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Come on Spring!
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Default Sunday Chat - April 4

Would you believe we got snow? Never mind, it will go away.

Today I am definitely going to goof off. I've been feeling crappy lately and my pal Dr. Bob informed me that I have the 'flu! Yikes! I need to get over it fast as I have that darn colonoscopy scheduled for Wednesday morning! So today will be lots of water, reading and generally goofing off. Church is off the list for sure as I forgot to reset the clocks last night and Harry is still zzzzzzing away. (Yes, I did have the 'flu shot in the Fall so this may be a mild dose - just enough to make me wonder what was with my aching body and general malaise.)

What's happening with you Beauties and Babes?
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks!

Ruth, sorry you're feeling yucky. Could be a virus and not influenza, but you never know. Keep warm, drink chicken broth with lots of garlic and sleep. Best cure for it.

Not much going on here today...Just being lazy.

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Red face

Good Morning SBers!!!!

Good to see you this morning, Ruth~ sorry to hear that you are sick with snow!! I hope this finds you feeling much better!!! {{{HUGS}}} Good Morning, Mamacita!!!

I too am feeling bad and hoping it's just my allergies and asthma, not the flu. My head feels like it will explode and my chest, oh, it's bad, even with my breathing treatments.

I missed yesterday's thread, had to work and felt so rotten, I just laid around and didn't do much of anything. I am feel just a little better this morning but have to do a diabetic this morning and in the pm and give her her insulin. So, that forces me up and at 'em.

It's Day 7 and I'm doing very well! I've lost 6.5lbs since Monday and will official weigh tomorrow and post it. Yay!!!
I am SO HAPPY to be seeing some results!!!! I also posted this morning on the journal thread, for those that would like to know more about me.

Well, better hit the shower so I can get to work. I'll check back in later. You wonderful people have a GREAT LORD'S Day!!!!! Take time today to P_L_A_N out your week!
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Good morning ladies! This daylight savings time always messes me up!

Ruth: I hope you feel better soon. We are having a cold spell here again; the high today is 65 but the wind is really blowing out there. So it seems colder.

Sunshinelady: congrads on the 6.5 loss!! you go girl!!

Ok Chicks I need help I have been outta town for over a week and tried to eat well but we all know how that goes. The Pralines in Savannah called my name and I did partack in a few while down there at my meeting.
I really need to lose this weight before my SD's July 3 wedding! Do you think it is possible to be able to pull off 40 pounds by then? Even 30 would be great. I plan on restarting phase 1 tomorrow. Plus it's TOM so I am not planning on weighing until the following Monday. I am up 8 pounds back at my original beginning weight. I think 3 of these came on last week; anyway, I noticed when I tried to add carbs it seemed like I started to gain again. So I need some serious help. I am a picky eater when it comes to veggies and I'm trying to like fish; I know shrimp, lobster, grouper and crab legs are what I've tried that I like so far any suggestions? I plan on starting to exercise by walking on my treadmill; I have not yet done this; do you really think this will make me burn this fat belly faster? I have to wear a formal gown for the wedding and it's a strapless one so I would like to look nice and not like a stuffed pig!!
Thanks for ya'lls support!!!
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Crap, Ruth. I just wrote a huge post in the other thread! Now no one will read it. (don't bother... it's terribly uninteresting)
Ruth, I hope you get rid of that bug soon, sweetie. Sending you love and hugs...

Good idea with the garlic, Marmacita. Ruth should eat about 2 bulbs for breakfast, and hang an onion around her neck.

Sherry, congratulations on your loss, hon! Take care of yourself... ditto on the garlic for you, too.
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Good morning, Nascar! Of COURSE you can do this! Start now, hon! Get on that treadmill, and give your body the good food it deserves.
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hey all.

ruth i hope you feel better!

doing nothing today. probably going to go out to our storage bin and see what is in there that i have been wanting to take out but haven't yet. probably going to go to the grocery store also.

my good news is im down 7.5 pounds. woohoo!

but im planning my sons 1st birthday party which will be on may 1st (his b-day is april 30th). so we will see how that helps/hinders my weight loss.

