight you are losing. We have to find something funny to make the unpleasantness a bit less. Prayers go your way, and may tomorrow be just a snap.

Hi all you chicks. Keep on the plan. Lizziepie
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Hello chicks! So, as motivated as I was, I still slipped this weekend. I was extremely disappointed in myself but I know I can learn from my mistakes. The funny thing is, looking back on all of it, I didn't really enjoy the stuff that I cheated on. It really wasn't that great. And I have also started noticing that if I do have "bad carbs" I have almost like a carb hangover the next day. My stomach just feels really blech. I guess that is more motivation!

I am getting some much needed cleaning done on the spare room today. It has turned into more of a storage room. I am also trying to deal with a somewhat dilemma. I graduated last a year and a half ago with a degree in elementary education although I had switched from wildlife biology...a decision I still regret to this day. Well, after happening to run into my old advisor this weekend (it was almost like fate!) I am kind of considering going back to school.

Most likely it would be another 3 years...although I am only 23 (24 in July) so it's not really bad. I am just not sure what to do. DH is super supportive...I am just scared that it will be too tough or too long. I don't know. I just picture myself being able to use both my education degree and my biology degree to maybe do things with children and fuse both of my passions. Am I crazy? Sorry to ramble...I am still in the thinking phase but want to get it all sorted out.

I hope that everyone has a great day!

...and Ruth, I am glad you are only having a colonoSCOPY!
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Shannon- I think that you should go back to school if it will make you happy. In the grand scheme of things, 3 years is nothing, and by the time you have all that school completed, you'll get paid more! Please see my signature for further encouragement!!
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Hello SBers!!!!!

Sorry it's so late for me checking in but I had to go to the Dr this morning and just got back. My allergies and sinuses are misbehaving as they do every spring. But I've been shot x 2

I haven't felt like eating much lately while being sick but hopefully that will go away. I haven't been off plan yet but not eating as many veggies as I need to be. I've been eating more cottage cheese, etc. That's not too bad although I do need the veggies to fill me up but right now it's not a problem.

Imarah~ Glad to see you!

Sunseeker~ Sorry to hear you are having cravings. I guess I haven't because I make sure I fill up on lots of veggies which are almost calorie free or very low. They have a dual role - low calories, little to no fat and they have fiber which makes you feel fuller. Hang in there, it is hard with reading all those labels. I've learned not to go by what the front of the box says but look at those ingredients too.

Nascargirl~ Hope by now you are out gardening. My love. We already have our garden planted and working in the flower beds when it hasn't been too wet. I think I may try your Phase 1 1/2 next week to incorporate a little fruit in and maybe one carb a day. I have done well, but really miss the fruits especially.

pebbles~I'd say if you have been off plan and have only gained 3 lbs that you are not as far off base as you think. And I think you may do really well getting back on Phase ! and starting over. Let us know.

CrystalCaity~ Glad to hear from you. Hope everything is well.

CottagebyThesea~ Wow, that ceiling paint sounds GREAT!!! We will have to try that sometime. Hope your Dad has a GREAT 74th!!! Enjoy!!

justjodi~ Glad you got us on the road to straightening out what Ruth was REALLY having done.

Mamacita~ Hopefully that mean old iron demon will move down the next time he sees you coming or maybe you ought to have it out with him. If you don't see results soon, Phase I might just be what the Dr ordered.

Bamiegurl~ Glad to see you here!

Ellis~ Have you got your breath back yet from all the excitment this morning with what Ruth is to have??? Shows you just what changing a few letters can do to a person.

Little chick~ Glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better.

Ruth~ Poor Ruth~ You poor thing, have YOU RECOVERED from the news of your NEW PROCEDURE??? I think if that had been the case you would have had a "L_I_T_T_L_E" anxiety. Hope you feeling as well as can be expected at this point in time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you my new friend.

So glad to be here and making new friends and losing this old "man". Hope EVERYONE has a GOOD day!!!!
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Oops, I missed a few post while I was posting.

Some advise from someone who has always wanted to go back to school. Do it. If there's a way and it won't make it too hard on you. Do it. I have always regretted not finishing and getting my degree. I thought waiting a few years would make it easier but then it never happened.

Lizziepie~ Good to hear from you today. Thanks for the laugh.

Well, gotta run!
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Sherry, you are amazing, girl! You win the award for "Most Nurturing" today.
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Come on Spring!
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And the fanciest smilies!
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I just wanted to get a quick note in before it got too late, and I'd be posting on Wednesday. It's been a helluva day, but it's over.

Ruth, aren't you glad today is almost over too? Hang in there; you know it's the right thing to do. And think how much better you'll feel when you know everything's OK.
Good Luck.

Everybody else, have a good night. Jo
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Hope all goes well with your test tomorrow, Ruth! I messed up today, but tomorrow I'll get back on plan.

Goodnight all...
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