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Looks like winter has returned! It's snowing like nobody's business outside! DH and I just returned from a nice breakfast out, then to Home Depot for paint and supplies. I'm so excited to get on with the painting. We picked some nice colors for the walls and trim, and I finally got DH to agree to put up crown moulding! Today we clear the rooms, and start painting tomorrow. A bonus is that I'll get my spring housecleaning done at the same time. I just hope everything is done by next Sunday. We're having 17 people for dinner.

Ruth, dear, I do hope you're taking care of yourself and get the rest you need. Take it easy and pamper yourself today.

Mamacita, enjoy your lazy day!

Sunshinelady, hope your feeling better before long, too. Great weight loss, keep it up!

Nascar Girl, isn't it hard not to give in to all those temptations when you're out? Pralines would be very hard for me to turn down, too. At least the nuts in them have redeeming qualities.

Ellis, Good Morning (afternoon now). How's it going with your trainer?, thumbs-up on your weight loss

Did I miss anyone? If so, hi, and have a great Sunday!
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I'ts spring here! It has rained now since Friday night and drizzeled all day yesterday and still doing it this morning. I haven't been able to get out and do any walking. Usually take one day off, but I guess I got a few more. hehe! It's rained enought that it filled up my pond to the top and the back yard is standing water. Afraid I might have to to out and bail out the pond some, so the fish dont swim away. Being from New Mexico any rain we get is a blessing. This weekend we have been blessed!!
Actually slept in this morning it was so nice and comfy. Love sleeping in when it rains.
Guess today will be another lazy day. Might get the wash done, while I play on the computer all day.
There is one thing I have notice that kind of worries me. Nascar, you said you were off the plan for just a little over a week and gained most of what you had lost back.
Is it that easy to put back on? I'm close to a 15 lb loss. It's taken me a month and lot of hard work, and it scares me to think that in a week I could put half of it back on. Just gives more reason not to stray off the plan. Gezzz! Well I say, pick yourself up and lets get busy girl. We can do this!
Thank you all for welcoming me here the other day. It's great to make new friends and give such wonderfull support to one another.
Have a great Lazy Sunday All!!!
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Hi all: Just a quick check in. I've been lurking, but not posting. We have been feeling blue, as our friend who is ill, had to go back to England, for treatment, and unless God does a miracle, and I know He can if it is in His plan, we probably won't see him again. And they didn't want to leave either, as when they are there they are relatively alone, with not much support around them.

I think that with any eating program, if you don't make it a way of life, it is easy to put back the pounds lost. For me the hardest thing has been to know that I need to eat within the plan, for as long as I live, with only a short stray now and then. And lately my straying has not been short. I just keep going to CURVES and exercising. That does help with my sabotage to myself.

Congrats to all of you who are losing.

Ruth: Sorry that you caught the flu, no matter how mild. It can knock the pins out from under one. I also vote for the chicken broth, and garlic. I think that is called natural penicillin.

I feel envious of all your lazy days. Today is no exception for us. We had to stay after church today to practice for a drama for Easter. Then tonight we have our small group here in our home. They are just going to have to take us as we are, dust and all. But by now we are close enough, that they don't care. I'm the one who cares.

See you later in the week. Lizzziepie
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kitten40ish: I gained 3 pounds last week not all 8. I think I added too many carbs at once and that is what caused my tailspin. I see you're from New Mexico. I was born in Hobbs. I still have relatives in Hobbs. Thanks for your encouragement! I know it's all about choices; but I think portion size also has a factor. Oh well will restart tomorrow and this time I'm going to try and log my meals into fitday.
Have a great evening chicks!
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Hang gang just a quick check in it was a crazy week-end with my sisters bridal shower and today was a baby shower and then I had to drive my dd to dance class. Anyway needless to say I am not doing so great. Nascar girl I am with you I am in my sisters wedding on July 10th and I want to lose 30 pounds as well. Maybe we should kick each other in the butt. We can do this I too am back on phase 1 tomorrow.
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